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Recently Posted Private Classes

Support in all subjects of compulsory school level
I am ready to provide concrete support in subjects taught at compulsory school level. More particularly in French, Mathematics and English. I am a student prior to the Master of Law at the University of Neuchâtel and would be delighted to devote a little of my time to tutoring for students in difficulty.

Learn the culture and language of Classical Music - Violin
Would you like to start learning the violin or develop your existing skills? Do you want to enter a music school, a conservatory or even study at the Haute Ecole de Musique? So here you are, I'm ready to help you right away! I am an open, warm and supportive person who will try to make the most of each lesson and never give up! I would like to share with you my knowledge of the instrument, how to play and how to make your dream come true, whether it's just to play your favorite tunes on the violin or aiming to enter a conservatory or even a Haute Ecole de Musique and wishing to become a professional violinist. I am currently studying at the Lausanne Haute Ecole de Musique in Bachelor and I take advantage of it every day. I love teaching and bringing my knowledge to others! I have had a few private students and I would love to expand my teaching skills with more students!

Klavierunterricht in Zurich
Ich bin Natia. Pianistin, studiere derzeit Master Music Performance an der ZHdK. Ich würde gerne Menschen jeden Alters unterrichten. Klassische Musik, Pop, Jazz usw. Ich unterrichte seit meinem 16. Lebensjahr und habe daher viel Erfahrung auf diesem Gebiet. Ich spreche Englisch, Russisch, Georgisch und ein bisschen Deutsch. Bei Interesse können Sie mich gerne kontaktieren. Ich kann entweder bei mir oder bei Schülern unterrichten

Private lessons in accounting, economics and law
I adapt according to the student's request. I suggest solutions. I illustrate accounting with examples that I was able to acquire during my year at Nestlé in accounting. I explain very simply. I did my secondary school in VP, so I know very well the subjects studied. Then the gymnasium in business school. Now, I am studying high school in International Business Management.

Course for learning Italian-French - science
Graduated in Biology and in the process of studying to become a teacher, I offer Biology, Italian and French courses for adults and children with the use of alternative and functional methods tested by my experience. My goal is to advance the student without overloading him. I give homework after each lesson and periodically provide progress reports.

Guitar lessons in Montreux, teaching adapted to all levels
I have a tenth of a year of experience in music education in French-speaking Switzerland as well as training as a Master of Pedagogy. I offer a simple, effective teaching adapted to any level.

English (schools, university, exams, IELTS, TOEFL)
I studied in an international high school in English for 6 years. I have taught English in various institutes in levels until C2 is the advanced level. I can help you learn English from 0 to 100 in different age groups and with different knowledge. I can also prepare students for the IELTS and TOEFL exams in speaking, grammar, reading and listening. with different types of teaching methods. I can also teach British English, focusing more on the British accent and the way I speak and write. I can also teach English in Persian and German.

+25 d'Expérience en Communication & Marketing Digital, je vous aide à maîtriser les outils du digital pour promouvoir votre business
Nous analyserons ensemble votre problématique, créerons une "carte de route" et définirons vos objectifs. Nos séances se feront préférablement par Skype, mais mon bureau vous est ouvert si vous le désirez. Je m'adapte à votre manière d'apprendre et de travailler. J'adore enseigner, c'est une passion. J'ai plus de 25 ans d'expérience dans la communication et le marketing. Depuis presque 15 ans suis devenue experte en marketing et communication digitale. J'ai dirigé ma propre agence à Genève pendant 10 ans et donné des cours de marketing/communication/relations publiques/ digitale dans les écoles spécialisée (Bachelor & Masters) en marketing en Suisse (Polycom, CREA, SAWI, ESM).

Homework help, tutoring and private lessons for the different subjects studied at the gymnasium
I am currently in my first year of medicine at the University of Lausanne. Having a Matura gymnasiale de Saint-Maurice in Italian, I offer to help you with your homework from compulsory school to college and to help you in case of difficulties in certain branches. My main method is to give leads so that the student can successfully find the solution alone and so that he is confident.

Spanish lessons easy and simple with a native speaker!
Classes are based on the creation of environments that allow the student to use what they have learned in a language context in a simple and practical way. Every class is based on the level and goal of each student. I am a german student at LSI Zurich, I am a native Spanish speaker and I offer Spanish classes at any level. I have experience teaching Spanish at individual and group classes. I have books, videos, and audios that will allow you to learn and improve your Spanish skills. I will be glad to help improve your Spanish! Price can be flexible depending on the number of classes taken. Contact me for more information. Natalia

Juan Manuel
Guitar lessons / singing lessons / music theory
Classes enjoyable and appropriate to the level and knowledge of each student respecting their personal interests. Introduction to musical theory, classical and Latin American guitar, various genres, vocal education and singing. Experience in primary schools and in home classes.

Turkish teacher gives Turkish lessons in Lausanne
I teach Turkish lessons in Lausanne. I speak English, Russian and a little French. My mother tongue is Turkish. I speak Russian very well and English very well. I speak French a little. I use a fairly technical Turkish method but I adapt for those who want to learn that oral language.

Piano and music theory lessons for beginners at home
I have been playing the piano since childhood and it is a real passion. I hope to be able to pass this pleasure on to future students so that they too can discover the magic of music! Having followed piano lessons at the Popular Conservatory of Geneva for 10 years, I wish to be able to transmit my knowledge and my experience. The course will be divided into 3 parts; the first which consists of warming up the fingers with small exercises to develop the technique. Then do some sight reading, and finally learn a new song. Obviously, this is not necessarily a procedure to follow. I don't have a precise method, I think it is important to adapt to the student and to focus on his difficulties and on what he is interested in.

Private lessons in Mathematics, Chemistry and Sciences in general (up to the Gymnasium)
Hello, my name is Quentin and I am studying Environmental Sciences and Engineering at EPFL. I offer private lessons in science, especially in Mathematics and Chemistry, for students going to the gymnasium. I can also, if necessary, help in other subjects, such as French or Biology. My goal is to advance my students, to make them love Science and to help them organize their lessons.

Corso di lingua italiana , e introduzione alla cultura italiana per i piú curiosi :)
Ho studiato lettere a Pisa, ho due programmi diversi in base a quello che gli alunni prediligono. Un programma in cui faccio intensivamente grammatica , comprensione e parlato e un secondo corso dove faccio sempre grammatica , comprensione e parlato , ma allo stesso tempo introduco il modo di pensare in Italia , la musica , la poesia , il vero modo di sentire in italiano :)

ETH student offers math, physics lessons in Zurich or online
student in master of high energy physics (diploma shared between paris and Zurich), having been received at the Ecole Polytechnique for the first year and currently student in last year at ETH. I had the opportunity to be a salaried tutor at the polytechnic school for physics lessons for undergraduate students. Thanks to my demanding training, I teach math and physics for students with a level up to the license. I can do homework help or test preparation. The exact course is to be defined with the student.

Singing lessons by professional lyric singer
Lyrical singer, mezzo-soprano, holder of a bachelor in classical singing from the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne. I am currently in Master of singing pedagogy. I have been teaching singing for several years happily while having my concert projects in parallel. If you are eager to discover and tame the instrument in you or if you have been singing for some time, do not hesitate to contact me. My students have between 12, for the youngest and 80, for the dean. Some begin, others have been singing for many years. I adapt to different profiles. Hope to meet you :)

Private lessons in economics and law, mathematics, French and English
Course adapted to your needs. I am currently learning banking so economics is totally my domain. Having to work with a foreign clientele also, I practice English on a daily basis. French being my native language, it is not a problem for me to understand and help. As for mathematics, it will depend on the level requested.

Chess lessons for all ages (private or group)
Grand Master International, French Champion and Master Coach of the International Chess Federation, I invite you to discover the wonders of chess. The game of chess goes through the centuries and still retains all its attractiveness. Contrary to popular belief, even the computer has not managed to lift all its mysteries. The benefits of learning are numerous and for everyone. It helps to develop concentration, sharpen attention, reinforce logical thinking and the ability to analyze complex situations. I will make you benefit from my pedagogical experience (over 20 years) forged during my classes for children, seniors, beginners or advanced players or people requiring an adapted approach.

Private lessons in Maths, Sciences, History and Economics
I am a former founder and director of a school support organization helping the students of an international French high school. For several years, I accompanied just under a hundred children and adolescents mainly in math, economics, history, geography, physics, biology and English. I offer fun coaching based on teachers' expectations and methods. I adapt to the needs of my students so that they can flourish and achieve their goals.

Piano and Music, Beginner and Intermediate (In English or French)
I have taught beginner and intermediate piano for many years. I focus on the individuality of each student, try to bring them to understand the basics of the piano and music theory. Depending on the age, level and interest this can take many forms. My interest for teaching comes from my own passion for music and my love of sharing this passion.