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Recently Posted Private Classes

History - Geography - French - English - Biology - Mathematics
Holder of a master's degree in history and currently a doctoral student in history in Geneva, I am available for support courses at primary and secondary level in many subjects (history, geography, French, English, general culture). Before embarking on literary studies, I was in medicine for three years, so I could also help you in science (biology, mathematics, physics-chemistry). Alongside my doctorate, I am working on supported studies in secondary school at the Institut Florimont. If you are at a university level, I can help you with your research and writing (French correction, methodology, argumentation, etc.). Thank you and see you soon : )

Jérémie David
Graduated musician offers guitar lessons. Personalized method suitable for all ages and levels.
- ABOUT THE COURSES - The courses are aimed at all levels. Whether you have never touched a guitar or want to deepen your technical or theoretical knowledge, my teaching method adapts to your expectations in order to best accompany you throughout your learning. Depending on the student's wishes, I also teach music production (computer-assisted music), as well as composition and arrangement - ABOUT THE PROF - Professional musician with more than 10 years of experience, I specialize in contemporary music, with an orientation in rock and blues derivatives. The atmosphere of my classes aims to be benevolent and relaxed, and I will listen to your needs in order to accompany you as best as possible. From 2010, I took private guitar lessons at the BBM74 music school in Neuchâtel, with which I took part in several tours in the region. In 2013 I formed a Rock n 'Roll trio from the 50s and 60s, with which we scoured concert halls, festivals, bars, and private parties throughout French-speaking Switzerland. In 2018, I decided to go to England for 3 years where I obtained a Bachelor at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, and joined various live and studio projects. I had the opportunity to study all aspects of modern music with renowned teachers and musicians such as Martin Goulding (Guitar Techniques, Total Guitar, Guitar World) or Nate Williams (Jamiroquai). I am also a composer for films and other media, disciplines that I studied with Audrey Riley (Muse, Coldplay, Foo Fighters). It is on the strength of these many experiences that I offer you a holistic method allowing you to acquire the essential skills you will need, whatever your pretensions and your projects.

Electric bass lessons for musicians of all levels and backgrounds
The electric bass is a wonderful musical instrument serving as a rhythmic and harmonic support for a group. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, advanced musician or just want to discuss musical concepts (advanced or not) and their practical application, my course is structured to hold account of your wishes and desires to allow you to reveal your full potential in a multitude of styles while studying in detail the playing techniques associated with it. Purely theoretical courses are also possible.

English and Urdu Language, Social Studies, and General Homework
I have one year experience as a secondary school teacher, specialising in English, Urdu, History, Sociology & Anthropology. I have a passion for working with and supporting school students of all ages to learn, and have experience supporting those with learning difficulties.

Support courses, Homework help or French as a foreign language course
My rich experience allows me to adapt to each student and meet their own needs. My objective is to guide him in the acquisition of his knowledge by providing him with a methodology and techniques so that he becomes autonomous. The goal is for the student to be an actor in his learning.

Violin and viola lessons for children, teenagers and adults.
Violin and viola for beginners, advanced and professionals. Also preparation for entrance exams and competitions. «You can demonstrate high education by knowing how to explain the most complicated things in a simple way (George Bernard Shaw). There is always time to start something new or to relive something that used to make you happy! For me, being able to play an instrument is the ability that is naturally achieved through passion, commitment, imagination and patience. Learn to play the violin or viola in a pleasant atmosphere and at your own pace. No matter what level you bring - whether complete beginner, advanced or professional - I am happy to be your instrumentalist.

Support lessons, tutoring in math, French, English, science
Currently a student in Biology at the University of Friborg, I propose to give support courses in math, French, English and sciences. The course is based on the material seen in class by the student and on the student's course material (books, workbooks, cards, ...), I answer his questions and help him solve the difficulties encountered in class, doing homework, etc. I come to the student's home where I can also give lessons by webcam!

Chanteur lyrique professionnel, diplômé à l'HEMU de Lausanne, et professeur et coach passionné de nombreux genres de chant, je vous propose des cours de chant afin de maîtriser votre respiration, votre posture et votre diction, à travers le style musical que vous aimez. Le chant doit être avant tout un acte naturel. Ensemble on peut explorer la technique vocale, la fonction du corps par rapport le chant et une libération et l'expression de soi. Mes cours seront personnalisés selon votre expérience, votre voix unique, vos besoins techniques, ainsi que vos objectifs et passions. Nous ferons toujours des exercices adaptés à votre chemin personnel, ainsi qu'une exploration des répertoires qui correspondent à votre voix. Venez découvrir le premier instrument qui était jamais crée ! Je suis ravi de vous enseigner, soit en ligne, soit à mon studio à Neuchâtel. N'hésitez pas de me contacter aussi si vous voulez que je vienne chez vous, et nous pouvons en discuter. Au plaisir de faire votre connaissance. Christian

Homework Help, School Support (All Levels: Primary to Secondary II)
According to the homework given, I adapt my lessons. Thus, the needs of the student are my priority and I take into account the motivation and difficulties that they may feel. I am able to help with homework for almost any subject. Once the homework is finished, it will then be a question of working on points for which the student has more difficulty. Depending on the needs and motivation, I can adapt my teaching methods by adopting more fun or more creative learning methods.

Piano Lessons / Klavierstunden: Let’s try and have fun :)
Music: five letters attempting to express an inexpressible art beauty. As an extremely passionate musician, I would love to convey to my students the beautiful feelings given by the music. I am a Piano Maestro, graduated in Italy. There, I had the honour of performing and attending many events, concerts as well as multiple advanced Masterclasses with great musical exponents in the world-music panorama. My Piano lessons will be specifically built on the needs and characteristics of each of my students, with a serious and dedicated approach. I would like to offer lessons to people of all ages: children, teens and adults which can appreciate music as much as I do. What are you waiting for? Let’s try and have fun :)

learning Chinese online/offline; group booking possible
Whether you are trying to improve your Chinese skills for studying in China, working in a Chinese-speaking space, making friends, understanding the culture or just fun, I'm here to help you:) As a native speaker, a language teacher and a linguistic student, I will work out a study plan with you that is most suitable and efficient.

Alonzo Cardenas
Music class. Guitar lessons, musical initiation, rhythm. Lute lessons, early music.
Learn music and guitar in a fun way. Specialty in Latin American music. Didactic method based on imitation and mindfulness. Improvisation and music theory integrated into the practice. Baroque music and old instruments. Teacher with years of teaching experience

Private Cello Lesson for Children, Teenager's and Adults
I offer private cello lessons ranging in all ages and from beginner to advance levels. I can travel to your house or offer lessons online. I am fluent in both English and French. I am a current Masters of Performance student at l'HEMU with Prof. Xavier Phillips. I have previously completed my Bachelor of Music at the Cleveland Institute of Music 18' under the studio of Dr. Melissa Kraut, where I also became Suzuki certified for pre-twinkle to Book 2. I have also been a student of Hans Jorgen Jensen, Wei Yu, Andres Diaz and John Kadz. Over the last ten years I have gained teaching along with performance experience in Toronto, Calgary, Cleveland and Chicago, working with some of the top teachers and pedagogues in North America. Along with performing across Canada and the United States, I have been invited to take part in orchestras across the world such as Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (Germany), Pacific Music Festival (Japan), American Institute of Musical Studies (Austria) and National Repertory Orchestra (Colorado, USA). I have taught all ages

German lessons for individuals or in small groups. Passionate teacher of German kindergarten.
Passionate about teaching, pedagogue, dynamic, attentive, endowed with excellent communication and strongly loving to transmit my knowledge, I am keenly animated by education and I therefore do everything in my power to captivate the class and to offer a rich education to my students.

Violin lesson and music theory for all ages (also lessons online)
The professional violin teacher offers private lessons in Engadine, Ticino or online! I'm an Russian professional violinist graduated in conservatorio della Svizzera italiana in Lugano. I teach children and adults from beginner to advanced level. I can help to improve violin skills and choose the repertoire from classical to modern music. I have experience more than 6 years, I speak english, Russian and Italian languages. EDUCATION - -Bachelor in Moscow Gnessins Academy -Master in Music Performance Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, Lugano -Master of Advanced Studies Conservatorio della Svizzera ltaliana, Lugano

Yoga 🧘‍♀️For all age groups, fitness and Badminton classes for Beginners. As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical
Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures, meaning your Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar and Power Yoga classes are all Hatha Yoga. The word “hatha” can be translated two ways: as “willful” or “forceful,” or the yoga of activity, and as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance. Fitness Class Exercise is physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning the body. Exercise consists of cardiovascular conditioning, strength and resistance training, and flexibility.

I am Swiss-American, having lived in Brazil, Colombia and Germany, I give live language lessons, private or in groups.
I give lessons in 5 different languages, my main goal being to make people love the language, by giving varied, fun and adapted lessons to each student. I take into account the needs and desire of this one and prepare my lessons accordingly. I am very open-minded, including writing, speaking, reading, games, and exercises of all kinds in order to respect everyone's needs. I am also always available to answer questions at any time!

Violin lessons in Geneva and Annemasse (music theory included)
I am Portuguese and I have a violin diploma obtained in 2015. In 2018 I continued my studies at the Haute École de Musique in Lausanne and currently I am doing my Masters in concert, with Ilya Gringolts I have experience mainly teaching children (individual or in groups) by meeting the specific needs of each student according to his level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. I am a very patient and open person with creative methods of cultivating motivation and love for music. My teaching method is simple and demanding because I want the best for my students and the method also depends on the goal of each student. I also help with the preparation of competitions and exams in music schools. I teach in the canton of Geneva (at home in Annemasse or with students).

American English course (C1 Cambridge obtained in 2017)
English is a key that opens many professional doors. I can teach you how to study it for better results, discuss formally or informally and how to write in a professional context. For those who are preparing for an exam we can quickly determine together the essential objectives to acquire and make a schedule of what there are skills to work for your success. In this course you will learn how to improve yourself, fill in certain gaps and gain self-confidence.

Chromatic accordion lessons for all ages and levels
Are you fascinated by the accordion and would like to learn it yourself? I give chromatic accordion lessons in Lausanne, for all ages and all levels. I studied classical music and jazz and I am open to all styles of music. I will also gladly teach you to improvise, to accompany and to compose. I have a long teaching experience thanks to private students and my activity at the music school in Olten. Write to me without obligation for a lesson. I teach in French, German and English. I look forward to accompanying you on your musical journey!

French, mathematics, English, German, geography lessons
Aged 23 and currently in the third year of a Bachelor of Geography and Science and the Environment at the University of Friborg, I would like to share my experience and my knowledge with you. I offer support courses in French, English, mathematics, geography or even German. I am ready to come home, to teach at a distance or to meet somewhere (libraries, cafes, etc.).