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Thomas - Anderlecht46€
Trusted teacher: Hello champions! You want: - Exercising and decompressing - Tone you up - Burn fat and calories - Improve your physical performance (endurance, cardio, etc.) - Gain muscle mass - Discover a new discipline - Learn to defend yourself - While adapting your schedule Do not go further ! After 15 years of French boxing (or "savate"), competitions in technique and combat, as well as sports coaching, I offer: - private sports coaching (1 to 2 people) - private English and/or French boxing lessons (4 people maximum for better progress) - 1h or 2h - at the EEBIC building (at the Erasmus metro station) - available from Monday to Sunday French boxing or "savate" was born in France in the early 19th century to meet the demand for safety in the streets while offering intense physical activity. To caricature, the savate is a combat sport using the art of boxing for fists and different martial arts for the feet (but is the only sport where kicks are worn while wearing shoes). Today, French boxing, in addition to being taught to French brigades, has become a competitive sport in its own right. Although not much publicized, it is considered as: - a complete effective combat sport, - among the most technical (each movement requires a particular decomposition to allow to execute fast shots, specifying with a significant impact) and - tactics (learning to influence the behavior of your opponent and what movements to make). So if you want to learn French and/or English boxing and/or exert yourself to feel proud and full of energy and/or become/feel even more beautiful than you already are, don't hesitate to contact me. contact. Thomas.
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Trusted teacher: The practice i teach is called primal movement and combines different techniques to keep the body in shape, well balanced, and functional. This practice can benefit anyone as it taps into the body's natural power to heal itself. Primal movement is a holistic approach to fitness that blends animal flow, locomotions, calisthenics, somatic movement, and yoga postures. It is aimed to restore the body's natural flexibility to fascia and muscles. It helps bring a balanced daily practice to the body, ensuring that it moves efficiently and effectively. Primal movement is a unique combination of different practices that enhances the body's functionality. Thanks to my extensive experience in conducting various sport sessions, I have developed the ability to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of different clients. I recognize that every individual has different goals, fitness levels, and schedules which require a tailored approach to their training. I always strive to communicate effectively with each client to understand their specific needs, and utilize my experience to create a personalized program that is conducive to achieving their goals. Furthermore, my adaptability and flexibility in my training methods ensure that my clients receive the maximum benefit from every session, while feeling motivated and challenged to push themselves harder. The guided meditations i give are more like inner journeys to help people dive deeper within themselves and get to better inner intimacy. Diving within to have a better understanding of who you are and create a more harmonious being, in adequacy with him or herself. Want to get in touch and book a private or group session ?
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Trusted teacher: Everything I can teach: - Correct techniques for the movements - Programming: Combining correct exercises in the proper split system in mind with the goals of the client. - How to train: How do you know you're improving, training correctly, safely,... - Coaching: Help your mentality to train better or simply how to improve daily life. - Nutrition: I can give you a ton of information around this. This is probably my most in detail aspect I can go on. - Boxing/ kickboxing/ thaiboxing My background: I've been consuming science from every source, any area since the day I can remember. I know there is an incredible amount of false or misleading information even from scientific papers. With all the time I've spent consuming information, I learned how to separate useful information with information that is not applicable or simply false or misleading. This is what I use as foundation to learn a field. Then I moved on to applying everything I know. I do keep an open mind despite the information I gathered to keep track of mistakes or misleading information. I am still learning to this day to perfect everything. Where I am currently at is that I can confidently teach you to train optimal for your first 5 years of serious lifting and probably more without BS. I'm willing to research any question you have into detail in case I lack that information. I will not teach you something I am not sure of. I've been a fighter most of all. I've started at the age of 6 in Judo. I've done Kempo, Taekwondo then I ended on Muay Thai, which is Thaibox and basically the same as Kickbox but with extra knees and elbows. I've most experience in this sport as a student AND coach. I still use this for my cardio training next to my weightlifting. Next to pure exercise, I can teach you how to make a diet suiting your needs. My focus on diet is to be realistic. Nobody is able to stay 100% on his/ her diet which is absolutely fine. You can't follow a diet if you can't cheat once in a while or you don't enjoy consuming. I can explain you why I make every choice, why you need certain nutritions, when you should consume what and why, how to keep it financially friendly, what supplements are worthy to take if any?... The nutrition aspect is something I've learned from my school background (biotechnology, bio medics, biology). Do keep in mind, I never completed any degree. I was an awful student in school at those ages despite my interest. I simply was in a bad place in those years. Though I picked up consuming this information aswel because I had some digestion disorders. From then on, I studied a lot regarding nutrition and food intake. Lastly I can garante you that I've been on the dark side and I've managed to come back without any professional help. Anyone interested in this can hear about my story as my introduction on our first day. I suffered from psychosis, depression,... Psychology was my biggest interest in life and I've spent most my research on this. This is what made it possible for me to treat myself and get out of these conditions once I realized my situation. I went from the person who thought he'd never feel anything ever again to the happiest time of my life with surprising simple steps. I can coach you for daily life aswel yo boost your mental wellbeing. Making you able to do hard tasks by building up to it and not overdoing it which can end up in even more demotivation. I have a pretty good understanding of the neurological aspect of this as well. This is also something I can teach you without making it complex at all. More background: I work as a child supporter, my father is a professional coach for elite Kickbox, K1, Thaibox, MMA fighters. My brother has a gym and is a personal coach. I may not be a true professional, but I have all the qualities and legit sources to basically be one. If you have any questions, don't hesitate. I am as honest as I can be.
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Of course, here is the text with the information you provided: “I am a 26 year old boxer with over 11 years of boxing experience, and I am passionate about sharing the sweet science of boxing with others. This sport offers immense benefits such as: 1. Physical fitness: Boxing helps build strength, endurance and general physical fitness. 2. Self-defense: Learning boxing techniques can boost your confidence and help you defend yourself if necessary. 3. Stress Relief: Boxing is an excellent way to release stress and tension as it requires intense physical exertion. 4. Coordination: Boxing improves your hand-eye coordination and reflexes, which can be useful in various aspects of life. 5. Discipline: Boxing requires strong discipline, which can lead to better self-control and focus. 6. Cardiovascular Health: It is an effective way to improve your heart and lung health because it is an intense cardio workout. 7. Weight Management: Boxing can help with weight management and burning calories. 8. Self-Esteem: Achieving progress and goals in boxing can contribute to a more positive self-image. 9. Social Interaction: You can meet new friends and join a community of boxers. 10. Self-discipline: Boxing requires dedication and perseverance, which can help develop self-discipline in other aspects of life. These are just some of the many benefits of boxing. It is important to remember that boxing is an intense sport and it is essential to learn the correct techniques and follow safety measures to avoid injuries.
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🔥 Unleash Your Full Potential with Personal Training! 🔥 Are you ready to transform your fitness journey and achieve your goals like never before? Look no further – My personalized personal training program is here to guide you through every step of the way! 🏋️‍♂️ Why Choose My Personal Training Program? 🏋️‍♀️ Customized Workouts: Say goodbye to cookie-cutter routines! Being a certified trainer I will design a tailored workout plan based on your goals, fitness level, and preferences. Expert Guidance: as an experienced trainer I am dedicated to your success. I will provide proper guidance on form, technique, and adjustments to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. Goal-Oriented Approach: Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve flexibility, or boost endurance, I am committed to helping you achieve your specific goals. Accountability: Stay motivated and on track with regular check-ins and progress assessments. I am here to hold you accountable and celebrate your achievements! Nutrition Support: Fitness isn't just about exercise – nutrition plays a crucial role too. Receive valuable dietary guidance to complement your training and optimize results. Variety and Fun: Say goodbye to monotony! I will keep things exciting with a diverse range of exercises and training methods, ensuring you never get bored. Flexible Scheduling: We understand life gets busy. That's why I offer flexible scheduling options to fit your routine, making it easier than ever to prioritize your health. Join my personal training program and experience the difference for yourself. Ready to take the first step towards a stronger, healthier, and happier you? Together, we'll create a fitness journey that's as unique as you are. Don't wait – the best version of yourself is just a workout away. Let's make it happen together! 💪🔥
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Fitness, Athletic Performance, Football training, Life Wellness coach (Brussels)
Alexander is very professional, I had several sessions with him in which he worked on a different issues I had been suffering from for so long, he helped me overcome many old injuries, enhance my body's overall strength, balance and coordination.
Review by OSAMA
Personal trainer/Cancer Exercise Specialist Animal Flow instuctor/ Mobility / Strength training. /Hiit./ Tabata./ EMS training (Brussels)
I loved my first class with Sofia. We did a very original workout, I found it fun and also intense. She is very nice, kind and flexible and creates a training around your needs and skills. I really look forward to continue :)
Review by SOFIA
Fitness with elements of Pilates & Yoga + nutrition consulting. (Brussels)
Great training, a really nice guy, very professional and very impressive in his knowledge/understanding -- he pushes you but is clearly an expert in observing your abilities, weak points to improve etc. I totally recommend him
Review by DAVID