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Lawrence - Berlin60€
Voice (music) · Singing · Acting
Trusted teacher: 🎶 Unleash Your Voice: Tailored Singing Lessons for You 🎶 Our singing lessons are tailored to fit your needs. Whether you're a seasoned vocalist or a shower singer, we've got you covered. Professional voice users like teachers, public speakers, and actors will discover new grounds to explore, while non-professional music lovers seeking artistic expression will find their space for artistic growth and self-expression. In our sessions, your independence is the goal. You'll find the perfect harmony between theory, practical exercises, and active listening. By laying a rock-solid foundation in voice physiology, breath control, resonance, and clear articulation, you'll sing not just with your voice, but with your whole body. Plus, we're big on mindfulness and body awareness. You should feel as good as you sound. Do you have a favorite music genre? Great! We'll dive into the musical styles that you love. Whether you want to learn the disciplined technique of classical opera, the heart-pounding beats of pop, the rich depths of jazz, or the raw energy of rock, we're here to help you navigate and master the genres you love most. It's not just about hitting the right notes. Our most important goal is finding your unique voice. And don't worry if you hit a wrong note or two. Making mistakes is welcome here because they're the stepping stones to getting better. We cheer for every 'oops' because each one is a step towards 'wow'. If you want to improve your listening skills and knowledge of music theory, we can help with that, along with vocal training. Our lessons can also help you develop a wider range of musical skills. This includes active listening, which is a key part of our teaching philosophy. You'll learn to appreciate the finer details in music, from the rhythm of the bass to the emotional phrasing of the guitar. Our approach is all about getting into the musical texture and feeling the emotional essence and complex layers of your favorite song. But our offerings don't end there. If you want to learn to read sheet music or chord tabs, we can help. We'll equip you with the tools to navigate melodies and harmonies independently. Embrace the music as a whole and let every note guide your voice to new expressive realms. 🌟 Ready to Start? Book Your Sessions Now 🌟 Remember, all music starts because someone has a story to tell. Take the stage or go through life with confidence and a soundtrack. Your voice, your emotions, and your stories can get together in a powerful performance. We make singing personal - it's your heart, your voice, and your narrative unfolding through music. Come as you are, with all your quirks, your laughter, your shyness, or your boundless chatter. We're a community where every voice is honored. Let's get started on your journey.
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Personalized Vocal Lessons for All Ages and Skill Levels (Munich)
As a beginner, I was really nervous about starting vocal lessons, but Lana has made me feel comfortable, even when I was nervous in the beginning. She is incredibly patient and created a welcoming, fun environment that makes learning so enjoyable. Even in just a few lessons, I've noticed huge improvements in my voice and confidence. She explains everything clearly and always encourages me to keep pushing myself. If you're new to singing and looking for someone who can guide you with expertise and kindness, I couldn't recommend a better vocal coach!
Review by ANA
Free your voice! Holistic singing lessons from experienced teacher and Herbalist 🍀 (Berlin)
Atalya has a very special presence that gives so much safety to open up to start singing. I feel so inspired by the class and Atalya’s generosity and loving presence. Truly a teacher that loves what she does and cares deeply about her students. I came home with new tools and motivation to practice. I feel very grateful for our lesson and will definitely be continuing!! Can recommend to anyone wishing to start singing in a safe, knowledgable and caring space.
Review by NIINA
Find Your Voice in Prenzlauer Berg - Berlin: Comprehensive Singing Lessons with Your Personal Needs (Prenzlauer Berg)
I so enjoyed my class with Deborah! Immediately from when I first went in, I felt very comfortable. It was a really fun session, we went through different songs that I like, for her to get a feeling for my voice. She also already gave me some really helpful advice, which I can already feel the difference in how much power I have in my voice! I am really looking forward to my future sessions with her.
Review by ESIN