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Unleash your creativity: painting and illustration classes for children As a passionate painter and illustrator, I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and skills with young artists. In these classes, your child will embark on a colorful journey of self expression, imagination, and creativity. Title: Unleash Your Creativity: Painting and Illustration Classes for Course Overview: My painting and illustration classes are designed to introduce children to various art techniques, encourage their artistic development, and foster their confidence in expressing themselves through visual art. Each session will be filled with fun activities, hands-on projects, and engaging discussions to inspire their creative minds. Course Content: 1. Introduction to Colors: We will begin by exploring the fascinating world of colors. Children will learn about primary, secondary, and complementary colors, as well as how to mix and blend them to create unique shades. Through interactive games and exercises, they will understand the impact of colors on mood and emotions. 2. Drawing Fundamentals: In this module, we will focus on strengthening children's drawing skills. They will learn basic shapes, proportions, and perspective techniques. Through step-by-step demonstrations and guided practice, they will gain confidence in sketching various subjects, such as animals, landscapes, and still life. 3. Painting Techniques: Children will be introduced to different painting techniques, including watercolor, acrylics, and tempera. They will learn how to handle brushes, apply washes, create textures, and experiment with different styles. We will also explore famous artists' works for inspiration and discuss their unique approaches. 4. Illustration and Storytelling: This module will ignite children's imagination as they dive into the world of illustration and storytelling. They will learn how to create characters, develop narratives, and bring their stories to life through illustrations. We will encourage them to think creatively and express their ideas through visual narratives. 5. Mixed Media Exploration: In this final module, children will have the opportunity to experiment with mixed media techniques, combining various materials such as collage, pastels, and ink. They will learn how to create dynamic compositions, add texture, and incorporate different elements into their artwork. Conclusion: Join us on this artistic adventure where your child's creativity will flourish! Our painting and illustration classes will not only enhance their technical skills but also nurture their imagination, self-expression, and confidence. By the end of the course, your child will have a collection of beautiful artworks to cherish and a newfound passion for the world of art. Enroll your child today and let their imagination soar!
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Trusted teacher: Whether you are a beginner or experienced, and whatever your motivations (personal, professional or school ...), I offer you a tailor-made education. We will start by establishing a program together during your 1st lesson, according to your needs and interests. My offer : - Face-to-face AND/OR virtual classes at a fixed time and in real time, according to your needs. Virtual classroom sessions are recorded and available for review only by students. - A qualified and experienced illustrator artist teacher at the service and listening to the student. - A frequently updated shared space (google drive) containing all the necessary documentation and tools available to students who wish to continue their practice outside of class hours. • Special > For students interested in art and design schools: I offer accelerated training, as well as assistance in building the portfolio and preparation for interviews (On request). • Special > For professionals and future professionals in fine crafts & Designer: I offer training in drawing and color techniques as well as tailor-made courses applied to your professional field (On request). Thematic courses of 5 half-days during school holidays. Timetable: I am available on weekdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to give you private lessons, but also on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for lessons in small numbers (maximum 3 students per slot), for those who appreciate sharing and stimulation of the group while maintaining the rapid progress dynamic of a small class. My schedule remains quite flexible, however, so do not hesitate to tell me your preferences to reserve the right slots for you. My methodology is simple: Thanks to a first preliminary telephone or video meeting with the student (and a parent if the student is a minor) I begin to identify the questions, needs and objectives of the student in order to establish a program. This program will be refined as the course progresses according to the centers of interest and qualities revealed by the student. My teaching is progressive. I take the student where he is in his practice and pull him up, to the maximum of his abilities, whatever the chosen medium: pencil, brush, graphic tablet... To maintain his motivation, I punctuate the student's program with inspiring and stimulating subjects related to his interests, such as the drawing of his own comic strip / manga, OR, the printing of his 3D figurine. Course operation: Because we do not all progress in the same way, I propose 2 different modes of operation. During a lesson: - The student works on original subjects and application exercises, edited by myself and adapted to the student and his program. WHERE - The student expresses the need to be helped/guided on a specific creative project of his initiative, or a subject of his school's visual arts lesson, at the start of the lesson. In which case, I bring him as many keys as possible (methodology, references, documentation and techniques) until the end of his project. Of course, the mode of the course can change from one course to another in order to alternate rigor and freedom of experimentation. At the end of the session, I take stock with the student of what has been done, must be continued and addressed soon. He/She can contact me between 2 sessions if necessary. For parents / guardians of minor students, I offer a quarterly report on the progress of their child / tutee. It is also possible for them to come and talk to me at the end of the course or to contact me during the week by email or telephone. Minimum age: 11 years old - No maximum age. Feedback: Minor students and parents Many families with children requiring a different pace from that offered by their schools say that my classes have greatly helped them, first of all to quickly feel more confident. Similarly, precocious children find here the intellectual nourishment that they sometimes lack in the teaching received in class. What I have observed that is obvious about my private lessons and in small groups is that the student develops: - his autonomy, because he takes the time for self-correction. - his commitment, because by advancing at his own pace he really becomes an actor in his learning. - his disinhibition (vis-à-vis the teacher, parents, and classmates for students in small classes), by granting him a neutral space/time for experimentation without competition or judgment. Amateur Adults What has struck me the most over the past few years in following active adults working in branches not directly linked to creative activities, is the need to discover or accomplish something new and the desire to share. This is why each year is a new adventure full of projects of all kinds, but sometimes also hard work!... depending on the characters and objectives... Professionals and future professionals Crafts & Designer In artistic professions, crafts, or any other design activity, the ability to express and represent quickly and effectively all or part of a 2-dimensional concept is very useful, even essential. The greater the professional designer's mastery of these arts and techniques, the more eloquent his future representations, sketches, scenarios, projections, will be, whether presenting a project to a client, a colleague or set a stage, a model. This is why I adapt my teaching of drawing and color (perspective, representation of plans, volumes, textures, colored harmonies, ...) to the specific needs of the professionals who approach my course, whether they are designers of interior designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, landscape designers, architects, or decorative painters. And so far, everyone has been satisfied!
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Welcome to my profile on Apprentus! My name is Adnan, and I am a passionate freelance artist with a diverse skill set in digital illustration. I specialize in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Krita to create captivating background illustrations for animations, games, as well as charming illustrations for children's books. With extensive experience in the art industry, I have developed a strong foundation in teaching and guiding aspiring artists. I believe in fostering a supportive and interactive learning environment where students can flourish and explore their artistic abilities. My teaching methodology is centered around personalized instruction, tailored to the specific needs and skill levels of my students. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps in the world of art or an experienced artist looking to refine your techniques, I will provide comprehensive guidance to help you reach your artistic goals. During our lessons, we will delve into the fundamental principles of illustration, including composition, color theory, perspective, and character design. Through practical exercises and hands-on projects, you will learn how to create visually stunning illustrations that capture the essence of your artistic vision. Beyond technical skills, I will also share insights into the industry, offering guidance on portfolio development and pursuing a career in art. If you have a particular interest in children's book illustrations, I can provide specialized instruction on creating enchanting visuals that will captivate young readers. As a tutor, my ultimate goal is to inspire and empower my students. I believe that art should be accessible to all, and I am dedicated to nurturing creativity and helping individuals discover their unique artistic voice. So, whether you're a passionate beginner or a seasoned artist seeking to enhance your skills, I am here to guide you on your artistic journey. Together, we will unlock your creative potential and create stunning illustrations that leave a lasting impression. Book a lesson with me on Apprentus and let's embark on this exciting artistic adventure together!
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Trusted teacher: Hello, The courses are above all adapted to the personality of the student, his artistic sensibility and his objectives. Through my professional experience and my years of study, I will be able to guide the student to the beginning of artistic autonomy and an ability to learn on his own. During our first interview we will talk together about the student's objectives, and assess his level by taking into account his artistic skills. I would clarify doubts and questions about the amateur or professional artistic career as well as the cartoon and video game industry and related studies. The most important thing for the student is self-confidence and fulfillment, which will be the pillars for artistic progression and longevity. Subjects taught: -digital and traditional painting - basic character building -perspective -decor and personal design -light - creation of a graphic universe My experience: TRAINING ART AND CRAFT TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL - LUXEMBOURG 2015 - 2017 Graduated from the BTS Dessin d'animation BG and Animation on the short "l'Eclaireur" WORKSHOP- ANGOULÊME 2014 -2015 Learning the basics of animation EMILE COHL - LYON 2012-2013 Fine art and illustration study EXPERIENCE FREELANCE ARTIST5 / 2018 - 2022 I am working as Illustrator and painter in freelance, I am also an art teacher (personal and also giving some workshop) -Illustration for theater project Edda (art director and illustrator) -Comission -Illustration for video game TERRA indi game -Logo and flyers - Comics rule for Ufitness Phuket - Personal art teacher working with talented austistic student 2021 -Studio 411 exhibition painting -Indi game Terra concept artist (props, illustration) -Flyers Logo and commission for personal customer (painting, digital illustration...) - Workshop studio 411 (how to do illustration) - Illustration for Morgon technology 2020 -Illustration for the Great Escape Game Montpellier -Cover for Women Warrior brand -Poster for 411 christmas market ARTIST AND ART TEACHER AT STUDIO411 2018 - 2021 giving drawing class and selling personal art MILLIMAGES1 / 2019 Background artist "Didou build me" 78*6min ANKAMA7/2017 - 4/2018 Layout artist "Abraka" 25*26 min STUDIO 3527 / 2016 Intern as Background artist on "Parvana" 2017 EXHIBITIONS STUDIO 411 CHRISTMAS MARKET 2019 Selling plein air painting, gouache, and illustration print INSHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2018, LAGOS NIGERIA12/2018 Thesis movie "The Scout" KUFA LUXEMBOURG4 / 2018 Thesis movie "The Scout"
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Trusted teacher: Découvrez une interface et un univers graphique haut en couleur. Faite vous accompagner sur les concepts clés, les outils de base et les plus utiles d'Illustrator. Vous serez capable de réaliser des illustrations en 2D, 3D, des vectorisations d'éléments, le dessin vectoriel, la colorisation, des maquettes réutilisables pour vos supports de communication ( affiche, flyers, logo...), et pleins d'autres notions. Vous gagnerez en autonomie et productivité grâce à ces méthodes. Vous apprendrez des procédés plus avancés tel que le traitement par lots très utile pour vos photographies. Ces cours suivent un programmes que j'ai établit en fonction de votre niveaux sur le logiciel. Les cours sont également personnalisable en fonction de votre besoin. Je peut vous proposer des cours sur mesure qui s'adapte à vos envies du moment. QUELQUES CHIFFRES : Plus de 200 élèves formée aussi bien sur des interventions individuelles que collectives en centre de formation ou par demande personnelle. LES COURS : Des tutoriels, des exercices pratiques, des supports pdf et des modules qui s'adaptent à tous les niveaux. MA VISION : Je favorise des cours as 90 % de cas pratique et 10 % de théorique pour une meilleur projection et découverte de l'environnement. OBJECTIF : Vous donner une vision clair et précise des fonctionnalités, leurs utilités et ce que vous pouvez réalisé une fois que vous maitriser ces concepts. Quelques modules proposés dans le programme adaptable : L’interface utilisateur : ● L’écran d’Illustrator, Les préférences de travail Le dessin : ● Les tracés géométriques, Les tracés spéciaux ● Les tracés à main levée, l’outil gomme ● Les tracés avec la plume, ● Les tracés avec un modèle ● Le mode isolation outil Forme de tache ● Nouvel outil largeur, conception de forme, outil perspective Les retouches : ● Sélections, déplacements et copies, Les colorations ● La retouche des points, les dégradés, les motifs Les opérations : ● Les transformations, Rotation, miroir, déformation ● Les dégradés, les masques, les filtres ● La pixellisation, les filtres bitmap L’impression ● Gérer l’impression, l’outil zone de recadrage ● La séparation des couleurs L’illustration en 3d : ● Créer des perspectives en 3D ● Générer les sources lumineuses ● Appliquer des placages sur les objets ● La palette « Aspect », modification des filtres Les symboles : ● Créer des symboles ● Gestion des bibliothèques de symboles ● Pulvérisation de symboles et modification ● Edition de symboles existants
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I have had two lessons with Noemi and I am looking forward to many more. We spent a significant amount of time in the first lesson discussing and clarifying my goals as well as the artists I admire. She asked great questions, really digging into what I am seeking to do and be. I could tell right away that she wanted to understand my motivations and what I am looking for in a tutor. Noemi has been easy to talk to, open and responsive to my thoughts and concerns. She spoke to me as a peer, a fellow traveler seeking to understand more about art. I appreciate this, as it has not been my experience with other teachers. (They were not interested in what I already know). Noemi has been enthusiastic, insightful, intuitive and has set clear expectations. I appreciate the thoughtfulness she has put into creating follow up documents that detail what we reviewed in the previous lesson, including print screens of examples of art work to help me along. She is great!
Review by KHELRI
Teacher of French as a foreign language - personalized private courses (Ixelles-Elsene)
Cécile is a responsive teacher who uses an interactive and structured approach. She listened to my needs and was attentive to my level, tailoring lessons to how and where i can best make progress. The strength I am most impressed by is her ability to identify where exactly I'm having issues, and to work around those needs and structure homework in a way that best exercises it.
Drawing Class - Let's do Art - All level welcome - (Berlin)
Christian is really good teacher, I have on-line classes with him and I was gladly surprise that it went very well (exceeded my expectations), I learned a lot in my first class, he has very personal approach, he is very nice, approachable, patient and very good teacher :) glad to have him as teacher and looking forward for next classes :D.