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Trusted teacher: With over 4 years of experience as a teacher and professional translator, I have honed my skills in English language instruction and communication. My expertise extends to various proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced, and covers all age groups. Throughout my career, I have developed a passion for helping individuals master the English language through tailored tutoring approaches. One of my notable achievements is achieving an IELTS band score of 7, which reflects my own language proficiency and understanding of the exam requirements. This accomplishment has allowed me to effectively guide students who are preparing for the IELTS exam, providing them with valuable insights and strategies to excel in their performance. In addition to my IELTS expertise, I hold a TEFL certification, which equips me with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach English as a foreign language. This certification has enabled me to effectively communicate complex grammar concepts and vocabulary in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that students grasp the fundamental aspects of the English language. Furthermore, I possess a TTC certificate, which stands for Teaching Training Course. This certification has provided me with comprehensive training in pedagogical techniques, classroom management, and student engagement strategies. As a result, I am well-equipped to create dynamic and interactive learning environments that cater to the unique needs and learning styles of each student. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages, ranging from young learners to adults. This diverse experience has allowed me to adapt my teaching methods and materials to suit the specific needs and preferences of each age group. Whether it is incorporating engaging activities for young learners or discussing relevant topics for adult students, I strive to create enjoyable and effective learning experiences for all. In conclusion, my 4 years of experience as a teacher and professional translator, coupled with my IELTS band score of 7, TEFL certification, and TTC certificate, have equipped me with the necessary skills and expertise to provide tailored tutoring for individuals of all ages and proficiency levels. I am passionate about helping students master the English language and am committed to creating engaging and effective learning experiences.
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I'm a qualified language instructor and a bilingual speaker of Farsi and English and have been teaching since 2017. I can help you improve whether you're an absolute beginner or an advanced Farsi speaker. I have my own course material and curriculum to help you learn the Persian language in as little as 6 to 12 hours. The more sessions you'll take after, the more confident, accurate and fluent you'll be! I'll help you learn new words and remember their meaning easily and make sentences to express yourself in no time! Your learning will be supported by the help of Persian poetry, music and TV series. We can explore more of the Persian literature and poetry as well as the Persian culture, arts and music too! I'm dedicated to your learning and do all in my ability to accommodate your linguistic needs to achieve your goals and ambitions and love seeing you keep consistent with your learning. Have a look at my course structure and don't hesitate to ask me any questions. Go ahead and book your first lesson with me! Here is my course outline: Lesson 1 Pronouns Connecting-e for making possessive phrases! Making indicative and question sentences with the verbs “is” “was” “isn’t” “wasn’t” Introducing yourself and your friends and family and saying where they are and where their houses are! Asking Questions with “What” and “where” Lesson 2 Connecting-e for tying nouns and adjectives The short form of possessions ( Possessive contractions) Making sentences to conclude what was learnt in lesson 1 and 2 combined Lesson 3 Infinitive verbs, simple and compound verbs Imperative verbs The accusative marker “Raa/Ro/o” - Direct and specific object Lesson 4 Conjugating “To be verbs” - Making sentences Conjugating verbs in past tense ( Simple past + Past continuous) - Making sentences Making sentences with have and has in past tense Writing daily routines in past tense Writing about a past holiday, event or memory Lesson 5 Present tense ( Simple present and Present continuous Making sentences with have and has Future Writing daily routine in present tense Express liking towards people or things Lesson 6 Subjunctive Present and past perfect Passive
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Trusted teacher: Who is your teacher? Teaching is an Art and a Knowledge! Anybody can know a language but everybody cannot teach it! I am the affiliated researcher at the university with a 16 - year experience as a teacher, supervisor, editor - teaching Academic and General English, supervising and training the staff, at 3 public and private universities, 2 schools and 6 institutes. I got my master in ELT - English Language Teaching and I have the certificate of "Teaching Methods". I know 5 languages and I am learning my 6th language at the moment. What do you want to learn? A. English for the school students Can't you still use the time and tenses in English Correctly? Do you have problems using the adverbs of manner, time, frequency? Can't you easily broaden your vocabulary knowledge? ... Don't worry! I am here to do it together! B. Academic English Are you a purchase agent working for an International company? Do you need to have a good command of Business English to be able to negotiate, make orders, translate or make contracts and you do not know how to manage it? What are the essential terms you should know to succeed in Business English? (A to Z of Business English) Do you have to publish your paper in English? Do you have to write your PhD or Master thesis in English? (Writing: Paragraph writing - Essay Writing) Are you a student of Law? Do you need to learn and be able to translate legal texts? (English for the students of Law) Have you recently applied for a job as a flight attendant and you are becoming ready to take the exam? (Aviation Technical English) Do you have to take the International TOEFL and IELTS exam? Then Welcome !!! We will do this together!
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Trusted teacher: Persian/Farsi is a sweet language and the official language of Iran. Persian is a soft, poetic language and it has been described as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It is a bit challenging for English speakers to pronounce some Persian words. I am Jamileh, a Native Persian English teacher from Iran with M.A in TEFL and B.A in English translation, and I have a TESOL Certificate with the most important and fundamental theories and methodologies of teaching and fifteen years of experience in teaching. I am a native speaker of this lovely language. Besides, I have been educated in Persian literature and I know the style of teaching this sweet language. I can teach the most fundamental forms of making sentences to English speakers. My teaching style is communicative and task-based. With this sweet language, you can learn more about the glorious culture of my country, Iran, and also you will get access to communicate with almost 120 million people and read and enjoy great literature masterpieces such as SHAHNAMEH, HAFIZ, KHAYYAM, and RUMI. Studying Persian provides an entry into a rich and diverse culture that produced major epic and Sufi poets such as Ferdowsi, Rumi, and Hafez, exquisite miniature paintings, fine carpets, and world-class films. If you are wondering if Persian is worth learning, just listen to it online - you will fall in love with this soft and poetic language that sounds like a song! Knowing Persian can bring many benefits: it opens the door to a very old, and beautiful history, can help in learning Arabic and it's spoken in many countries. My mother tongue is Persian and I am fluent in English; meanwhile, I know French and Turkish. As a teacher, I prefer to be friendly with my students, but also strict when it comes to fulfilling my duties. I believe that the key to good teaching is to make any topic or material comprehensive, dividing it into smaller units. The only positive point of living is to learn endlessly. Let's get it done. This class concentrates mainly on four skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening in Persian/ Farsi. we learn the alphabets of Farsi and then move to word making and sentence making little by little. My teaching method is a selection of the best books and methodologies I have experienced during my 13 years of teaching. The class would be held via the Zoom app and I will write all the points on the whiteboard for you, you will be given some tasks to practice and be checked each session. The more persistent you are, the sooner you will get results.
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Give you confidence to speak , read and write Farsi-Persian in easy way (London)
I highly recommend Parinaz for anyone trying to learn Farsi! Her teaching approach is excellent and she’s able to adeptly tailor the lessons to my existing knowledge, ensuring an optimal pace for learning. She also integrates cultural nuances/topics related to vernacular Farsi into lessons, which is great for someone like myself who’s interested particularly in speaking rather than reading/writing. Parinaz is also very flexible with time and scheduling, so even if you have an irregular personal schedule, she can find time to have a class with you.
Review by KELLY
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Veghar is the best teacher I could have ever wished for! She adapts her lessons completely to your wishes. She is punctual and she always keeps her promises. She can explain very well and also has a lot of material that you can practice with. But perhaps most importantly, Veghar is a very likeable woman! The lessons are not only very educational but also very enjoyable: thanks to Veghar, learning English is not work, but a fun hobby!
Review by ANINA
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Samin is an attentive and knowledgeable teacher. I explained beforehand what I wished to learn from lessons in Farsi and she introduced me in the best possible way ensuring that I became engaged by the lesson. The homework was exactly what I needed to continue my interest in learning.
Review by JOHN