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Trusted teacher: FOR ENGLISH DESCRIPTION SCROLL DOWN ** Bonjour Tutti, Je m'appelle Suzi et je suis professeur d'anglais pour étrangers depuis plus de 10 ans. Mes cours s’adressent aux professionnels, aux lycéens et aux universitaires qui ont besoin d'une méthode de travail adaptée à leurs besoins ! Grâce à ma riche expérience dans l’enseignement, je peux rapidement sentir l'approche qui vous convient le mieux. Très ouverte d’esprit, mes cours sont ludiques, divertissant et surtout efficaces. Certains élèves préfèrent avoir des cours de conversation, gagner en confiance et enrichir leur vocabulaire. Alors que d'autres étudiants préfèrent les structures grammaticales et le matériel visuel. Dans tous les cas, je m’adapte rapidement à vos besoins et c’est ensemble que nous construisons nos leçons. Un peu sur mon parcours : j'ai vécu au Chili, au Canada, en Espagne, aux Pays-Bas, en Italie et au Royaume-Uni ... Je suis titulaire d'une maîtrise en droit et politique européens à l'Université de Portsmouth. J'ai travaillé pendant des années dans l'industrie du lobby à Bruxelles et plus tard dans l'industrie du tourisme d'aventure. Cela m'a mis en contact avec un large éventail de personnes : des politiciens, des ministres, des ingénieurs informatiques, des PDG et des créatifs dans l’âme. Cette expérience internationale m'a permis de développer de grandes compétences relationnelles et d’établir ma propre méthode d'enseignement qui est unique. Tous mes étudiants sont satisfaits de mes services et ils peuvent se porter garant si nécessaire. Un grand nombre d'entre eux a atteint le niveau C1 après seulement quelques mois de cours avec moi. Ma formation linguistique va au-delà des simples cours : je vous donne un tutorat complet (cours particuliers, possibilité de poser des questions en dehors des heures de cours, rédaction et correction de questions, etc.). N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions ! Et au cas où cela vous intéresse, mes hobbies sont : le vin et la gastronomie, l'équitation, la danse moderne, les langues, les voyages, la nature et les animaux. J'ai 4 chiens, 2 chats et 2 chevaux. Comme vous le voyez, nous ne manquerons probablement pas de sujets à aborder. A bientôt - Suzi :-) ------------------------------------------------------------ Bonjour Tutti, My name is Suzi and I have been an English Language Trainer for foreigners for over 10 years. I offer my classes to work professionals who needs a work method tailored to their needs! As a very perceptive person, I can quickly sense the approach that suits you. This, in combination with a playful sense of humour and very open character, makes our lessons fun and entertaining. Some students prefer to have conversational lessons, to gain more self-confidence and to enrich their vocabulary. While other students prefer grammatical structures and visual material. In short, I quickly adapt your needs and we build our lessons around that. A little about my background: I have lived in Chile, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and the UK...I hold a M.A. European Law and Policy at the University of Portsmouth. I have worked for years in the lobby industry in Brussels and later in the Adventure Tourism Industry. This has brought me into contact with a wide range of people, from politicians, ministers, IT engineers, to CEO's and creative souls. This international background allowed me to develop great people skills and my own teaching method which is unique. I have many happy students that can vouch for me if needed - and a great number of those reached level C1 after only a few months of lessons with me. My language training goes beyond lessons-only: I give you a complete tutoring (private lessons, the possibility to ask questions outside class hours, writing and correcting questions, etc.). Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions! And in case it is of your interest, my hobbies are: wine & food, horse-riding, ballroom dancing, languages, travel. nature and animals. I have 4 dogs, 2 cats and 2 horses. As you see, we will probably not run out of subjects to talk about. See you soon - Suzi :-)
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Hi, I'm Rui based in Shanghai, China. I myself is a crazy language lover. After graduation from Chongqing University in China 5 years ago, I went to Tokyo for further study. Believe it or not, I could NOT speak any foreign languages at all back then. I became able to study and work both in Japanese and English within only 3 years. I have been to 20 countries as a backpacker and I came to realize that learning a different language is just a piece of cake. All you need is what I'm going to teach you later if you study with me. I make the best use of my inspirations and techniques from being a language learner myself into my teaching:) ✍ Master degree in MBA from Aoyama Business School in Japan 📎 Work experience: Apple, Amazon ❤ 4-year experience of teaching Chinese as a community tutor in Japan ✔ Could teach in: Chinese(native) English(proficient) Japanese(proficient) Korean(Intermediate) Spanish(beginner) ・JLPT N1 ・TOEFL 95 ・TOEIC 880 👀 Customized teaching approaches(only basic goals below) - Beginners to communicate in Chinese for daily use purpose; Read and write in short paragraphs - Intermediate students to communicate easily with native speakers; Read and write short articles - Advanced students to communicate fluently with native speakers over a wide range of topics; Read and write long articles - Businesspersons to E-mail writing, delivering presentations, negotiating and plain small-talk 🥚Learning materials based on students' levels and demands If you'd like to learn Chinese with me, please feel free to contact me or book lessons directly:) PS: I promise I will not only teach you Chinese, but also share the wonderful episodes I had to help you expand your horizon.
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Trusted teacher: I love learning languages myself, so I understand the types of problems you might have and how to help, and that learning is more effective when it's fun! Learn business-specific vocabulary, practice a presentation, prepare for an interview - whatever you need, we can discuss the best activities to help you before the lesson. With years of experience of teaching, I will adapt the lessons to challenge and interest you. I understand the value of a great teacher, so am committed to helping my students get as much as possible from each class. Typical classes are divided into 3 SECTIONS: (we can change this to suit your learning style): > REVISION of vocabulary and grammar concepts from the previous lesson – vital to help things stick in your memory. > NEW WORK based on homework – this could be a summary or discussion of an article/podcast/video, grammar point, or looking over a writing task. > EXERCISE like a short debate, role-play picture description exercise or game, depending on what you enjoy. > HOMEWORK if you want it (recommended!) --- Topics will be diverse, relevant and engaging, supported by lots of learning materials, including videos, articles, podcasts and other interactive materials. Whatever the activity, you will have as much speaking time as possible. I will always correct your mistakes so that you understand what was wrong, why, and better ways to say things. --- I would love to help you learn English! Feel free to send a message to discuss class details or book a lesson with me.
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MAKING ONESELF HEARD! (For Public Speaking & Presentations) (Casablanca)
Public speaking classes with Jay were top-notch! Even though we held the classes online, he has the rare ability to make you feel at ease in a second and I felt fully engaged. Jay covered a variety of subjects regarding tone, speed, volume, pronunciation, etc. with different exercises. I've noticed continuous progress throughout the classes and I have now a better control of my public speaking skills, which will be of great use both in personal and professional contexts. I highly recommend!
Review by NORA
Business English - Improve your English skills for work (Brussels)
Having dropped every single English course that I tried after just a few classes, it was a great discovery to get Suzy an English teacher; she adapts her teaching style to your specific needs, includes a lot of fun and interaction which takes the 'stress' from learning, and motivates you at each step. For the first time I did not drop out after just a few hours of class.
Review by LOUIS
Learn Python - from the basics to real world business cases (Amsterdam)
Joris is super friendly and was really flexible in tailoring the classes based on what my purpose for learning is. He is giving me the direction I need to continue this learning journey, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone interested in learning python to the next level.