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Trusted teacher: Would you like to be Healthier Lose Weight and Gain an Extra 3 hours every day. Do you suffer from health problems, low energy, brain fog in your everyday life? Do you want to take your mind and body to the next level? Biohacking is about increasing health & performance for mind and body. After you complete this workshop you will be able to: Increase your brain power and mental clarity. Heal faster and gain more energy. Super charge your mindset for success. Gain an extra 2-3 hours a day every day. increase Confidence, Discipline, Persistence, Willpower, Resilience, and focus in your everyday life. Be happier and at more ease with yourself and life. Slows down the aging process so you look and feel younger and healthier. You will learn how and why your body/mind works the way it does and why its so hard to be healthy, and how to bend this to your advantage. Testimonials: Entering the workshop, I felt my health and productivity were ok and I wanted more out of life. and there I had my mind blown about the possibilities of biohacking. Realising that my body is addicted to sugars 'even though I'm not over weight'. I followed his advice on 10 day detox to unwire the addiction to sugar and I could only do that thanks to the psychologically supporting mindset he gave me. I feel I'm on a whole new level of focus health and productivity and seeing the success, I'm excited to implement more of his advice! - Richard S. I've known for a while that I needed help/support/coaching but not to whom to turn to/where to turn to. Joe provided me with that comprehensive guidance, equipped me with enough information, that I can now make the necessary fundamental changes. Four to 5 days after the meeting/consultation, I started to feel better. - Agneta L. Signup now and begin your transformation to increase health, well-being and performance. About Joe: I've been a Biohacker for over 5 years and have taken my clients' health/performance from a very low place to optimum levels in both body and mind. I used to work in the city where I over-worked and over-ate with an extremely bad diet. Eventually my body broke down and I was transferred from hospital to hospital and the doctors couldn't help me. For over 6 months I was disabled and needed 24/7 care and could only sleep for 30mins at a time. Realising that if I wanted to save my life, then I had to master my own health. From that point on I began an epic transformational journey to master my own body and mind. I tried everything from conventional to alternative medicine and therapies, anything that had even the slightest chance of success. I went to over 30 alternative doctors and took hundreds of different supplements and remedies, studied everything I could about the human body/mind and how to optimise it for health and performance. This goes far beyond medicine and herbs: As Tony Robbins says to be a success at anything 80% is psychology and 20% is mechanics. What that means is that 80% is in your head and 20% is the actual actions to make it happen. Once you get the psychology sorted out then the actions become much much easier to do. Trying to achieve something without getting the psychology aligned is like trying to swim against the tide. If you work on the psychology and get that aligned to your goals and ambitions then it's like swimming with the current. In both cases you still have to swim and put the effort in, just in the 2nd option it's much easier, quicker and with less effort. When I’m teaching one of the most common responses I get is that being healthy is hardwork. My response is that being unhealthy is hard, having health problems like brain fog, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, those things are hard as hell, literally, being healthy in comparison is a walk in the park. Your body and mind is not a car, if you mistreat a car and it breaks down you can get rid of it and just buy a new one, and another and another, but if you mistreat your body/mind and it breaks down you can’t get a new one! My goal is to help you towards becoming the very best version of yourself. If you haven't already signed up then please do it now. I look forward to meeting you at the workshop and assist you in transforming your life. Anytime sessions are where we agree on a mutual time and place. Any location + expenses. ; #Biohacking-joe ; #Biohacking ; #BiohackingLondon ; #Lifestyle ; #Productivity ; #Workshops ; #Shoreditch ; #Gluten ; #Keto ; #Ketosis ; #Fasting ; #Gluten ; #HealthEducation ; #IntermittentFasting ; #Diabetes ; #LowCarb ; #Low-carb ; #ZeroCarb ; #SlimmingWorld
Health · Personal training · Life coaching
Trusted teacher: Goal ? The purpose of these workshops is not artistic production or learning techniques, but the discovery of a link through creation with oneself and others. This bond of life is a guarantee of a better being. These workshops provide a creative space for people wishing to connect with the forces of life. It is a work to find oneself, with its sensitivity, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Who is it for? Art Therapy is for anyone looking for a process of self-transformation and evolution. For all audiences; children, adolescents, adults, the elderly. The workshops or sessions are addressed to the artist in each of us. The search for pleasure and aesthetic emotion is linked to artistic activity, with the guidance of the art therapist. Art therapy in institutions: children, adolescents, adults with difficulties or margins (hospitals, retirement homes, social reintegration areas, schools in priority teaching areas or with the razed network, class Cliss ...) Outside institutions: workshops also open to those who want to discover themselves through an artistic expression that is shared. Conduct of a session. Listening & Demand Meditation & breathing Choice of material to work inspiration or creation Silence Look & write the work "in due time" To leave appeased Duration of a session: between 1:15 and 1:45; variable from one individual to another, from one session to another. CONTENT Meet her body, her sensations, her emotions in a playful and gentle way. To enter in relation with the outside world (of oneself towards the other then the others). Development of his awareness of space. Listening. Work on his creativity through expression, stimulation of the imagination. Depending on the groups and the difficulties we will only work on the expression, the setting up of a play area. The tools are the theater, the mask, the body expression, the writing, but also the relaxation, the breath, the voice. Personal development: develop the feeling, the feeling for adults - adolescents. Small group - à la carte - internship.
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Trusted teacher: Singing lessons and vocal coaching online or at the singing teacher. I have been a singing teacher at Cours Florent for 5 years, and for various artists or amateurs for more than ten years. Also vocal coach for Disneyland Paris shows. State graduate (Richard Cross School vocal trainer diploma). My classes are for everyone: singers and / or musicians, professional or amateur singer-songwriters, in current music, all ages welcome! Voice work in all current music repertoires (except lyrical). I can accompany you on the piano, or we can work on your instruments, backing tracks, karaoke, or even with your instrument. Rap welcome (I have more and more rappers, we do important work on their flow, setting up breaths, rhythmic settings, intelligibility of the text etc ...) all this is easily worked when we have the keys! Being also a singer-songwriter and pianist, I can help you develop your compositions, your songs, place the tonic accents where it is needed, teach you to accompany yourself on the piano itself: -) ... work on the interpretation of your songs of course. Prepare your sessions in the studio (and / or accompany you there if necessary), your concerts, your rehearsals ... give you the tips not to get tired, and to know how to repair your voice when you have forced too much, and especially learn to project your voice without hurting yourself, etc ... in short, to provide you with solid and essential foundations for singing healthily and freely. For distance lessons (if you prefer, I do it very fluently, especially nowadays, and also with my students abroad), as long as you have a computer, let's go (or a smartphone)! ;) In short I will tell you everything you need to know to free your voice! .. The difference between "vocal coaching" and "singing lessons" is that I take the singer or the singer, the comedian the actress, the rapper the rapper in the vocal state that he / she comes in, and I take it. takes where he / she wants to go, with the repertoire you choose, which can be yours (songwriter), or the one you choose or that I can help you choose according to your range of course. I do "with" you, with what you are, with what you bring to me as "raw material"! There is always something to advance, whatever your level at the start! :) It can also just be a moment for you, just for the pleasure of singing better, whatever you want! Singing is Life!;) Singing lessons and vocal coaching by Cours Florent singing teacher, for singers and / or musicians pros or amateurs, in current music, all ages welcome! On line at that time ... Voice work in all directories. I accompany you to the piano, and you can work on playbacks, karaoke, or with your instrument. All you need to know to free your voice! .. The difference between "vocal coaching" and "singing lessons" is that I take the singer into the vocal state where he / she arrives, and I take him where he / she wants to go, with the "repertoire" you choose, which can be yours (songwriter), or whatever you choose. I do "with" you, with what you are, with what you bring me as "raw material"! There is always matter to advance, whatever your level at the beginning! :) It can also be just a moment for you, just for the pleasure of singing, whatever you want or need! Singing is Life! we can connect via Zoom, Blackboard or facetime, whatsapp ... English fluent (with French accent ;-)
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Life Self Coaching is the technique of self-development that gives the possibility to everyone with the use of the appropriate techniques, which are offered in Life Self Coaching ) through a series of webinars, to learn how every individual can achieve their goals at each life stage. Suppose you set a goal and you really need the services of a Life Coach to help you achieve it, but do not have the required amount of money to pay the weekly or bi-weekly coaching fees. We, with our knowledge and experience, provide you with three 60’ FREE Coaching Sessions– as long as needed – via e-mail or phone once you have attended the Life Self Coaching theory through our webinar “Life Self Coaching – Be the Best of Yourself”. the 1st website globally that offers support on Life Self Coaching issues and enables anyone, who is dedicated in achieving his/her goal to help them become reality and realize their best self, which is strongly connected with our mission: Be the Best of Yourself! In the procedure of achieving your goals you learn our methodology so that there is a common ground between us. After attending the program you will have all the tools you need in order to achieve your goals in every area BY YOURSELF! What are the benefits of our Program? Learn how you can coach yourself towards success anytime- anywhere! By attending the program you are given the opportunity to communicate via e-mail anytime with a range of experts from the fields of communication, psychology, sport and education on Life Self Coaching, who partner with our website and all for FREE!
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Trusted teacher: Je bent mentaal wel gezond, maar je voelt dat je ergens vastloopt in je leven. Je krijgt het even allemaal niet meer geregeld, je hebt nood aan verheldering of je moet knopen doorhakken, maar je durft niet goed of weet niet waar beginnen. Dan kan ik aan de hand van bestaande coaching-methodes en technieken, maar in de eerste plaats vanuit een menselijkheid en een nuchtere kijk op het leven naast je staan om je de nodige tools aan te reiken die jij op dit moment nodig hebt om terug verder te geraken in je leven. Je kan hier terecht voor allerlei problematieken zoals onder andere: - stress en burnout - studiekeuze - werkgerelateerde problematieken - time-management - levensdoel zoeken - gezins- en relatieproblemen - scheiding - je kind(eren) in een vechtscheiding - onbalans tussen draagkracht en draaglast - opvoeding - financiën - faalangst en/of uitstelgedrag - ... Voordat we starten met de sessies krijg je een algemene vragenlijst doorgestuurd die je me ingevuld terugstuurt. Zodra ik deze terug heb ontvangen ben je welkom voor een intake-gesprek van ongeveer een half uurtje waarna ik bekijk of ik je al dan niet verder kan helpen. (Indien nodig verwijs ik je graag door naar de juiste instantie(s) waar jij voor jouw persoonlijke problematiek wel terecht zou kunnen.) Na het intake-gesprek kunnen we reeds aansluitend starten met een eerste sessie. Afhankelijk van de aard en de intensiteit van je probleem kan het zijn dat je met een enkele sessie voldoende hebt om reeds verder te kunnen, of kan het zijn dat je gedurende langere tijd op regelmatige basis komt om je doel te bereiken. Wie ben ik? Mijn naam is Carlo en ik ben vader van twee prachtige zonen. Van beroep ben ik jazzmuzikant en life coach. Daarnaast organiseer ik samen met mijn verloofde huisconcerten en geef ik privé muzieklessen in ons eigen huisje. Mijn leven is de laatste vijf jaren zeer turbulent geweest. Hierdoor ben ik mezelf heel hard tegengekomen, wat erg moeilijk was, maar tegelijkertijd heeft dit mij ook sterker gemaakt. Door middel van Kung Fu, muziek en het veel lezen van boeken probeerde ik aan mezelf te werken om er op die manier terug te staan. Vanuit deze ervaring ben ik mij gaan verdiepen in het "mens zijn" en het menselijk psyche en besloot ik een opleiding tot life coach te volgen. Als docent aan de Hogeschool Zuyd in de opleiding muziek heb ik steeds mijn studenten begeleid doorheen hun jonge jaren. Ik vond het van belang om niet enkel muziek-technisch iets aan te brengen, maar om voor hen klaar te staan als mens, als mentor en als vertrouwenspersoon. Dit sluit goed aan bij mijn opleiding als life coach. Daarenboven ben ik aanvankelijk muzikant geworden om mensen gelukkig te maken en de afgelopen turbulente jaren hebben mij doen inzien dat ik dit eigenlijk ook op andere manieren kan dan enkel met muziek. Zoals reeds gezegd hebben we in ons huis een privé-muziekschooltje waar we ook huisconcerten organiseren, maar we zien dit meer als een inloophuis waar mensen met muzikale problemen, maar ook met andere persoonlijke issues terecht kunnen. Ik zie mezelf als volgt: 'Public service creating happiness and wellbeing for body, mind and spirit' Deze zin omvat de manier waarop ik een publieke instelling wil zijn, waar we de drie elementen body, mind en spirit op een rij kunnen zetten en zo naar een balans kunnen zoeken in de problematiek. Ik kijk er naar uit om ook jouw verhaal mee te schrijven!
Life coaching
Trusted teacher: Het doel van Osmose Coaching is om u te helpen bij uw individe groei door middel van persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Door je tips te laten zien, je tools te geven om je leven beter te managen, om weer energie te krijgen en om je te laten zien dat er andere opties mogelijk en uitvoerbaar zijn. Om mensen of bedrijven bij te staan die nieuwe bewegingen, nieuwe situaties doormaken, waardoor ze zich anders moeten positioneren ten opzichte van de huidige reality. Mensen of bedrijven die voor nieuwe uitdagingen staan en er alles aan willen doen om te groeien zowel op het menselijk als financiële luik. De keuze om vooruit te willen, kan zich vertalen in een nieuwe golf van transformaties, zowel op organizatieniveau als op medewerkersniveau. We leven in een wereld waar eisen private op-, educatief en professioneel level ons naar nieuwe horizonten, nieuwe kansen duwen. Voor sommigen is het moeilijk om het resultaat te zien, maar wij hebben zelf een groot voordeel! We zijn in staat om het onmogelijke te bereiken wanneer er passie aanwezig is en wanneer we op een positieve manier begeleid worden, wanneer er een luisterend oor in de buurt is. We leven in een chaotische wereld waar alles snel gaat, we moeten presteren, rennen, sneller doen, laten zien wat we weten, uitvoeren, efficiënt zijn, voor onze dagelijkse taken zorgen, het gezin, erin slagen om tijdze te vindriend voor, we willen er financieel op vooruitgaan, eleven kennis blijven ontwikkelen, enzovoort. We moeten onszelf constant opnieuw heruitvinden. We leven volgens de waarden die ons zijn ingeprent, de vrienden die we onszelf opleggen, sociale druk, sociale veranderingen door de jaren heen. Sommigen leven met wonden uit het verleden die diepe littekens hebben achtergelaten. Een systeem dat in het verleden bewezen heeft effectief te zijn, maar niet gelijke tred houdt met de veranderingen die nu plaatsvinden, ons wezen loopt achter, verward en onbegrepen. We hebben vaak de behoefte om een leegte te compenseren, waardoor we buitensporig gedrag gaan vertonen, om ons beter te voelen of om eleven frustraties te rechtvaardigen met een beloning of voldoening. Eleven kinderen worden van jongs af aan geconfronteerd met deze samenleving die hen dwingt ons gedrag te herhalen omdat wij het voorbeeld zijn. Ze zijn gestrest in verdwaald, hebben leerproblemen in gedragsproblemen. Als eleven kinderen hun studie afmaken, voelen ze zich vaak verloren, omdat ze niet weten hoe ze hun wereld moeten creëren. Eleven consumptiemaatschappij duwt hen vaak naar de beste betaalde keuzes, waardoor verwarring de overhand krijgt in plaats van zich te ontwikkelen en zich te concentrateen op hun passies. Hoog tijd om jezelf de juiste vragen te stellen en geleidelijk je patroon te veranderen als je vandaag niet je balans in eleven samenleving kunt vinden. Niets is onmogelijk, uw welzijn en uw doelen zijn dichtbij. Soms zitten we in een spiraal van negativisme, we piekeren, we moeten nieuwe situaties het hoofd bieden waardoor we niet voelen wat we echt willen. Sommige stappen kunnen worden uitgewerkt, begrepen en beter benaderd met de hulp van iemand die klaar staat om i help you bij i persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Neem gerust contact met mij op voor meer informatie. Carine
Life coaching
Do you want to truly communicate with someone? Is there someone in your life who you’re looking to reach on a more personal level? Or perhaps you’re looking to be more open about yourself but you just don’t know how. I struggled with this for a long time. I’d have conversation after conversation with friends,family members or even coworkers. Somehow,it seemed like the needs still weren’t being met on either side. Or worse yet,on their side but never mine. I yielded to this and settled with the expectation that this is obviously just how life goes,even if it’s frustrating. When I eventually did find my voice,the confidence was growing,but somehow it’s like I still wasn’t being heard. That’s because I was talking,but never Communicating. And even when I did,it wasn’t being done effectively (believe me,there’s a huge difference). Did it seem like I took a peek inside your head while you were reading this? Were you nodding along mentally? It’s such a common struggle. And if you happen to be an introvert in a sea of loud voices,you likely know what it’s like to be drowned out a lot of the times. The thing is,a struggle like this can be a hold back to any kind of relationship that has the potential to thrive and flourish. But with the time and willingness to at least try,I can promise you from personal experience that it doesn’t have to be. Communication is a powerful tool,it’s even been described as "the lifeblood of any healthy relationship". But first,you gotta know HOW to do it. Are you communicating,or are you just talking? Is there a difference? Let’s find out. Let’s build bridges, Let’s delve beyond words, Let’s start somewhere, Let’s Talk!
Life coaching · Communication skills
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Greek lessons for all who want to learn Greek and speak with confidence. (Yssingeaux)
I recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their greek. She speaks very clear and understandable. I really enjoyed the class! :) She planned the lesson according to what i needed. Thank you Maria for the skype course! Looking forward to our next lesson !
Review by AYLIN
Learn to Juggle quickly and easily for individuals and groups (London)
Joe was very professional and took his time teaching us how to juggle. He made it very easy to get up to speed with everything and was also very funny. He was punctual and accommodating of our needs.
Review by FAITH
State certified singing teacher, offers singing and speaking voice coaching! (Bagnolet)
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON