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Trusted teacher: [ENGLISH] Web development is one of the most in-demand programming jobs in the market nowadays, with companies worldwide struggling to hire and retain talents. This trend is reflected on a waging increase and ferocious competition for the best web developers available. In this course I propose a full-stack (front-end and back-end) approach to web development to tackle the current job market needs, as well to create your own websites and applications. For a beginner student we'll start with the internet foundations (what is the internet, HTTP requests, client/server communication) followed by an introduction to the most basic web development tools, namely HTML and CSS. We'll see what is JavaScript, its foundations and how to use it to enrich web pages. Once we're ready we'll take a step forward with React, an open-source, highly demanded front-end framework created by Facebook, and we'll dive deep into its concepts and tools. We'll also learn back-end development from scratch with Node and its main library, Express, along with essential concepts like request-response cycles, server availability, CORS and cookies. A database implementation in MongoDB will be introduced together with the Mongoose library for Node. Finally, we'll also see good development practices like code quality, programming with Visual Studio Code, command prompt interaction, creation of Git repositories and code versioning. At the end you must be able to build an on-line portfolio and succeed in modern web development tasks.
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Trusted teacher: La programmation web est la programmation informatique qui permet d'éditer des sites web. Elle permet la création d'applications, destinées à être déployées sur Internet ou en Intranet. Ces applications web sont constituées de pages web pouvant prendre différentes formes, telles que : pages « statiques » : son contenu n'est pas influencé par l'internaute qui la demande et évolue avec une intervention manuelle sur son code source. pages « dynamiques » : son contenu évolue sans que le code du site web ne soit modifié manuellement, mais par l'interaction des utilisateurs, par génération automatique de pages ou par du calcul. C'est le cas de la très large majorité des sites web depuis le début des années 2000. Pour un internaute qui fait appel à une URL, la page web correspondante, qu'elle soit statique ou dynamique, consiste en du code « côté client » (HTML, CSS, Javascript, ...) qui est interprété par son navigateur (Google Chrome, Firefox, ...) produisant une interface utilisateur. Ce code, qui est renvoyé par un serveur web, peut ou non avoir été généré par du calcul « côté serveur », via des langages de programmation particuliers, pouvant faire appel à des bases de données, des API... Il existe différentes technologies et différents langages permettant de construire des sites web par l'intermédiaire de serveurs web, que l'on peut donc classer selon deux principes : des langages de programmation côté client, ou côté serveur. Cette distinction est faite pour séparer les langages « côté serveur » dont le code est exécuté sur le serveur web avant d'arriver sur le navigateur de l'utilisateur, des langages « côté client » dont l'exécution ne nécessite pas de calcul sur le serveur web mais, seulement après le téléchargement de la page, une interprétation par le navigateur de l'utilisateur.
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Mathematics classes for beginners and intermediate level (Gouda)
I need to re-study 4 years of high school maths in only 5 months. Mahmood agreed to help me with this difficult task and thanks to his professional way of teaching I believe I can make this happen. He explains topics in detail and yet quickly enough to spare time for other topics. If you are unsure he points you to the right direction. Most important thing for me was that he made me realize that I first need to master concept #1 in order to be able to later master concept #5 and so on. You can see that he has a lot of teaching experience, he tries to understand the way YOU think and based on that he serves you clear explanation for topics you struggle to understand. I definitely recommend him as your next teacher!
Review by RADOSLAV
Computer Basic to Front End, Back End, App Development, Services and Testing etc.(online only)
Manoj is a great teacher. Very patient and taking time to understand your situation and trying to help you as efficient and as much as possible. A great person. I really felt and still feel I get the support I was looking for, gives me confidence in achieving my goals. Thank you :) I can only recommend him as a tutor :)
Review by DINA
Front-end development(Html, Css, Javascript) by professional and experienced developer (Amsterdam)
Baia has been really helpful in my coding journey. She is patient, listens to my needs and adapts the lesson to them. We go through exercises and she makes sure I understand what I do. In addition to this, she makes herself available outside of the lessons timeframe in case I have questions with my homework!
Review by OLIVIA