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Trusted teacher: This course is the Best Hindi Conversation and Fluency Course for all Level of Students! You will know how to describe aspects of your past and your environment and communicate quite confidently. You will be able to understand the key points of complex text by yourself and you will be capable of improvising a speech. In this course, we will learn how to do basic conversations about home and family, introducing yourself, shopping for essentials, business talk, stay at a hotel, travel needs, sight-seeing, greetings, numbers, meals, shopping, telling time, scheduling activities, and asking and giving directions. The emphasis will on fluency, pronunciation and comprehension, language practice with an introductory conversation, new vocabulary and structures. I have prepared special materials for this level students. After finishing this course you will be capable of describing situations and events, writing texts and coping with coherent language. My classes use interactive PowerPoint presentations as visual aids and are proven to take elementary level students to a competent, conversational and advanced level. You have made an excellent choice by choosing me as your teacher. My classes are very intuitive and focused on learning. In our classes, we will learn everything based on your level and needs - a mix of Grammar, Pronunciations, Vocabulary, Verb Conjugations, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. My aim is to make you fluent and improve all your skills so that you can attain your language goals. I have prepared special materials for this level students. See you in the Class!
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Sanskrit · Hindi
hi there! this is nav, just a programmer who knows to code well in Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and as well as many other programming languages ( HTML is not a programming language btw! ). • Experience And as about my experience or career, I am not a professor yet but I taught over 2300+ students in my career. • My teaching philosophy 1) I will typically start classes by asking my student whether there's anything they'd like to discuss with me before starting a class, 2) I will then move on to discuss what issues they raised in the last class (I create a list of "Problems" for us to work on). We try to go through this list issue by issue throughout the class to determine where progress has been made, what can be crossed off (if the issue's been resolved), what issues are still remaining, and what the student will do to resolve those issues that are still remaining, 3) At the end of the class, I do a quick recap to see what homework the student has for our next class (which issues remain unresolved) and if there is any homework that I have to do in order to help the student resolve their problems, and last but not least, 4) I will provide every beginner students my own hand written years of experience (notes), so they can understand and remember the concepts forever. • Scheduling Currently, I tutor every day of the week, from 10 AM to 10PM ( local time ). • Additional Discounts Course of the Month Every person who is reaching to me for web-development course getting huge, huge discount. Grab this opportunity because this chance will never come again in future! If you've any queries regarding courses or any other thing, then you can ask me freely just hit a DM, and I'll be there. Bye!
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Mathematics classes for beginners and intermediate level (Gouda)
I need to re-study 4 years of high school maths in only 5 months. Mahmood agreed to help me with this difficult task and thanks to his professional way of teaching I believe I can make this happen. He explains topics in detail and yet quickly enough to spare time for other topics. If you are unsure he points you to the right direction. Most important thing for me was that he made me realize that I first need to master concept #1 in order to be able to later master concept #5 and so on. You can see that he has a lot of teaching experience, he tries to understand the way YOU think and based on that he serves you clear explanation for topics you struggle to understand. I definitely recommend him as your next teacher!
Review by RADOSLAV
Hindi, English classes by Sachin from India, a native Hindi speaker and proficient in English
Wonderful teacher, very patient, kind and fun to have classes with. Just after three lessons, my Hindi has improved. He has a great approach and structure with teaching. I always look forward to my next class. I highly recommend Sachin to those who would like to learn Hindi.
Review by NADIA
Hindi,English to all age groups ,designed according to your needs. (Asnières-sur-Seine)
I am very pleased with my Hindi lesson with Prachi, who is a very friendly, patient and encouraging teacher. After my first lesson I feel highly confident of the future progress I will make thanks to this collaboration. I recommend wholeheartedly!
Review by SAMANTHA