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2 yoga teachers in Gland

Trusted teacher: Harmony and balance are proving increasingly difficult to maintain against the rhythms imposed by the norms of our modern societies. Some external factors (traumas, unbalanced diet, various excesses ...) or internal ones (stress, excitations, diseases ...) will affect your energy circulation or compromise it, thus causing various disorders (psychological, physiological, mental, sexual, emotional ...) that will in turn deteriorate the circulation on other routes and other plans ... Fortunately each culture bequeathed exercises and practices preventive and / or curative, intended to effectively counteract these disorders of the circulation of the "internal flow" and restore quickly his balance. Benefit, too, from the many benefits offered by the ancient energetic medicines, during our "harmonizing evenings". It is by comparing different medicinal traditions and various yogas, their actions, their indications and contraindications, that this flexible and pleasant sequence of simple movements was created, then tested successfully on the pupils of Pascal de Clermont. These techniques called "harmonizing movements" (or "Harmonizing for simplification") will contribute to a very clear improvement of your state of well-being by optimizing your natural faculties of self-healing. Adapted to each participant, these movements, gentle, smooth and smooth, can be beneficial at any age. Whatever your current state of flexibility or rigidity, they will be an excellent source of evolution and relaxation (physical and mental) and will enhance your well-being, improve your sleep, and restore your personal harmony.
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I'm Jennifer, a genuine, professional and friendly certified Yoga instructor, and I'm offering private beginner to intermediate yoga lessons and therapeutic yoga lessons. Now is the perfect time to begin your yoga practice! Have you ever thought you can't do yoga, and made up an excuse or provided a reason: - I am not flexible enough - I am not coordinated enough - I am not athletic - I have an injury - I don't have time - I don't know how to get started - I don't have the right body type or age - The classes intimidate me I can assure you that you have everything you need to begin a fantastic yoga practice that will benefit you immensely! And to walk into a class knowing exactly what to expect and how to maneuver comfortably in a class! I will work with you to create a one-on-one class to start, especially catered to your unique needs- whether it be body type, flexibility, time constraints, injury, etc. Before you know it you will learn what it is to do yoga on your own and will feel comfortable knowing what to expect if and when you choose to take on a class. Yoga need not be a daunting task. It is totally achievable within your busy lifestyle to make a healthful difference. Find out more about how working together today can benefit you by starting today! After Introductory Class, lessons are in packages to allow for accumulative learning and progression- duration based on your needs and interests. Classes will be taught in English and this is also an opportunity to practice English. Teaching from New York City - Eastern Time/ US hours.
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English, Portuguese, French & Spanish (Internationally Certified Language Teacher) (Ixelles-Elsene)
It is never easy to find a good language teacher, who is professional, but also flexible enough to meet the student’s individual needs. Juliana is a fantastic teacher, whose experience, knowledge, understanding and patience creates the perfect atmosphere for improving one’s language skills at all levels. Juliana’s flexibility and adaptation to – the sometimes hectic - availability of students is also very rare and exemplary. Moreover, her extensive world-view/experience helps to maintain conversations with students in any particular subject. Having language courses with Juliana is highly recommended.
Review by LEVENTE
Private Yoga Sessions- taught in English. ONLINE Classes. (Paris)
Megan taught my Mother of 88 years her first yoga lesson ever. My Mother reported that she thoroughly enjoyed it and thought Megan was a super teacher. She also stated that Megan is an exceptionally kind and thoughtful person which made the lesson doubly enjoyable. She is looking forward to her next lesson and learning more.
Review by PENELOPE
Is your back aching? Let's practice Yoga for Back Pain
So good with our kids (ages 9 and 7) and she had these cute cards that helped illustrate the yoga poses to try out. Very patient and fun. We signed up for a bunch more sessions.
Review by AARON