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64 yoga teachers in France

Trusted teacher: Are you: - Tired, stressed, or suffering from muscular aches and pains? - A dancer, athlete, or regularly active person? - Looking for an exercise class that's tailored to your needs? - Looking for an exercise class that benefits your mind as well as your body? If any, or all of the above, apply to you, I would love to help you! I'm a Yoga Alliance certified RYT-200 Vinyasa Flow instructor who has practiced yoga regularly for over 7 years. My classes, whether in groups or one-on-one, are designed to leave you feeling energized, relaxed, and inspired, through a combination of physical poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. My classes will challenge your body without causing strain, creating strength, flexibility, and stamina. All abilities are welcome, including students who would prefer to practice with the support of a chair. Etes-vous: - Fatigué, stressé, souffrant de douleurs musculaires? - Danseur, athlète ou avec une activité physique régulière? - Interessé par un cours adapté à vos besoins? - Interessé par un cours qui fait du bien également à votre esprit qu'à votre corps? Si vous êtes dans une ou plusieurs de ces situations .....j'aimerais bien vous aider! Je suis prof de yoga avec une formation RYT-200 certifié par la Yoga Alliance et j'ai une pratique régulière depuis plus de 7 ans. Je crée des cours, en groupe ou individuel, qui vous laissent dynamisé, détendu et inspiré. Tout cela avec une combinaison de postures physiques, d'exercises de respiration et de techniques de détente. Vous allez faire travailler votre corps, sans tension, pour développer la force, la souplesse et l'endurance. J'accueille tous les niveaux, y compris des participants qui préfèrent ou qui ont besoin de pratiquer avec le soutien d'une chaise.
Trusted teacher: *** To get treatment / therapy, contact me Reiki Master - Reiki Master / Teacher Level Prerequisites: Level 1 and 2 (At least level 2 must have been followed with me) DURATION In private (1 person) - around 8h (contact me to obtain the prices of private lessons) Small group (2-3 people) - around 8h Large group (4 people and more) - around 10h * Done in several blocks at your convenience ABOUT MY TRAINING I was trained in India by Master Reiki Shanti Ji. I am the eighth degree of my lineage - what we consider is "short lineage" therefore traditional and undiluted of the original teaching. My master, Shanti Ji has been practicing Reiki for 35 years. She lived for a long time in the community of Osho. And she had the chance to authenticate all symbols with Phyllis Lei Furumoto. The Master level gives the opportunity to become a teacher for all levels of Reiki and this through learning the procedures of all the initiations. This course is more oriented towards the quest for each one through learning and the inner journey of Reiki. As it is a more personalized teaching, this course is given only to people who have followed at least level 2 with me. CONTENT Introduction Teaching the Master Symbol Master Symbol Meditation First initiation - Master Symbol Teaching of the 3 levels of Reiki for transmission *** Obtain your certificate and you will have course notes Reiki is a holistic therapy, a gentle energy work method that helps to heal the physical, mental and emotional balance. Reiki means "Universal Life Force". This system allows a practitioner to easily channel this love energy and to pour it by a touch of light on the body. The practice of this technique allows to apply a natural vital energy in a systematic treatment that covers all organs of the body. Reiki is a therapy that helps relieve pain, fatigue, stress and emotional disorders. It calms the effects of all types of both acute and chronic diseases. A treatment can reload the body's energies and restore mental and emotional clarity as well as concentration. Reiki not only works to rid the body and mind of the symptoms of the disease, it also treats the root of the ailments. Reiki harmonizes and balances the body. The result is a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Reiki is a healing art developed in Japan in 1922 by a man named Mikao Usui. After practicing Zen for three years, Usui Sensei - who was searching for enlightenment - performed a 21-day fast on Mount Kurama Yama. It is at the end of this fast that he received enlightenment by receiving a very powerful spiritual energy. The techniques of initiation (Reiju) set up by Usui awaken and reopen the healing channel inside the practitioner allowing him to transmit the life force of life.
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Yoga is a great help for any difficulty encountered in existence. It regulates the body, the mood, allows to circulate the energy, to release the negative energies. It is a formidable tool at the service of health, physical and mental well-being and self-knowledge. The harmony of body and mind taught at home with gentleness and kindness. I accompany you in your Yoga practice thanks to private lessons, tailor-made according to your needs / desires. Classes (alone or in small groups) can take place: - at your house - outdoors if the weather permits - by webcam Example of a one-hour private lesson: - Meeting, discussion on your expectations, your needs - Breathing (pranayama), and relaxation to reconnect with your body and anchor yourself in the present moment (5 min) - Warm-up - Gentle stretch and sun salutations. (10 minutes) - Sequence of postures (asanas) according to your level and the type of yoga chosen (40 min) In Hatha, the sequences are softer, with moments of relaxation. In Ashtanga Vinyasa, we try to be in a flow, a movement perpetual fixed on the breath. - Final relaxation to integrate the benefits of the practice, and reconnect one last time to your breath and your body before closing the practice. (5 min) In a group, the course is built in the same way, but taking into account the level of each one. Number of sessions recommended: 1 to 3 sessions to discover, 5 to 6 to start feeling the benefits of yoga. The most beneficial is long-term follow-up, one class per week or every two weeks, for faster results on your body and mind. Regular monitoring allows me to even better guide you in the development of your practice. This course is intended for beginners as well as for people who have already practiced yoga. The pedagogy that I propose takes into account the possibilities of each one. Anyone can do yoga, at all ages, whether you are a man or a woman, and regardless of your physical condition. No need to be flexible or a super athletic (believe me, when I started yoga I was so stiff that I didn't touch the ground with my hands while leaning forward)! Yoga is not about performance. It allows you to find a beautiful body / mind harmony, to improve posture, to soften and strengthen the muscles, to release tension. We work according to the possibilities of our own body at the time of the practice. Through the practice of asanas (yoga postures), we will go together on the path of physical well-being, and towards better control of the mind.
Trusted teacher: The Yoga of sound… what is it? It can be defined as the set of practices using the vibrations of his voice or of instruments ... mainly allowing to calm the mind. We then experience thoughtless states of consciousness. It can therefore be the support for meditation. The yoga of sound is different from singing because no vocal skills are required. Thanks to sound vibrations, you can also explore your own body. With regular practice, you develop a sensitivity to the vibrations of your voice that propagate in your body. You can then make certain parts of your body vibrate, such as your toes! This can therefore be a way to become more aware of your body, of yourself, of your well-being. In a pictorial way, we can then consider that the body is a musical instrument which resonates, vibrates, breathes, ... and which will interpret music using for example the singing of vowels, certain songs or mantras, harmonic singing ... Goals : • contact a state of physical, mental, emotional relaxation, in order to calm the mind and be more in tune with oneself and to reach inner peace, joy and even fullness. • discover practices that allow you to become aware of your body, your voice, to be freer and more confident with your voice. • learn different breathing techniques. • learn to physically feel the vibrations of his voice in his body. • learn the techniques to propagate the vibrations of his voice in his body. • carry out the sound massage yourself of all the organs of the body, the entire bone structure, etc. • become aware of its various tensions and resolve them. • strengthen their mental capacities for concentration, memorization, and consolidation of learning capacities. Who is the Yoga of sound for? Musician or not… all people who want, thanks to their own voice, to learn how to better become aware of their body, their tensions, their well-being, and who like to sing. It is not necessary to know how to sing to practice the yoga of sound. How does a typical session take place? After awakening the body thanks to the Tandava dance (Indian dance), we approach different practices in order to learn how to methodically develop the sensations of vibrations of his voice in his body. The approaches are presented in a practical way allowing autonomy. Important note: this yoga is not postural, it can be practiced sitting on a chair or on the floor on mats and cushions. It is therefore accessible to any person and any age. It is not necessary to know how to sing to practice the yoga of sound, it is about making vibrate and modulate the sounds in oneself by using one's voice.
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We are very pleased to have Megan guide us on our weekly yoga journey. Megan is a highly professional and talented yoga instructor. She provided us with sequences that can be performed by everyone while seated in an office environment. Every session was different and exciting and Megan never hesitated to incorporate any of our suggestions/wishes. The sessions were recorded outdoors with relaxing nature-view and the video/audio settings were up to standard. Thank you Megan, the soothing effects of these sessions are highly appreciated. Ali El Sayed President of Lengnau Culture Committee CSL Behring
Review by ALI