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Enrico - Rotterdam$38
Trusted teacher: “Don't play the saxophone. Let it play you.” - Charlie Parker - Everyone of us has is own musicality, we have just to let her come out. The goal of my lesson is to let you discover how much fun and passion music can gives. Music has no age: you're never too young or too old to tell yourself through a musical instrument. If you love and recognize yourself in the warm sound of the saxophone then what are you waiting for!? Let's start this wonderful Music journey Together :) “Whatever you think can't be done, somebody will come along and do it.” – Thelonious Monk SAXOPHONE LESSON: To learn how to transfer your musical ideas into the saxophone is required a total connection between your body and your mind with the horn. That's why for the first part of every lesson will be focused on the Sound and the saxophone technique. You need to learn how to build your own saxophone tone and how to sing into the instrument. This process can take some weeks for really beginners but it'll show you how the musical practice can positive effect your all body and emotions, as well as your creativity. In order to make your music journey more fun and personal my lessons will be based on your music interests and purpose (learn how to read music, improvisation ecc…) During this journey together we'll build your own repertoire of songs that most represent you, which we'll dedicate the second part of the lesson. FOR NERDY ;) For those who wants to go deeper into the world of saxophone I'll organize some special 'listening section' focus on the the role of Saxophone in the music history and in the different kind of music. From the classical repertoire (Gershwin, Bizet, Milhaud, Rota, Bernstein, Steve Reich, Michael Nyman…) passing through the more popular: Blues, Jazz (Stan Getz, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly, Sonny Rollins…), latin , rock&roll, Pop until nowadays. We'll listen to the milestones of the great composers and performers that have made the history of this fantastic instrument. I'm sure It'll be a journey of discovery the beauty of the music to which this instrument has made, and a big inspiration for you to grow the passion toward this amazing form of art.
Saxophone · Music theory lessons · Jazz music
Playing an instrument is one of the most fulfilling and enriching things you can do in your live. I am a cello student in Rotterdam. I have been studying music my whole life and professional cello for more than 10 years. I have the greatest passion in teaching. I have played in professional orchestras, competed in professional competitions and studied in different conservatories on my different levels of education. I have been teaching music theory and cello. Now I am far from home, fresh out of my bachelors to reach even further with my music, hoping to have the satisfaction of teaching more people and sharing my knowledge with you. I have been taught by many different teachers from various styles and cultures. I have been learning from masters and now I want to show you what they have given me. I will show you the best technique for your physique and help you improve your skills on the instrument. I hope to make nice music with you and show you how much you can express through sound. I will also teach you how to read music scores and understand music theory. Everybody is different, especially in music education. We will discover the best ways to practice and learn. I will help you to find your own ways of improving. You will be able to play the cello and also to make music together with other people. If you already have a more advanced level, that is also great! We can work on perfecting your technique and finding inspiration. We can work on understanding the composers and what you want to express. I can also prepare you for conservatories. We can look at options and meet with teachers. We can decide on an impressive program for your auditions and I will help you to gain the skills to impress the professionals. We can even set goals, deadlines or concert dates according to your ambitions. Whether you want to become a professional soloist or a great entertainer for your friends and an understander of music, we can have a plan together to bring you there. I will help you enjoy music and the cello playing trough the whole journey.
Cello · Music theory · Music theory lessons
Drums · Jazz music · Music theory lessons
Trusted teacher: Short Musical Biography Born and raised in Iran, Khorshid grew up in an artistic family. When she was seven years old she started her musical journey playing setar with her father. After entering the Conservatory of  Tehran she chose Tar. Tanbour was another dimension in her exploration. For her playing, all these instruments happened so naturally. She was just sixteen when she started her professional activities playing with Shams ensemble. During those years she played all around Iran and other countries such as France, Italy, Austria, Morocco, Sweden, Netherlands. She has been teaching from the age of seventeen. After she got her Bachelor from the Conservatory of Tehran, her curiosity led her to Netherlands and got her Master degree at the World Music Department of Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam Codarts. During her study at Codarts she learned playing Baglama in Turkish department. When I teach, apart from teaching the technique of the instrument is so important to me, I also help them to understand and have more awareness about music and be able to perform all their musical ideas in a successful way. I analyze the student in order to choose which is the best approach in order to motivate him or her.   Tar To become a professional Tar player is important for me to have a good technique. I teach all different schools of  Tar players by giving repertories and etudes. I also teach about Dastgahi music and in advance level how to improvise based on Dastgahi and Modal music.  Setar As this instrument is so delicate is important for me to be aware about every notes you play and in order to reach this point you learn from me proper technique. I teach you Dastgahi music by playing Radif Dastgahi. In advance level we also play together more to learn improvisation. Tanbour As a performer of Tanbour, Sonority is so important to touch the ear. I teach you unique techniques of  tanbour with my own method. By playing different compositions and etudes you learn Makams of Tanbour. In the advance level I mostly concentrate on improvisation. Baglama I teach you the basic techniques of this instrument and we play together different repertories of regions in Turkey consist of Anatolian music and Ottoman Music.
Sound (music) · Music theory lessons · Children's music
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Cameron - Delft$48
Music composition · Music theory lessons · Jazz music
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Music lessons - Composition, Theory, Classical/Contemporary/Experimental music, Production, Piano, Drums and Percussion (The Hague)
This is review is based after my very first lesson and I look foreword to doing the other lessons. Cameron was very professional; he knows his stuff and most importantly was able to understand what I was trying to achieve and suggests ways to accomplishing this. He has given me some home work which includes a listening list and feedback on developing some old pieces and a new project. I feel really motivated. I have a lot of experience in learning different disciplines to post grad level so I can say with some authority that clicking and connecting with a tutor is not a guarantee regardless of how knowledge they are..there are other qualities in addition to knowledge that is needed and as a a tutor, Cameron has what it takes. I dont really leave reviews so it is a testament that i have done so.
Review by CLAUDIUS
Singing for beginners and advanced ones (jazz, soul, r&b, pop) (Rotterdam)
So far, I had three lessons with Austeja. And my experience is great, more than I could have ever expected. Austeja is very knowledgeable about music and knows how to coach singing adepts in their singing aspirations. She is very supportive, explaining step by step the ways to achieve the target, to find a right tone, to expand your talents. She helped me feel confident about singing and with every lesson, I feel more enthusiastic and more passionate about singing.
Learn the Building Blocks of Music (Harmony, Vocal Technique, Piano) (Spangen)
Sofia is a great teacher! I picked up piano as an adult during the lockdown and decided to get a teacher to ensure that I was learning things correctly. Sofia is very patient, selects great pieces to play to keep me challenged and interested, gives excellent feedback on how to play them well and clear explanations on music theory. I really look forward to our lessons each week and would 100% recommend Sofia if you are considering getting piano lessons.
Review by JAMES