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Recently Posted Private Classes

Learn to play flute and/or piano with me! (Querflöte, transverse flute)
Discover your musical potential with customized flute and piano lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced players! As a student in the Höchschüle für Musik Basel, I offer in-home music lessons for all ages and levels. My goals in teaching is to most importantly enjoy music and the process of learning, provide students with necessary exercises and repertoire, and also have a focus on improving technique! :)

María Luisa
Saxophone lessons and music theory – for all levels.
Are you thinking about learning saxophone? Or maybe you can play saxophone and want to improve your playing? My name is Malu, saxophone player and teacher from Spain. I studied my Bachelor in Zaragoza (Spain), and then moved to Switzerland to study my Master. From September I will start a Master in Contemporary Music at HSLU. In the field of teaching I have 3 years of experience in Spain: I used to teach saxophone and theory in music schools and I also used to give private lessons. I consider myself very open when it comes to teach: I like to personalize my teaching depending on the student’s level, goals and tastes, although I always remain confidently when it comes to the playing technique! I’ve worked with both children and adults of different levels and also different styles of music. My main goal is always for the students to develop their creativity! I love when a student is curious and lively and challenges me to know better how music and my instrument works. I like to introduce improvisation in the lessons My schedule is pretty flexible, please write me to discuss the times. I offer my lessons in Spanish or English, although I am becoming more confident in German. Lessons can be at your place or at HSLU.

Arabic lessons! (Fusha and Jordanian/Palestinian dialect)
Hello! As I used to be a language student myself, I know as well as anyone how hard (and sometimes boring) learning a new language can be... but the good news is that I will make it fun and easy for you to learn Arabic. I teach spoken Arabic (standard and slang) to beginners and intermediate students. We will focus on the 4 necessary skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – through a variety of activities such as listening to songs, watching videos, reading stories, taking outings and much more. For more information please contact me!

Double Bass Lessons || Children and Adults || All levels
My lessons are always tailored to the needs of my students. I constantly care about their well-being, treat their smallest successes as my own, and strive to convey my passion for music and the double bass in the best possible way during our lessons. I am very happy to share my many years of experience with others.

Violin, Flute and Solfeggio lessons
VIOLIN: My lessons cover several aspects necessary for good violin playing and free musical expression: healthy body posture, stable technique, attentive listening, musicality, personal development. It is from these notions that the quality of sound, intonation, bowing technique, technical skill, expression, and many others arise. I also give importance to well-being, self-confidence, or other abilities that the student would like to acquire. TRANSVERSE FLUTE: My lessons cover several aspects necessary for good playing of the transverse flute and free musical expression: healthy body posture, stable technique, attentive listening, musicality, personal development. It is from these notions that the quality of sound, digital and respiratory technique, intonation, expression, and many others arise. I also give importance to well-being, self-confidence, or other abilities that the student would like to acquire. SOLFÈGE: My courses cover several aspects necessary for the successful learning of music theory: strategies for recognizing intervals, chords and rhythms and their executions, singing, musical indications, exercises, attentive listening, musicality. These aspects are essential to instrumental practice, because they first allow you to correctly read a score, then analyze and interpret it.

English lessons by experienced teacher - Beginner (A1) to advanced (C2)
Academic support - Exam preparation - Refresher - Business English. I am professional and adapt to your request. Teacher in Geneva public school (secondary I and II) for more than 10 years. Master of Literature, Linguistics, and Anglo-Saxon Culture (University of Geneva) Master in Language Teaching (IUFE)

Maths, Physics Classes. Support for Exam Preparation or Homework in Geneve. Currently doing Bachelors in Physics. 1 class free trial.
As a current bachelors physics student i know the stuggle of not understanding maths and physics, that why I think i will be able to help you surpass this barriers and finally understand the concepts. I trully believe that to fully learn a concept you have to understand it, and that is how i orient my classes. Instead of memorizing concepts, grasping how to use them and how to apply them to excell academically. -Classes of Math for school practice or exams at any level. -Classes of Physics at any level. -Preparation for exam -Help with homework I can teach in English and Spanish. My level of French is still progressing.

Photographic Techniques (Analogue - Digital)
Graduating student in Bachelor of Photography at Ecal offers a course on basic photographic tools (technique, thinking about framing, starting a project, developing your own visual language, editing images). Starting from the basics of photographic technique (diaphragm, time, ISO), the course aims to master the photographic tool in the service of personal expression. Choice of framing, composition, mastery of natural and artificial light (continuous and flash), shots in the studio and in the open air, choice of images, creation of a series, finalization and printing. Theme: portrait, landscape and still life. Techniques: Small, medium and large film format (black and white / color; manual development [b / w and color]) Digital SLR format (shooting; editing with Bridge; Digital development with Camera Raw / Photoshop)

Musical theory or/and practice of flute and piano.
I'm an ex musical student and i come from a 8 years long training, of all the major branches of the subject. I can give an understanding of the musical score and consequential reading of musical pieces to play, after learning, with flute or keyboard(piano). The musical composition is to be divided in classical composition with counterpoints and all it's restricted rules, or the way it is conceived today, wich would mostly be understanding of the whole package of Music.. through experiencing the art of creation with software like sibelius, flstudio or reaper. if you have other needs in the field ask anytime

Experienced Teacher Offering English Classes for All Ages and Levels
Are you looking to improve your English skills or start learning the language from scratch? Join my dynamic and interactive English classes, designed for students of all ages and levels. As an experienced teacher, I provide personalized lessons tailored to your unique needs and goals. Why Join My Classes? 1. Customized Learning Plans: Each lesson is tailored to fit your individual learning style and objectives, ensuring you make the most out of every class. 2. Engaging and Fun: My classes are filled with interactive activities, games, and real-life scenarios to make learning enjoyable and practical. 3. Comprehensive Curriculum: Improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills with a well-rounded approach that covers all aspects of the English language. 4. Flexible Scheduling: Convenient class times that fit your busy schedule, with options for one-on-one or small group sessions. 5. Supportive Environment: Learn in a positive and encouraging atmosphere where your progress and confidence are the top priorities. Experienced Instruction: Benefit from my extensive teaching experience and proven methods that have helped students from various backgrounds achieve their language goals. Whether you are preparing for exams, enhancing your career prospects, or simply wanting to travel with ease, my English classes will help you succeed. Join us and start your journey to mastering English today!

Trompetenunterricht / Trumpet lessons / trumpet lesson
Trompetenunterricht für Anfänger od. Fortgeschritten. Geeignet auch für Erwachsene, die nicht zur Musikschule können ... Wir trains im Unterricht auf 3 Ebenen: Musik, Technik & Mental. Das Prinzip ist: Singen mit Luft. Bin flexibel und hilfsbereit.

Support course through homework help for CO students
Currently a student at the Collège du Sud, I am continuing my education to obtain my high school diploma, with the prospect of becoming a teacher. I study scientific branches; mathematics and physics, , as well as languages (French as mother tongue, English for 8 years and German for 10 years), history, geography and art as the main branch. I am particularly comfortable in mathematics, French and English which I use daily. Indeed, caring for others as well as supporting those in need has always been something natural for me which pushed my interest in international politics, thus, I attended two national sessions of the European Youth Parliament (Switzerland and Belgian). These experiences allowed me to develop my oral and written skills in English as well as collaborative work. Listening and endowed with an undeniable patience, I feel completely competent to give private lessons, or tutoring which requires follow-up and support for your children's homework. I greatly appreciate sharing and adapt to each student to provide them with the best possible help in a good mood. Serious and motivated, I am available immediately and would be happy to help your child.

French, English, physics, chemistry, earth sciences and life
During these courses, it is above all an academic reinforcement to allow you to acquire the basics in each of the subjects. If the basics are already acquired we can go further to aim to obtain a higher mark during your exams

Individual or Group Classes for children (8-17 years) and adults
I am an independent English teacher and I can tailor the courses according to your needs. In the first lesson we will discuss your expectations and needs and progress accordingly. The courses will be interactive and activity based so that you can learn actively.

Professional Swimming courses in all ages and all levels.
Hello everyone, give classes for my passion and love ,im a former super league waterpolo player and I have 10 years of teaching experience from 2 months infants till +65 years. I'm giving swimming courses from beginner to advanced level and for all ages. I hold a bachelor's and master's diplomas in sports. I started swimming at the age of 8 and 22 years of swimming experience will help you to learn swimming in a fun and easy way and be proud of you :) Contact me for more info and for availability. The courses are held at your pool!! Courses are in Lausanne, Morges and arounds... See you soon, NAYER

I offer singing lessons for children or adults in Geneva
I offer private lessons in lyrical singing and vocal technique in Geneva. These lessons can be suitable for beginners (children or adults) to discover their voice and know how to express themselves with it! The courses can also be aimed at people with a more advanced level to continue training or deepen technical points. I adapt to each student according to their age, their background and their objectives or desires! I obtained my musical studies diploma, as well as my improvement prize, and I am currently pursuing a master's degree in singing with a specialty in pedagogy at the HEM in Geneva. I also have a master's degree in harp concert from the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève.

Private boxing lessons, learn the noble art
Hello, being a professional boxer and also a coach, I make myself available for private coaching sessions. With 18 years of boxing under my belt, I am able to share my knowledge with you. Whether you have a beginner, intermediate or competitive level, I could give you that little extra that you are looking for. Do not hesitate to contact me if necessary 😉

Music lessons at home, method with or WITHOUT SOLFÈGE
🎼 **Professional Music Lessons - Excellence at Home** 🎼 1. **Early Musical Training:** Introduced to music at the age of 5, my musical journey is shaped by an early passion and commitment to excellence. 2. **Instrumental Versatility:** Mastering five instruments, I offer you varied and in-depth musical expertise to meet your specific needs. 3. **Training by a Renowned Musician:** Guided by a renowned musician, my teaching is imbued with artistic rigor and a high level of excellence. 4. **Notable Collaborations in the Music Industry:** My experience working alongside contemporary industry professionals ensures a current and informed approach to every lesson. 5. **Unique Teaching Method:** Inventor of a fun and accessible method, I offer musical learning adapted to all levels, with or without music theory. 6. **Collaborations with Renowned Artists:** My collaborations with inspiring artists enrich your learning by adding an artistic and creative dimension. 7. **Home Mobility:** Enjoy professional lessons from the comfort of your home, guaranteeing optimal immersion in musical learning. Book a lesson now and discover how my passion for music can enrich your artistic journey. 🎶🎹

Private lessons in science, math, French and English for schoolchildren and gymnasium students
My goal is not only to support a motivated student in order to improve their results, but also to make them want to overcome their difficulties by approaching them in a didactic, progressive and human way. Holder of a Master's degree in Medical Biology from the University of Lausanne, I have several experiences in research as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Several months of stay in the United Kingdom as well as a predominantly English-speaking university course and work environment allowed me to perfectly master this language. I offer my support at different levels thanks to my training and professions: Mandatory school : - All scientific subjects (biology, chemistry, mathematics) - English (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, oral and written communication) - French (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, oral and written communication) - If necessary, support in another branch can be discussed upon prior request. Gymnasium: - All levels of biology - English (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, oral and written communication) - French (literary analysis, dissertation) - If necessary, support in another branch can be discussed upon prior request. The lesson can be given at home or in any other quiet public place if this will facilitate the learning process.

~ Individual piano lessons for all ages and levels ~
Hello, I’m Elene, a 25-year-old pianist from Georgia. I offer personalized piano lessons designed to cater to your unique level, experience, and age. Here’s what you can expect: • Comprehensive Learning: You'll master both piano playing and music theory, tailored specifically to your individual needs. • Enjoyable Experience: Dive into the music genres and styles you love, learning to perform with confidence and joy. • Performance Opportunities: Participate in organized concerts where you can showcase your favorite pieces and enjoy performances by others. I'm Looking forward to hearing from you!

Manuel Kevin
Courses for each subject until the end of the orientation cycle
My course offers a diverse experience, including French, mathematics, science, history, foreign languages, physical education, visual arts and music. I aim to enrich your academic, creative and physical skills to prepare you for the future.