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Trusted teacher: Nous commencerons par votre point de vue et votre compréhension des États-Unis. Nous discuterons des événements actuels et creuserons dans leurs racines. Je vous recommanderai des choses à lire, à regarder ou à étudier entre les sessions. Ensuite, nous poursuivrons la discussion. Parmi de nombreux autres sujets, nous explorerons ceux-ci : Ordre mondial basé sur le libre-échange contre le protectionnisme. Démocratie contre propriété. L'identité américaine. Le "pays de folie religieuse" de Tocqueville contre une foi douce. Ethnicité et race dans la vie américaine. Une armée déployée à l'échelle mondiale contre une vision du monde insulaire. Je suis allé sur la lune ; Maintenant quoi? Mondialisation. Le rêve américain." Qu'est-ce que c'était? Qu'est ce que c'est maintenant? Trump!? Les États-Unis et l'avenir. || We will start with your view and understanding of the USA. We will discuss current events and dig down into their roots. I will recommend things for you to read, watch, or study between sessions. Then we will continue the discussion. Among many other topics, we will explore these: World order based on Free Trade versus Protectionism. Democracy versus Property. The American identity. Tocqueville's "land of religious lunacy" versus a gentle faith. Ethnicity and race in American life. A globally deployed military versus an insular worldview. Went to the moon; now what? Globalization. The "American Dream." What was it? What is it now? Trump? The USA and the future.
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Trusted teacher: I am offering tutoring in History and looking for tutees from Primary school to upper Secondary school students and also looking for tutees for Spanish at any age range. As bilingual British National who grew up in Madrid in an International British School: King's College Madrid, I have been speaking, listening and writing in Spanish from an early age. I have experience in being able to switch between languages effectively and I find it easy to engage in conversation in both Spanish and English. I have also had previous experience in teaching English to Spanish students for which I believe the skills are transferrable to teaching Spanish to English students. During the sessions, I would help with completing grammar exercises as well as work on conversational topics in order to provide a wider range of vocabulary to help with oral as well as written exams. I believe it is important to set exercises and tests during the sessions so I can figure out the main difficulties that the student has in writing in Spanish in order to tackle these problems and help the student. I am outgoing, patient and eager to help students build up their confidence in being able to comfortably speak a foreign language (Spanish) as well as build on their grammar and knowledge of Spanish culture. As well as this, I have recently graduated from The University of Kent where I obtained a 1st Class Honours in my degree. The degree covered a wide range of IGCSE and A level History topics including International History between World Wars as well as American, Russian, African, Indian and Spanish history during the 20th Century. With this, the sessions will consist of providing greater knowledge to the study of History, not only focusing on learning facts, but mainly the significance behind them in leading to other events and the analytical process comparing and contrasting certain viewpoints in order to provide two sides of an argument. My teaching style, therefore, involves following exam structures and working out the key features of writing history essays, as well as setting writing exercises to prepare for exams with the short time available to write said essays. I understand the difficulties that exist for GCSE and A-Level History students and I believe my experience will help to push students to understand the main points to work on when preparing for an essay or exam.
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Learn Spanish and Latin American culture (Geneva)
Excellent teacher with a wide range of different learning methods. He makes every lesson super interesting, engaging and tailor made to your needs and interests. Especially for adults I can highly recommend him. His lessons are very effective. If you want to learn quickly and professionally, but with fun, he should be your choice.
IB Higher Level Biology and Chemistry. GCSE Level Biology and Chemistry.
Very good! The session was adjusted to the needs of the student and it was easy to ask questions. Very well structured and goal oriented. Super good at explaining tings in depth but also outlining. I got loads of useful revision and exam tips. She definitely knows the curriculum well. Very kind and passionate as well.
Review by VIKTORIA
International Baccalaureate English, Grade 3 - DP2 (IB) (Maastricht)
Elme is wonderful and very articulate! My daughter finds her teaching very helpful in analyzing and writing up her assignments.
Review by TARA