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Recently Posted Private Classes

Spanish course - Lausanne and surroundings (teenagers and adults)
Native of Spanish, I offer a course of initiation on the Spanish language for the teenagers and adults French or English, by treating the basic notions of grammar, phonetics and Spanish vocabulary, and also of the notions of the Hispanic culture.

English, Italian and French tutoring and tutoring
I am here to help you if you have difficulties in English, Italian and French, whether in grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation. I can prepare you for knowledge tests, exercises, etc. I am in my second year at the gym, my level of English is B2-C1, Italian B2 and French is my mother tongue.

Qualified English teacher. Private English prep classes. A1-C1
I am a certified English teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience in a variety of subjects in English and Spanish, with children, teenagers and adults in different countries. I am also a Cambridge English Assessment specialist, and I offer high-quality preparation classes for the Cambridge exams. Consequently, we will work in full detail on the type of test and I will give you the language tools you need to succeed! My lessons will be taught mainly with digital material, and there will always be time to practice each language skill along with grammar.

Business English, Conversational English, IELTS, TOEFL
I evaluate each student's performance based on the established guidelines. Before entering the virtual classroom I source relevant lesson material creating helpful visual aids to manage the students in the activities, allowing easier bite-size information to aid learning of the new language points. I make efficient and effective use of the tools provided to me to write and draw on the material. I also adhere to the teaching flow: Engagement with the students, introducing the new language focal points, conducting thorough study activities, and activating the new language areas via various fluency activities to achieve the lesson objectives. As I interact with the student, I will correct his pronunciation and grammar. If the student makes a grammar mistake, I will send both the incorrect and correct sentences in the chat box to demonstrate correct usage. By the end of each activity, I will relay back to the student providing positive feedback and encouragement regarding their performance. I have also completed many training webinars on teaching online and using up-to-date teaching software. I’ve completed various training about different teaching methodologies on how to arouse the student's interest in the class; this has been most valuable for me in my continuous improvement as an online teacher.

French courses all levels by French native
Hello, I am a 27 year old French woman who has just moved to Zurich. I have just arrived from China where I worked for a large French company specializing in renewable energies. During my year in China, I gave French and English lessons to children from 4 to 10 years old. I am a very pedagogical person and passionate about the language of Molière. I have traveled all over the world but if you ask me where I come from, I will answer you like Camus that "my homeland is the French language". I read every day to escape and enrich my vocabulary. We will be able to discuss various subjects related to the economy, sociology, literature, cinema ... I will do everything to improve your level of French. Laura

Math and French Course 5th-11th Harmos
I mainly offer tutoring courses in mathematics and / or French 5th to 11th harmos. I also offer French classes for adults. I graduated from EPFL in Computer Science and worked for a school support school.

Business English courses in business. General and Business English.
General English for daily communication, Business English for communication in the middle of business. Specific skills: presentations, negotiations, sales, reception etc. • My English speaking experience: over 20 years. • My target audience: companies and employees of companies of any size. • My method: intensive, a program of 60 lessons is enough for a complete level. • My communication: positive, encouraging, I believe in you and your abilities. • My strengths: Business English (Master in International Business Development and Master in Marketing), Business Development Experience.

Interactive Biology classes for Children and adults
I am specialized in Biology. I have got a master degree in Life Science from the University of Toulouse in France and a Bachelor in Biology. I have private tutoring experience in different countries for Eglish speaking students from the age of 4 to 20. I believe learning is only interesting and possible through an interactive and designed program. My methodology allows students to be fully engaged in the lessons and learn without noticing the process. I make the lessons as more practical as possible so, this way, students challenge themselves and seek the solutions with enthusiasm. My passion is to inspire students to carry on with this subject for the further education in their future life. I can help the students with homework or doing experiments during their free time. I am looking forward to receiving your request and start a great course with you or your children. Regards Samiience in different countries for Eglish speaking students from the age of 4 to 20. I believe learning is only interesting and possible through an interactive and designed program. My methodology allows students to be fully engaged in the lessons and learn without noticing the process. I make the lessons as more practical as possible so, this way, students challenge themselves and seek the solutions with enthusiasm. I am looking forward to receiving your request and start a great course with you or your children. Regards Sami

Help with homework to see according to the subject and the needs of course
I am available for homework help. For subjects and course levels, I suggest you write to me since it will be easier for you to discuss. I am also quite diverse for schedules, I have various schedules

Maths, German, French, English, test preparation for these subjects
In terms of language support courses I would help you with grammar, sentence structure and I could give you advice on how to learn these languages, preparation for testing will also be supported. For maths, I could help you with your homework, practice the tests, and explain the theory points you did not understand.

German: Grammar - Vocabulary and Conversation
My mother tongue is German and I studied German for 13 years. Early on, I gave support classes to students at my school. I have three children to whom I have taught German in such a way that they are now fully bilingual (whether spoken, written or reading) and I have recently started giving courses to students (primary school, cycle, college, university) wishing to learn German or simply improve their level of German. I personalize my teaching method according to the pupil and we agree together on the structure of the course: - either you ask me concrete questions or ask me to explain some grammatical rules to you, which I gladly do by preparing small revision sheets that will help you remember what you are doing in class! - either we start at your current level and we walk together, step by step, to increase your knowledge, your mastery and your ease (thanks to exercises, theoretical parts and of course, by talking with you in German to get used to and make you a complete bilingual) - we can also do only conversation to expand your vocabulary and have a more fluid communication

English and Turkish lessons for beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced levels
I specialize in tutoring urkish and English for school and for the daily life speaking, writing skills and language exams. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports.

Leçon d'espagnol avec professeure native, tous niveaux.
onjour, je suis une fille espagnol qui vien d'arriver en Suisse et je cherche donner des cours d'espagnol. J'ai mon bachelor en langue et littérature espagnole et quelques ans d'expériènce en tant que professeure d'espagnol. Je suis à votre disposition et pensez que le rol d'un professeur de langue c'est plutôt de guider l'étudiant. S'il y a un d'intérêt l'apprentissage est assuré.

Business English — learning how to communicate in English in the corporate world.
BUSINESS JOURNEYS: CHOOSE YOUR DESTINATION Every learning experience is part of your life’s journey. Whether you need to communicate in English in marketing or sales, in finance or facilities, or as a personal assistant or project manager, together we will plan your itinerary for a Business English Journey that will ensure you have the best language learning experience and further your career. Below is an example of the: BUSINESS JOURNEY: MARKETING THE JOURNEY Every learning experience is part of your life’s journey. Together, we will plan an English Language Marketing Journey itinerary that ensures you have the best and most comprehensive language learning experience. THE DESTINATION Students will be presented with a series of language learning opportunities, exercises, and situations designed to equip them with a thorough grasp of the language used in business and marketing. LANGUAGE ATTRACTIONS This Journey will visit the language areas required to understand, communicate, and discuss key marketing concepts and how they are presented in modern business situations. — What is marketing? — What is integrated marketing communication? — Identifying market channels and understanding logistics. — Do you understand branding? — Utilising marketing information and research, segmentation, positioning, and targeting. — How to prepare, present, and critique a marketing strategy. — How to read and use consumer behaviour, and set pricing strategy. —Ethical questions. WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS JOURNEY People already involved in or have a track record of marketing management and understand how marketing fits into and interacts with their organisational environment. Students will be required to work effectively in the classroom as an individual and as a team member. WHERE TIS JOURNEY WILL TAKE YOU Students will learn to master the English language skills and vocabulary to: — Analyse and critique marketing case studies, including their own company’s. — How to conduct a marketing campaign and present it to clients and stakeholders. — Master the language of persuasion and negotiation. — Facilitate and run meetings. DURATION The course comprises ten units each of one hour. (Total: 10 hours)

French tutoring course (spelling, grammar, conjugation)
This support course is intended for young and old who want to learn French but face the difficulties of language (conjugation, grammar, spelling). In this course, I will give you tips to understand the different subtleties that make the beauty of the language to help you overcome your difficulties (even if they can make you crazy, I agree!), So that the French has no more secrets for you! I will help you move at your own pace so that you learn for yourself and be proud of what you have accomplished. I will be at your disposal to answer your questions, there are no stupid questions! Jennifer, currently in HES Social Work

School support in English, French and German in Lausanne
School support for English (I am bilingual thanks to a 3 year stay in the United States), German (I studied for 3 years in bilingual at the University of Friborg and I got the Goethe- Zertifikat B2) and French (mother tongue). For all levels, except German where I prefer not to teach after high school.

Student-assistant in mathematics: accompaniment and tutoring
I am a 3rd year student at EPFL, and assistant to several professors in different mathematical fields (vector analysis, complex analysis, statistics and probability). I am also a champion of several mathematical competitions and passionate about pedagogy (I am developing a mathematical educational application based on gaming and entertainment).

Math and Physics by Engineering PhD student (EN/IT)
Hello, I am an Italian Biomedical Engineer, graduated from the Polytehnic of Turin in 2018; I recently moved to Lausanne in order to do my PhD and I am offering help in Math, Physics, and of course Italian. During my Master's years, I had the opportunity to gain some tutoring experience, varying from 10 to 17 years old students. I usually try to concord my method with the student, in order to better suit everyone's preferences. Unfortunately, I still can't speak french, so lessons will be in english or italian (that's good if you study english or italian :).

Course for Commercial Employees - Professional Maturity + CFC
I graduated as a business employee (Maturité and CFC) from Lycée Jean-Piaget and offers courses for students following this training. The courses are: Mathematics, French, German (oral), English, Financial Management, Business Economics, Political Economy For students in their final year, exam preparation.

Student support course (primary and orientation cycle)
I propose to give lessons of support for the pupils of 1st to 11th Harmos in different branches (French, maths, German, English ...) in order to help them, to support in their homeworks and to explain to them what they have not understood in class if they have difficulties. I am currently a student at the Haute école in pedagogy.

Math, Analysis, Algebra, Probability, SAT Prep Tutoring
I specialize in tutoring math as I have been doing it for several years including Bachelor and Master level. I am currently doing a PhD in the School of Computer and Communication Sciences EPFL. My other experiences include serving as assistant for some EPFL courses: Bachelor Level -- Probability, Circuit and Systems Master Level -- Information Theory, Modern Digital Communications I have a very strong background in math and I have participated in the highest form of competition, which are International Math Olympiads.