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Trusted teacher: *SKYPE/Zoom available!* I am a native American English speaking instructor, editor, and journalist from Florida specializing in teaching, instruction, exam prep, and text correction for a wide range of professionals & students across Belgium. Approaching from a true native's perspective, I instruct and assist with both educational and business English in a multi-faceted nature covering a wide range of areas including comprehension, conversation, grammar, and situational skills, in addition to working on general language skills and accent training. My past & present clients have included: professionals from all four major EU institutions, the Belgian government, various NGOs, and musicians, journalists, engineers, as well as a variety of other professions in addition to traditional students. As well, I can provide extensive help and training with the EPSO, IELTS, and TOEFL exams. I have also written, edited or proofread a variety of academic papers, theses, applications, CVs, and other documents for numerous satisfied academic and professional clients. I have spent my entire childhood and adult life in the United States before completing a master's degree in Political Science and European Politics at KU Leuven. I have an extensive knowledge and experience of English grammar and literature, as well as current and past working experience in journalism (Anti-Competition Law and European Policy at the Policy and Regulatory Report) and both European and American politics. I also handle correction of text, editing, proofreading and ghostwriting, with weekly and monthly rates possible. My transportation costs are included.
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Trusted teacher: Bonjour et bienvenue ! Je suis ravie de vous accueillir ici. Je m'appelle Mariem et je suis une passionnée de la langue anglaise. Actuellement, je poursuis un master en Mondes anglophones à l'Université de Lorraine, ce qui me permet de rester à la pointe de l'apprentissage de l'anglais. Je suis disponible pour des cours d'anglais en présentiel, mais ce que j'aime le plus, c'est enseigner en ligne. Les avantages sont nombreux : vous pouvez apprendre depuis chez vous, sans vous déplacer, ce qui vous fait gagner du temps et de l'argent. De plus, vous pouvez suivre mes cours depuis n'importe où dans le monde. Vous pouvez être à Paris, à Tokyo ou à New York, cela ne fait aucune différence. C'est cette liberté que j'aime offrir à mes élèves. Mes cours sont conçus pour tous les âges et toutes les catégories de personnes. Que vous soyez un étudiant, un professionnel, un retraité ou un parent au foyer, je peux vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs linguistiques. Mes leçons sont ludiques, interactives et très vivantes. Nous aborderons toutes les compétences linguistiques, notamment la grammaire, le vocabulaire, la compréhension orale et écrite et, bien sûr, l'expression orale. L'apprentissage de l'anglais est un voyage passionnant, et je suis là pour vous guider à chaque étape. Mon objectif est de vous donner les compétences dont vous avez besoin pour communiquer avec confiance en anglais, que ce soit pour vos voyages, pour le travail ou pour votre vie quotidienne. Alors, qu'attendez-vous ? Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et laissez-moi vous aider à réaliser vos rêves linguistiques!
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Hello and welcome to my ESL classroom! 🍎 Teaching English is one of my favorite subjects to teach! During this course, learners will practice English reading, speaking, and writing skills through personalized and interactive curriculum based lessons! 📝 Each class is designed with your child's needs in mind. Whether they're just beginning their English journey or want to continue what they've already started, I will provide an instructional, engaging, and collaborative environment based around their personal English level. 🔤 Learners will complete a variety of activities and play educational games that reinforce the important skills needed to become successful within the English language. Your child will practice and understand English through visual clues, lesson theme props, and TPR (total physical response.) 👩🏽‍🏫 Here are some of the following concepts we can cover in class: ⭐️ Letter Identification ⭐️ Phonics ⭐️ Vocabulary ⭐️ Sentence Structure ⭐️ Conversation Practice ⭐️ Reading Fluency ⭐️ Comprehension Any language can be learned easily, the key is the constant practice by actually conversing in the desired language, preferably in the country where it is spoken or with a native speaker. I am also fluent in Turkish as that's where my family are from My specialty is making language learning super easy and fun. A new language instills confidence and is a stepping stone to many career opportunities as well as a “bridge” to travel destinations around the world.
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Trusted teacher: Hi! I'm Claudia, I'm an experienced native speaker teacher from London UK and I offer native speaker English lessons with a human touch. During our lessons you will break the speaking barrier and learn the language the way it’s actually spoken. I bring actual results. You will begin to feel confident and comfortable when speaking, even when you’re still on the path of learning. You will also improve your reading, writing skills, and vocabulary. I am a certified, experienced native teacher with over 8 years of teaching experience. I have a background in psychology and coaching, which I apply to my teaching methods. My lessons are fully personalised, based on a combination of captivating conversations and correct pronunciation, expanding the knowledge of phrases and vocabulary, while taking into account the improvement of grammar, fluent reading and writing. I will observe the way You learn and process information, and deliver you the most effective and effortless ways of learning. I use unconventional teaching methods, which guarantee effective results. My students are people of all ages, from teenagers to adults. With me, you will break the barrier that was never broken in school. My lessons are for you, if you’re looking for: 
- Growing your confidence in speaking English 
- Individual, meaningful, personalised conversations (+ homework) 
- Working on the speech block and expanding your vocabulary (it’s easier than you think) - Improving your grammar, reading and writing 
- Preparation for IELTS, CAE, TEOFL, FCE exams, or Matura exams 
- Business English - conversations and vocabulary related to your professional life 
- Preparation for a job interview or a presentation 
- Preparation for moving abroad
 - Pronunciation and accent. I conduct lessons via online platforms and choose to work with people who are motivated, focused on their development and exchanging good energy :) If that’s you, we will be a great match, send me a message!
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Your English language ability can limit your future career, life, and happiness. If you have an upcoming IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, or other such exam, it is important that you give yourself enough time and space to practice your English language skills. I have over twenty years of teaching experience in the fields of IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC, as well as training and tutoring engineers, hotel staff, F&B staff, bank staff, doctors, nurses, corporate staff, managers, CEO's, directors, kindergarten students, primary school students, middle/high school students, vocational collage students, university undergraduates, postgraduate master's/PhD students, and more, from Beginner/Elementary (A0/A1 English) level all the way through to advanced (C1 English) level and Proficient (C2 English) level, not to mention the vast experience I have of working in the field of early years education/kindergarten. No matter your level, no matter your need, be it for teachers to assess and measure your progress and learning of class material, topics or subject matter in regards to your English language proficiency and attainment during term time, teachers or admission staff at schools, colleges or universities to score you for placement, to achieve a certain level or goal in the workplace, to prep for studying, working or living abroad, to give your child (0-3 years old and above included) subject specific/target language focus, or even if you're just wanting to practice your everyday English, I'm here to help.
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Professional English taught by a Journalist, Native Speaker, and Editor (Antwerp)
Justin is a true professional and is really gifted at helping job seekers in their career path. He assisted me a lot with career advice, job application adaptation and proofreading. He is really good at communication, reading between the lines, and highlighting the core idea. Our lessons or as I would rather call it a master class, were absolutely great and easy going. Thank you very much, Justin, for your amazing approach, custom-made professional and easy attitude, and a super international mindset. I would very much recommend it!
Review by NATALIA
English language classes for students, kids and adults (Istanbul)
This is first interactive online session with Ms. Almasa. My kid really enjoyed the session with full enthusiasm and want to continue with her. As a parent I was also observing how my kids was involved with Ms. Almasa actively with full interest.
Review by REENA
Dutch, English and German Tutoring fully Certified TESOL/TEFL (Salir de Matos)
The lessons were perfect. She was able to support me in every domain whether it was vocabulary, grammar or other things I needed help with. She is always prepared before every lesson and takes time to review work inbetween lessons. Great teacher!
Review by MARGIT