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15 singing teachers in Lausanne

Trusted teacher: Passionate about teaching, it seems to me essential that learning music is fun, motivating and rewarding! In June 2019, I obtained a master's degree in singing pedagogy at the Lausanne University of Music. This course taught me a lot about voice and pedagogy, and confirmed my love for teaching! Whether you are beginner or confirmed; whether you know how to read music or not; whether you want to sing opera or musical; whatever your age: do not hesitate to contact me, I would be delighted to make you (re) discover your voice! How is a singing class going? The first half of the course is usually dedicated to the work of breathing, essential for singing, and vocalizations necessary for a good technical work (we will address the questions of placement of voice, support, resonance, treble ...) The second part of the course is devoted to one or more pieces. It is about applying the technical elements, but also, through the work of the repertoire, to develop your own musical personality ... and especially to make you happy! My journey : I have been teaching for about ten years now. I first started in Paris, with a small group of 3 students. Then, thanks to word-of-mouth, the circle widened to about fifteen students, in solfeggio, lyric singing and singing variety. I then gave private lessons during my years of study in Basel. Adult singers, children apprentice pianists: again, I had students from many different backgrounds and ages. I know how to adapt! :) For two years I live in Lausanne, I teach every day, and it is again very varied: children and adults at once in singing, piano and solfège! My background has also allowed me to conduct choirs, and to give group singing lessons. Since September 2018, I am also a teacher of musical initiation in a school in Cugy.
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Jules - Lausanne$101
Trusted teacher: How to learn to sing? To sing just and well? To answer these complex questions, I was interested in phonatory mechanisms, with speech therapists and phoniatres, I studied singing with a dozen singing teachers, I participated in many Masterclasses and trained myself in different institutions: first at the conservatories of Vaulx-en-Velin and Mâcon, then at the Regional Conservatory of Montpellier, and finally at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne where I am currently studying with Leontina Vaduva. It is first of all through passion that I want to convey what I have learned. This is felt, according to the words of my students, in my way of teaching which reconciles the rigor of art and the pleasure of singing. In my pedagogical approach, I clearly separate the vocal technique and the art of singing, that is to say the management of an objective mechanism, physical and physiological, of sound production (articulation of the language, management of the pressures subglottic and supra-glottic to achieve a pneumo-phono-resonantial balance), and the shaping of this sound to achieve musical beauty (make a beautiful "legato" line, tempo variations, nuances, etc.). ). When I start with a new student, I first make a diagnosis to determine the range of the voice, the level of resonantial passages, and check the health of the larynx (tonicity, endurance, flexibility). The typical course begins with vocal technique exercises and ends with the work of a musical piece. I adapt my course according to the needs of each one (for example, I can start with a Feldenkreis or Alexander technique exercise, relaxation, breath, or a physical warm-up), but also according to the desires and tastes of the student (the technical part will last more or less long). Considering that the stage is important for personal fulfillment and to set goals in music, I propose to my students to participate in the auditions and group lessons of the music school where I work in Lutry.
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Trusted teacher: Program Developing your voice, your ear, controlling your breath, improving your posture and gaining self-confidence: singing is certainly one of the most complete musical fields. By singing, the artist opens completely, he strips himself of all artifice and shares with his public an intimate moment, in the greatest honesty. Objectives and skills The singing lessons allow to develop the voice pose, the development of the artistic personality, the vocal technique and the development of the voice through various styles. Learn to master the head voice, chest voice and mixed voice as well as the various types of voice: belting, saturated voice, falsetto, ... in order to be comfortable in the different styles. The body plays a central role in the singing technique. Thus, bodily and sensory work in space and, for some, the development of bodily presence on stage, are themes addressed during the lessons. We will also work on the ear, the accuracy and the improvement of the rhythm, as well as improvisation and song creation for advanced students who want it. With Apolline, music theory is integrated into the instrument lesson, sparingly and in a manner consistent with the subject studied by the child. Thus, theory sticks to practice and becomes digestible and interesting. Learning music with Apolline How to leave the usually rigid framework of the first years of musical learning that is found in most schools in Switzerland? Based in Lausanne, Apolline has a different philosophy. Rather than offering children and adolescents to learn in individual lessons, lessons in small groups - from 2 to 3 students, depending on the instrument - are highlighted. Working in a group offers many advantages to beginners or inexperienced students. Apolline offers her students the possibility of joining a group workshop, in addition to the basic instrument course, so that they can play with other musicians of their age. Accompanied by a teacher, they will learn to play in groups, through covers or their own compositions.
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Singing lessons by teacher with Master / 20 years of experience (Watermael-Boitsfort)
I have already learned so much useful exercices in only two lessons with Elena that I can barely keep up my own workout on the side between courses! It is dense lessons where you learn many things in a methodic way, and yet she still manages to get me to relax in no more than 5 minutes, even after a tough day of work. She has a cheerful and gentle personnality, I'm making progress, and it's strictly good times!
Review by PIERRE
Gesangsunterricht - singing lessons - via Skype - erfahrene Gesangslehrerin - experienced vocalcoach (Berlin)
Martha is a wonderful teacher! She is experienced, professional, patient, motivated and creative. She easily adapts to the student's level and tailors each lesson to the student's individual needs. Her teaching approach is creative and effective and it is apparent that Martha enjoys teaching. I would recommend Martha to anyone who is looking for singing lessons or vocal training!
Review by PETRA
Songwriter & Graduate Voice Coach teaches singing, composition and music theory in and around Brussels. (Saint-Gilles)
I've been a few times to her lessons and I like it very much. She says when there is something you could do better and helps you to get better. She is super energetic a nice to talk with. I recommend her to everyone who wants to take serious singing lessons or just to have a nice time with a nice person. I surely will keep going to her lessons!
Review by SARA