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Vivianne - Savigny115Fr
Trusted teacher: I provide a framework of self-analysis and concrete steps to help you free yourself from beliefs and habits that hinder your growth, keeping you on an emotional roller-coaster, and to develop those that support you. This training is undertaken through weekly discussion, note-taking and concrete actions to be taken each week. Yoga therapy such as work on chakra balancing and practices to connect with your spiritual being can be included in this program. The course is designed to: Provide you the flexibility to be able to stay in the comfort of your home whilst your yoga instructor comes to you. And give you the chance for one-on-one quality learning with a program designed specifically for you, according to your needs and preferences. My Yoga Teaching Philosophy: Many of my students, when they first come to me, express their disappointment with some of the yoga lessons they have visited. They find them to be either too much focused on the physical aspect and lacking in real substance and sense of community in the group or, on the other hand, too much focused on the spiritual/mental aspect without much challenge to the physical body. In my personal practice and during my lessons I try to work towards a balance between strength and relaxation, between action and introspection. I do not take myself too seriously, since, for me, this practice should be a joy - a discipline yes, but definitely not a dogma. I would like my students to be able to experience the power of what yoga can offer us and feel at ease with being just who they are: natural, without any need to live up to any ideas of who a yogi 'should' or 'should not' be. This, to me, is a process of allowing time and practice to take effect - a process which we experience both together, and individually in everyday life. All my programs are tailored to your needs and preferences. Yoga and Emotional Mastery training can be combined to deliver maximum value. This training is designed to guide you to develop greater consciousness and master your own sense of health and well-being. Meaning: you build up your own regular practice and habits that will remain with you over the long-term, way beyond the limit of our one-hour lessons!
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Trusted teacher: ✺ You’ve never done yoga before? ✺ You feel stuck in your yoga practice and don’t know how to go about it? ✺ Do you suffer from stress, pain or anxiety? ✺ You don’t have time to go to a yoga studio? ✺ You don’t actually like group classes? WITH MY HELP, YOU WILL: ➣ develop your practice at your own pace ➣ get a personalised program ➣ save time and enjoy practising from the comfort of your own home ➣ enjoy the flexibility of a personal student/teacher relationship ➣ relax and learn to meditate I offer private traditional tantra yoga classes tailored to your specific needs. The main series is called Tridosha balancing and is based on the principles of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system. This meditation in motion allows you to build strength and flexibility while maintaining a relaxed state. The Tridosha series works on your energy system (your prana) and not only your physical body. You meditate as you flow, cultivating relaxation in every situation. This type of yoga brings back to balance your hormonal system, calms down your nervous system and allows you to explore the postures without pushing yourself. Classes can be held: - from the comfort of your own home (central Zürich/Dietlikon/Oerlikon/Dübendorf area) - online - at my personal yoga space in Dietlikon All levels welcomed Classes in English or French 60min, 75min or 90min classes Individual or small private groups ▸SPECIAL OFFER◂ Craving for an extra special time? Treat yourself to a 30min Ayurvedic walking massage + Private yoga class 60/75/90min Combine the relaxation of an Ayurvedic walking massage with your usual yoga class. In traditional systems, therapeutic massage is an integrated part of health maintenance. The massage serves as a body warm-up, relaxing your muscle fibres before practice. It also lowers your stress level and helps you approach your yoga practice with a calm mind. During the massage, you are laying down on a mat on the floor, fully dressed. I use my feet to press on key pressure points of your body, located on your nadis/meridians. This technic works both on your physical and energetic bodies. WHY TRUST ME? ✓ I’m a certified 500h advanced yoga teacher from Shri Kali Ashram (2019) ✓ I have 2+ years of experience teaching private and group classes to dozens of students in India, Cambodia, Thailand, France and Switzerland ✓ I offer tailor-made programs, adapted to YOUR specific needs Let’s talk about how I can help you develop your practice! For more information about the practice and accurate pricing, please contact me directly.
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Trusted teacher: Kundalini yoga is different from other types of yoga commonly practiced in the West, in that it is less focused on postures and more geared towards self-awareness, meditation, mantra chanting and breathing. Kundalini yoga is therefore a set of powerful techniques that allows us to focus and fully enjoy our being, our soul and our environment. Thus, these techniques make it possible to:  deepen breathing;  become aware of the meridians and energy centers in the body (the chakras);  strengthen the nervous system;  purify the blood flow. The ultimate goal of this tool is to balance the sensations of the physical body with the mind and soul. While Kundalini yoga remains a spiritual practice, it has no religious appeal and can be applied by everyone, with adaptations for some people. It is particularly suitable for a public having and facing psychological difficulties (anxiety and trauma). Typically, a Kundalini session lasts 1.5 hours. It is divided into 5 parts: - chanting of the opening mantras - warm-up with a sequence of postures with breathing exercises - sequence of kundalini (kriya) which generally focus on a specific theme - relaxation - meditation (accompanied by mantra or / and breathing and concentration exercises) In addition, “Vinyasa” simply means “sequence of postures”. This type of yoga is based on Hatha yoga, which means the physical side of yogic philosophy. Indeed, the goal of yoga practice is to enter a state of meditation, which is facilitated by focusing on the body at first. In the West, since the spread of yoga at the beginning of the 20th century, Hatha yoga has mainly spread. Vinyasa uses the basic postures performed in Hatha yoga, chaining them together to enter into a kind of "dance", "flow". On a physical level, this type of yoga:  strengthens the heart rate;  works all the muscles of the body;  improves posture by strengthening the spine. On a more subtle level, Vinyasa allows you to:  stimulate the 7 main chakras, starting from the base to go up to the crown;  release the energies produced by the body during the session;  release a general feeling of well-being by gently stretching the muscles. A Vinyasa session lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. It can be divided into 3 parts: - stretches to gently open and warm the body; - sequence of postures (declined by sun salutations, starting with anchoring postures to gently raise the spine); - relaxation to channel the work of the muscles.
Trusted teacher: The Yoga of sound… what is it? It can be defined as the set of practices using the vibrations of his voice or of instruments ... mainly allowing to calm the mind. We then experience thoughtless states of consciousness. It can therefore be the support for meditation. The yoga of sound is different from singing because no vocal skills are required. Thanks to sound vibrations, you can also explore your own body. With regular practice, you develop a sensitivity to the vibrations of your voice that propagate in your body. You can then make certain parts of your body vibrate, such as your toes! This can therefore be a way to become more aware of your body, of yourself, of your well-being. In a pictorial way, we can then consider that the body is a musical instrument which resonates, vibrates, breathes, ... and which will interpret music using for example the singing of vowels, certain songs or mantras, harmonic singing ... Goals : • contact a state of physical, mental, emotional relaxation, in order to calm the mind and be more in tune with oneself and to reach inner peace, joy and even fullness. • discover practices that allow you to become aware of your body, your voice, to be freer and more confident with your voice. • learn different breathing techniques. • learn to physically feel the vibrations of his voice in his body. • learn the techniques to propagate the vibrations of his voice in his body. • carry out the sound massage yourself of all the organs of the body, the entire bone structure, etc. • become aware of its various tensions and resolve them. • strengthen their mental capacities for concentration, memorization, and consolidation of learning capacities. Who is the Yoga of sound for? Musician or not… all people who want, thanks to their own voice, to learn how to better become aware of their body, their tensions, their well-being, and who like to sing. It is not necessary to know how to sing to practice the yoga of sound. How does a typical session take place? After awakening the body thanks to the Tandava dance (Indian dance), we approach different practices in order to learn how to methodically develop the sensations of vibrations of his voice in his body. The approaches are presented in a practical way allowing autonomy. Important note: this yoga is not postural, it can be practiced sitting on a chair or on the floor on mats and cushions. It is therefore accessible to any person and any age. It is not necessary to know how to sing to practice the yoga of sound, it is about making vibrate and modulate the sounds in oneself by using one's voice.
Trusted teacher: Harmony and balance are proving increasingly difficult to maintain against the rhythms imposed by the norms of our modern societies. Some external factors (traumas, unbalanced diet, various excesses ...) or internal ones (stress, excitations, diseases ...) will affect your energy circulation or compromise it, thus causing various disorders (psychological, physiological, mental, sexual, emotional ...) that will in turn deteriorate the circulation on other routes and other plans ... Fortunately each culture bequeathed exercises and practices preventive and / or curative, intended to effectively counteract these disorders of the circulation of the "internal flow" and restore quickly his balance. Benefit, too, from the many benefits offered by the ancient energetic medicines, during our "harmonizing evenings". It is by comparing different medicinal traditions and various yogas, their actions, their indications and contraindications, that this flexible and pleasant sequence of simple movements was created, then tested successfully on the pupils of Pascal de Clermont. These techniques called "harmonizing movements" (or "Harmonizing for simplification") will contribute to a very clear improvement of your state of well-being by optimizing your natural faculties of self-healing. Adapted to each participant, these movements, gentle, smooth and smooth, can be beneficial at any age. Whatever your current state of flexibility or rigidity, they will be an excellent source of evolution and relaxation (physical and mental) and will enhance your well-being, improve your sleep, and restore your personal harmony.
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