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Trusted teacher: Hello! Welcome to my page for 英会話・タイ語レッスン. Thank you for your interest in learning Thai/English with me. タイ語/英語を学ぶことに興味を持っていただきありがとうございます。 **Currently available for online lessons on weekdays and weekends. Please feel free to send me a message** **In person lessons are available upon discussion - For student locations within 30 minutes commute from my location in Tokyo only** (Google translation) **現在、平日と週末のオンラインレッスンでご利用いただけます。 お気軽にメッセージを送ってください** **直接のレッスンは話し合いで利用できます-東京の私の場所から30分以内の学生の場所の場合のみ** Lesson information: *The lessons are delivered in English/ Japanese (for English lessons) or Thai/ Japanese (for Thai lessons). I can assist in Japanese if there is any difficulty. *Lessons are taught using a combination of textbooks and complementary activities. (Google translation) レッスン情報: *レッスンは英語/日本語(英語レッスンの場合)またはタイ語/日本語(タイ語レッスンの場合)で提供されます。 困ったときは日本語でお手伝いできます。 *レッスンは教科書と補完的な活動の組み合わせを使用して教えられています。 Teacher background: *Education background: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from a university in Australia. *Personal background: I am a Thai native with a total of 11 years living in English-speaking countries and 12 years of formal education in English. My English is near-native level and my Thai is mostly at a native level. *Professional background in teaching English: - 8 months as an English teacher (part-time) at a Japanese school. - Approx. 3 years as English language teaching assistant at Japanese public schools in Tokyo where I assisted Japanese classroom teachers in teaching English and also teaching private English conversation lessons. - 1 year of full-time teaching experience at Eikaiwa Juku in Japan. - 9-month experience as an assistant teacher at international pre-school in Japan (pupils aged 2 - 5 years old). *Professional background in teaching Thai: - 6-month experience teaching one-on-one Thai lessons to Japanese adults. *Important notes for in-person lessons: - The lesson fees are subjected to change or addition depending on the actual public transportation fees and travel time from my closest train station to the student's closest train station - For the first lesson, please meet at a nearby public venue such as library, cafes, etc. Please feel free to drop me a message in Japanese or English if you have any questions.
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Trusted teacher: I Teach Thai Language to Foreigners Because I Love to Teach ! I also have a genuine love of helping people attain their language goals, thereby helping them to make the most of their visit to Thailand and their interactions with our Thai people in a wide variety of situations. And it gives me great delight to observe my students improving and progressing their skills in direct response to my teaching style. I believe my experience in teaching and working with foreigners, my approach to these tuition classes, my flexible availability and my prices combine to offer you something unique and special in Chiang Mai. More than 10 years Thai language tuition experience Soft and patient manner Tuition style adapts to student skill Flexible with class days, times and locations Modest fees and discounts for couples & small groups People’s skill sets, personalities, objectives, learning rate all vary Some people learn quickly, others are slower and need more help Accordingly, I tailor my approach to each individuals’s abilities Classes are a mix of structured content & relaxed interactive sessions Together we look at Thai culture, manners, traditions and cuisine Learning materials are current and carefully selected for each student No fixed pre-scheduled classes Instead, flexible lesson times, to mix into your own schedule 7 Days, Monday to Sunday, 8:00am – 6:00pm (in person) Your house, condo, hotel, guest room, coffee shop or online My focus is tutoring with individuals and small groups only Smaller groups = more time per student Easier to cater for different student abilities
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Conversational Thai in daily life,Reading and Writing Thai (Chiang Mai)
The lesson and learning materials provided is very well structured and paced. Mrs Rattana caters to each student’s learning style. I was amazed and pleasantly surprised how much I learned in my first lesson with Mrs Rattana (1-hour conversational + 1 hour for reading writing) that I couldn’t believe it was just the first meeting with her! I find myself grasping the Thai language so much more than I could ever learn by myself despite the wealth of online resources. Very glad I made the decision to learn Thai with Mrs Rattana guidance :) At the time of writing, I have completed by 3rd class and more to go. My goal is to reach and master the basics. I highly and truly recommend Mrs Rattana class to anyone who wishes to learn Thai competently, at a pace that stretches you a little but not too out of reach. Despite the challenge in learning a new language, rest assured that you’ll be well guided.
Review by VICTORIA
Basic Thai, Daily life conversation, Thai for workplace, Reading and Writing Thai literature (Bangkok)
I have been learning from K. Benyapa (Beauty) for approx. 3 months. She is a brilliant teacher! She puts in much more effort to design a curriculum and prepare for lessons, than any other teacher I have had over my 7 years in Thailand. Kru Beauty is willing to tailor classes for your needs, which for me, is Thai citizenship. The lessons feel a lot more personalized than the usual running through of a "Thai Conversation" text book, like many other teachers do. Highly recommended for all level of Thai language, from beginner to advanced!
Review by IAN
Learn how to speak/read/listen/write easy Thai language in 1 month (Mueang Samut Prakan)
I highly recommend Fang. Her exceptional abilities as an educator combined with her personal familiarity with western culture, gives her a unique ability to be able to empathise with, and relate to, her students. Fang is professional, friendly and flexible in her teaching style, willing to improvise lesson plans to create optimal learning outcomes, and overall makes a difficult learning journey very enjoyable.
Review by ALISTAIR