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17 yoga teachers in Zürich

Trusted teacher: ✺ You’ve never done yoga before? ✺ You feel stuck in your yoga practice and don’t know how to go about it? ✺ Do you suffer from stress, pain or anxiety? ✺ You don’t have time to go to a yoga studio? ✺ You don’t actually like group classes? WITH MY HELP, YOU WILL: ➣ develop your practice at your own pace ➣ get a personalised program ➣ save time and enjoy practising from the comfort of your own home ➣ enjoy the flexibility of a personal student/teacher relationship ➣ relax and learn to meditate I offer private traditional tantra yoga classes tailored to your specific needs. The main series is called Tridosha balancing and is based on the principles of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system. This meditation in motion allows you to build strength and flexibility while maintaining a relaxed state. The Tridosha series works on your energy system (your prana) and not only your physical body. You meditate as you flow, cultivating relaxation in every situation. This type of yoga brings back to balance your hormonal system, calms down your nervous system and allows you to explore the postures without pushing yourself. Classes can be held: - from the comfort of your own home (central Zürich/Dietlikon/Oerlikon/Dübendorf area) - online - at my personal yoga space in Dietlikon All levels welcomed Classes in English or French 60min, 75min or 90min classes Individual or small private groups ▸SPECIAL OFFER◂ Craving for an extra special time? Treat yourself to a 30min Ayurvedic walking massage + Private yoga class 60/75/90min Combine the relaxation of an Ayurvedic walking massage with your usual yoga class. In traditional systems, therapeutic massage is an integrated part of health maintenance. The massage serves as a body warm-up, relaxing your muscle fibres before practice. It also lowers your stress level and helps you approach your yoga practice with a calm mind. During the massage, you are laying down on a mat on the floor, fully dressed. I use my feet to press on key pressure points of your body, located on your nadis/meridians. This technic works both on your physical and energetic bodies. WHY TRUST ME? ✓ I’m a certified 500h advanced yoga teacher from Shri Kali Ashram (2019) ✓ I have 2+ years of experience teaching private and group classes to dozens of students in India, Cambodia, Thailand, France and Switzerland ✓ I offer tailor-made programs, adapted to YOUR specific needs Let’s talk about how I can help you develop your practice! For more information about the practice and accurate pricing, please contact me directly.
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Trusted teacher: The father of modern yoga Patanjali mentioned consistency in his biography: Practice should be continuous for a long time with devotion for its firm establishment. You have to practice for a long period of time. Your practice must not be interrupted. You must do it regularly. You must do your practice with love and respect. -Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: 1.14 - Consistency is key to achieving your goals, and cultivating peace within yourself is the first step towards a fulfilling life. Let me guide you on your journey towards inner harmony. -About my class- My yoga class is breath-based hatha yoga. In the class, we use a specific breath technique to heat the body up. It is authentic, yet fun, hatha yoga. We start the basic hatha yoga practice at the beginning and then we will add some breath techniques once your body gets used to it. The goal of yoga is to bring harmony between your body, mind and soul. It helps you to maintain your healthy mind and body. The time of yoga and meditation gives you a chance to observe yourself and to get to know yourself deeply. It is not a competition and is a time just for yourself. My class is private and I can guide you to maintain your body and mind depending on your body condition with a personalised plan such as weekly yoga to establish a healthy routine and tips for your yoga poses. -The contents of my class- Introduction Silent sitting and establish the breath Warm up Sun salutation Practise basic postures Final relaxation (Shavasana)
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Yoga & Meditation with an International Certified Teacher! (Arnö)
I had my first 90 minute Yoga lesson with Gaurav and it was exactly what i was looking for. He teached me the basic postures included breathing and chanting with a holistic approach. I really felt it was customized to my needs and personalized although online i felt the time flew by and he was carefully observing and teaching me. Very good energy and flow between the sequences. I can only recommend his class and will look forward working with him on my practice.
Italian for beginners, intermediate and advanced level (Zurich)
I had lots of fun with Emma! I liked the informal setup of the classes very much as well as the option of speaking in Spanish with her. This allowed me to understand the Italian language on another whole level. Overall great teacher as well as person! I can say I am very happy I chose her as my teacher :)
Review by INIGO
Business English Tutor based in Vancouver. Taught Business English at the university level in France. Help with IELTS preparation offered. (Toronto)
Excellent English teacher
Review by IRENE