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Recently Posted Private Classes

inspiring and tailor-made singing lessons focused on the development of the singer as a whole.
HOLISTIC SINGING TEACHING - THE VOICE LINKED TO SELF choice of songs and vocal development in accordance with chosen formula, objectives and needs Your voice, spoken and sung, echoes your identity - Your voice is you. Singing is therefore a very intimate, physical, sensual, emotional act, courageous in self-expression and openness to others. My goal is for you to feel sovereign in your voice, in the broadest sense. Together we are therefore going to meet her, explore what could restrain her and find the strategies to allow her to develop and you with, naturally and freely in the joy of singing. You will therefore have access at all times to your soundtracks and your courses, in order to review tips, exercises, tools and theory as if you were taking several lessons per week. You will become the actor of your progress which will be fast and solid, Your singing skills and your repertoire will inevitably grow along with your pleasure of singing and your confidence. CROSS-GENRE TEACHING - BECAUSE YOUR VOICE IS AT THE CROSS-GENDER OF ALL MUSIC A cross-genre teaching promotes a generic and exhaustive application of the principles of vocal anatomy, physiology and acoustics, unlike traditional teaching, whose cleavages between the specificities of so-called classical genres - choral, lyrical or operatic singing - and modern - pop, rock, jazz, musicals etc ... limit the field of exploration. Your voice is a unique and intelligent instrument, capable of producing a multitude of qualities of sounds and timbres, of evolving according to your range and of coordinating complex respiratory and laryngeal muscular work. Your voice remains unique, however. She has found a more or less comfortable genre of predilection, in accordance with your anatomy, your family, musical and linguistic culture. A cross-gender education will allow you to use laryngeal, acoustic and respiratory mechanisms specific to one gender or another, in order to - develop your natural palette find out what kind of music your instrument flourishes best in explore various vocal qualities, laryngeal and acoustic balances and stylistic effects to serve above all the song you are working on dare other forms of singing such as - Musical, Pop, Rock or Jazz, Classical or Opera PHYSIOLOGICAL AND ACOUSTIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE VOICE Learn to master the tools of healthy and comfortable vocal production. With a regular practice of exercises based on the latest research in performance psychology, physiological and acoustic sciences of the voice and in respiratory coordination, you will know- eliminate breaks in your voice playing with your larynx, vocal cords, vocal tract, and articulators improve your stamina and vocal health effectively manage your breath sing with more power without ruining your vocal cords increase your range

Piano Lessons at home / Klavierunterricht zu Hause
Classical pianist, Bachelor of Arts student (piano), Musik-Akademie. I have been teaching in four different languages (German, English, French, and Italian) for several years now to students with a wide variety of backgrounds, in private lessons. I adapt myself to the student in order to help him/her to progress and work as pleasantly and efficiently as possible, respecting his/her personality and desires. I approach a wide repertoire, which I choose with my students. Do not hesitate to contact me on Apprentus for any further information.

SAXOPHONE LESSONS FOR ALL LEVELS! Qualified and experienced teacher
Hello! I am Bera, graduated from the Haute École de Musique de Lausanne (Master Concert-Interpretation, Master in Instrumental Pedagogy) at the Amsterdam Conservatory, at the Bordeaux Conservatory (DEM) and the Argentinian University of the Arts (Bachelor and Master) I offer Saxophone (Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Soprano) or Piano lessons. Technique and repertoire on various styles (Classic, Contemporary, Rock, Funk, Folklore, Tango). Children and adults. If you are interested in music in general, I also offer approach workshops, working on listening, analyzing, reading and improvising. Lessons in Lausanne, Payerne, Bex, Chavornay / Travel possible. Loan of instruments possible. Languages: French, Spanish, English, Italian, Galician. Contact me on Apprentus for more information!

Qualified and experienced sports coach for personalized lessons
"Know how to do it on your own and you will go far" - This is my motto. Want to move and get in shape? It's here ^^ Here is what I offer you: - Fat burning - Abs-Cuisses-Glutes - Muscle strengthening - Specific sports preparation (before a competition / for a particular sport) - Aerobox Your advantages: - 1st lesson offered - Attractive and stable price - Personalized follow-up - No need for a fitness subscription or purchase of equipment Put on your outfit now and get to work! See you soon !

Russian language with a Russian for everyone!
If you want to learn this beautiful language of Pushkin and Dostoyevsky or to deepen your knowledge, I am here to guide you in this great adventure! Being Russian myself and having learned several languages independently, I would be delighted to share my techniques with you to be able to speak this magnificent language. You won't need to have your own material as I make copies of my own books for you. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

Private lyrical singing lessons for professionals, amateurs and beginners
TEACHER of singing since 2006 at the University of Music and Dramatic Art of Stuttgart - Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Dartsellende Kunst Stuttgart, CANTATRICE on the international stages, I teach singing according to the Italian belcanto school, of which Manuel Garcia and Mathilde Marchesi are the reference representatives and through the awareness of the body according to the method of Iyengar yoga. To professional singers: I bring my experience as a singer when it comes to choosing your repertoire for auditions or learning a new role, by making you work on the technique, style, interpretation, diction in the original language of the piece (I am quadrilingual French-German-English-Italian and have notions of Spanish and Czech and Russian), presentation, stress management through breathing exercises ... For young singers wishing to join a University of Music in Switzerland or in Europe: I prepare you for the entrance exams by giving you the good bases of vocal technique and by choosing a program adapted to the requirements of the different schools and to your abilities. Beginners and experienced amateurs are both welcome: Being an empathetic person and experienced in teaching singing, I will easily adapt to your level and help you progress through targeted work that will reveal your abilities.

Guitar lessons (electric, jazz, classical, ukulele)
My course adapts according to your desires and needs, the goal being above all to fuel the flame that made you want to make music! Guidelines: - Understand what we do and the logic of the instrument, to become independent - Learn the basics in a solid way, then do what you want with them (scales, chords, rhythms, phrasing, etc.) - Develop good agility on the instrument in order to be able to play what you would like technically - Work on sound, learn to adjust your equipment, use effects pedals ... - improvise - And much more! I offer varied songs adapted to your level and remain totally open to your suggestions. I also strongly encourage you to develop your own projects and will be happy to coach you with your group!

Kristine Solli
Trombone and music theory lessons in Bern with professional musician
Did you always want to learn trombone? Or do you want to improve your skills? I teach with a strong focus on basics and the joy of playing. You’ll learn how to improve faster and become the best version of yourself. With my experience in the classical world as well as the jazz/pop world, I can be flexible with the repertoire and the styles. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together. I am available for lessons in both tenor and bass trombone. I have played in professional orchestras in Scandinavia and Switzerland, as well as touring around Europe many times a year. I have also done my fair share of jazz playing, for example in the Swiss jazz orchestra. I have had excellent coaching and I am very excited to do teaching myself.

Epfl preparation course or tutoring.
Going back to higher education is a difficult stage that requires a lot of work. Having completed my first year of study in mechanical engineering at epfz, I know these challenges and wish to prepare students as well as possible in order to arrive with confidence. I can give courses on the subject taught or simply give advice on the organization and structure of work. I can also give lessons at other school levels, obviously adapting my teaching to each one.

Violin lessons in Bern and region and Bern for all ages!
Graduated from a Master's degree at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne and currently studying for a Master's degree in Pedagogy at the Haute Ecole des Arts in Bern, I teach violin and / or music theory at all levels and for all ages! If you want to start the violin, if your child wants to try it, don't hesitate! Whether you are a beginner or not, I guide you and adapt to your level, the repertoire you like and the time you want to devote to it, so that it is always a pleasure! The violin lessons can be accompanied by a supplement in music theory.

Academic support and homework help by college student.
Student in 3rd year of college offers academic support and homework help. I want to accompany the homework in order to make this moment pleasant by making the subjects not / little understood, understood. I can help a child in primary school, students in the orientation cycle (all subjects) and 1st year college subjects. (to be specified) I helped an 8-year-old boy during the 2019-2020 school year.

English - All levels and individual needs catered for.
Friendly, Experienced English Teacher (Native English speaker). My teaching method is individually prepared to suit your needs and objectives. Prior to, and during our first meeting, we will discuss your objectives and plan the best approach. I will prepare a bespoke set of lessons for you. I pride myself on supporting students and making them feel at ease, building confidence in their progression in English.

Flute for beginners and advanced, children and adults
Do you want to learn to play the flute? Or have you been playing for a few years and want to go one step further with your instrument? The course is open to both beginners and advanced learners. I have a classical education and can pass on the basics of this music. But the repertoire is not limited in classical music: if you feel like playing improvisation, jazz, folk, film or world music, you can do it in this course too.

Learn French & English efficiently /Preparation to TOEIC
French is a beautiful language but the first thing you will learn is "each rule has an exception". I am a native french speaker and I met a lot of cross-culturl people with years of french studies background not able to speak french properly. I propose you to teach you french with a context according to your needs, background and personality! Let me help you unlock your french level quickly! English is now mandatory, it is not a cool option to have on you CV. You are expected to be able to speak it fluently. It has been now 2 year that I am studying and working abroad in english (handling the english for the job environment, study and personal one). I also get my TOEIC with 975/990. If you want to make progress in english for a test or for another are of yourlife/job I can help you!

German, English, support courses and support for HP / Hyperactive children
Hello, I offer structured lessons to learn German and English efficiently and quickly and am also available for homework help. I also offer my help to children with HP, hyperactive or attention disorders.

school support all levels! Maths and Physics to the gym.
Ingenieur- Master in biomedical. I give tutoring courses from university (about 20 years of experience) and in several countries (France, Canada, Vietnam and Switzerland). If you are in trouble or if you simply need support for pedagogy or other do not hesitate to trust me. My goal is to advance the student without overburdening him. I am listening to my students and am able to stop a course if I feel tired or tired, or if he needs to speak, he can help me understand the problems.

I help your child with his homework in a relaxed but serious atmosphere.
hello, my name is Margaux and I am 17 years old. I am in the second year of general culture and want to help children with their homework or to prepare for a test in a relaxed but serious atmosphere. I love helping others, that's why I offer my course. My goal is for the child to come out of class happy to have learned new things and to understand everything I say without hesitating to ask all the questions that come to mind.

Fun, enjoyable and effective music/flute lessons from 3yrs on!
Hi there! :) I'm Pija, a professional flute player and teacher, sharing the passion for music since I was little and teaching the flute, recorder, chamber music and school bands now for the 10th year. Some of the pupils are wining the highest places on the competitions, while the others are nurturing and maintaining their love for music in amateur groups – classical or/and other genres. My goal is to educate in breadth, to search and develop a “voice” and ideas of each individual. Therefore, we will find the suitable repertoire together, through which you will improve, will be challenged and most importantly enjoy and have fun! Due to my various interests, extra specialisations and experiences, I can offer music/flute lessons for the little ones, starting at age 3. Through various music games we will learn songs, rhythm, improvisation and many other things in a fun an easy way. The latter is an excellent preparation for learning an instrument in later stage.

English at all levels with multilingual and foreign language teacher
Polyglot and English teacher at all levels, bachelor's and master's degree in applied linguistics, more than 7 years of teaching experience of all age groups. I offer English lessons at your place or at my place (Veigy-Foncenex).

18-year-old student gives support lessons in French, maths, German, English, Spanish, Latin, homework help
My name is Tanja, I am 18 years old and I have just obtained my gymnasium maturity. Having always had an easy time at school, I offer support courses in French, math, German, English, Latin and Spanish, subjects that I have always mastered well, to primary / secondary / first year students gymnasiale, in the region of Nyon (Vaud). I have been helping elementary and secondary students for 3 years now.

English and French private lessons and homework help and preparation for quizzes and exams.
Retired graduate teacher offers individualized pedagogy, assistance in preparing for questions and exams. I help my students progress without overloading them. I help them with their homework. I make sure that after each lesson the objectives are reached.