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55 yoga teachers in France

Trusted teacher: NADA YOGA a process to tune your body Yog/Yoga which means a union. A union with self. Yoga a completely developed scientific method based on human body structure is a gift for mankind on this planet. Though it has been identified and developed in the Eastern part of this planet, it is not an Indian property. Yoga is for the human living on this planet. It is for everyone from early age till the older age. Learning , discovering and experiencing Yoga will bring a young energy in you by which age will be just a number. Flow of energy will be always available for you by regular practice. Yoga brings peace in the human body. Once peace is established in the Body Human breathing is becoming normal as breathing becomes normal Brain doesn't have any option than to be in peace so the complete body will be balanced which is a need for everyone in life. Yoga means to be present in Time. Time which you live now.So, you will witness everything goes inside and around you.Once you are able to experience this state of mind you will be a beautiful person which is normal. In Yoga several activities are scientifically developed starting from Pranayama breathing exercises, postural Yogasana,which brings a flexibility for the body. Nada which means Sound. Sound is just a vibration. Our body is full of sound energy. Nada Yoga gives you an opportunity to Discover, Learn, Experience your own body energy and supports you to find tunning with your own body Once you found the way of tuning your own body you will never face anxiety, Stress Depression, which is not needed for own body. Nada Yoga teaches how to take care of complete body with simple technics.
Hatha Yoga Graduate of Agama school (training validated by the French Federation of Yoga and Yoga Alliance), I teach yoga since 2012. It is the best known yoga, the most popular and the most practiced in France: it is the simplest method to discover and tame yoga. The goal of Hatha Yoga is to obtain greater flexibility and a good fluidity both physical and nervous. Yoga is a school of Indian philosophy practiced in India since the 3rd millennium BC In Sanskrit it is the union (Yoga) of the energies of the body (Ha) and the spirit (Tha), the sun and the moon, yang and yin energies. Hatha Yoga is a gentle and uncompetitive yoga method that is based on listening to oneself. It is practiced gently, slowly and in pleasure. This comprehensive and accessible discipline does not require a high level of flexibility or endurance as it adapts to the possibilities, the condition and the age of each and offers a strong potential for progression. We will explore together physical postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation. The practice of yoga has beneficial effects in depth both physically and mentally: it can relieve various types of ailments such as hypertension, respiratory problems, digestive disorders, migraines, back pain, depression, anxiety to bring you a feeling of calm, well-being and serenity. In the short and long term, we can expect to reduce stress (whether emotional or physical), improve flexibility, memory, concentration, find sleep and sleep quality, develop breathing capacity , better manage tensions and achieve a certain level of form and overall well-being. The practice of Prânayama is one of the great keys of Yoga as a whole. It develops the breathing and harmonizes the influence of the nervous energy, therefore of the mind, on the body. It is particularly relaxing and revitalizing and allows an awareness of the reality of energy. Meditation helps to develop an awareness of the present moment, which will allow the mind to release all tensions and allow itself to be immersed in an inner appeasement.
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Yoga is a great help for any difficulty encountered in existence. It regulates the body, the mood, allows to circulate the energy, to release the negative energies. It is a formidable tool at the service of health, physical and mental well-being and self-knowledge. The harmony of body and mind taught at home with gentleness and kindness. I accompany you in your Yoga practice thanks to private lessons, tailor-made according to your needs / desires. Classes (alone or in small groups) can take place: - at your house - outdoors if the weather permits - by webcam Example of a one-hour private lesson: - Meeting, discussion on your expectations, your needs - Breathing (pranayama), and relaxation to reconnect with your body and anchor yourself in the present moment (5 min) - Warm-up - Gentle stretch and sun salutations. (10 minutes) - Sequence of postures (asanas) according to your level and the type of yoga chosen (40 min) In Hatha, the sequences are softer, with moments of relaxation. In Ashtanga Vinyasa, we try to be in a flow, a movement perpetual fixed on the breath. - Final relaxation to integrate the benefits of the practice, and reconnect one last time to your breath and your body before closing the practice. (5 min) In a group, the course is built in the same way, but taking into account the level of each one. Number of sessions recommended: 1 to 3 sessions to discover, 5 to 6 to start feeling the benefits of yoga. The most beneficial is long-term follow-up, one class per week or every two weeks, for faster results on your body and mind. Regular monitoring allows me to even better guide you in the development of your practice. This course is intended for beginners as well as for people who have already practiced yoga. The pedagogy that I propose takes into account the possibilities of each one. Anyone can do yoga, at all ages, whether you are a man or a woman, and regardless of your physical condition. No need to be flexible or a super athletic (believe me, when I started yoga I was so stiff that I didn't touch the ground with my hands while leaning forward)! Yoga is not about performance. It allows you to find a beautiful body / mind harmony, to improve posture, to soften and strengthen the muscles, to release tension. We work according to the possibilities of our own body at the time of the practice. Through the practice of asanas (yoga postures), we will go together on the path of physical well-being, and towards better control of the mind.
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We are very pleased to have Megan guide us on our weekly yoga journey. Megan is a highly professional and talented yoga instructor. She provided us with sequences that can be performed by everyone while seated in an office environment. Every session was different and exciting and Megan never hesitated to incorporate any of our suggestions/wishes. The sessions were recorded outdoors with relaxing nature-view and the video/audio settings were up to standard. Thank you Megan, the soothing effects of these sessions are highly appreciated. Ali El Sayed President of Lengnau Culture Committee CSL Behring
Review by ALI
Yin Yoga - the powerful practice of silence (1 to 5 people) (Villejuif)
Great experience. Very nice energy. Haiha was very focused at details and correct posture of my body.