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Cécile - Bagnolet51€
Trusted teacher: Singing lessons and vocal coaching online or at the singing teacher (M ° Gallieni Line 3). I have been a singing teacher at Cours Florent for 5 years, also vocal coach for Disneyland Paris shows and in private lessons (pro or amateur). State Graduate (Richard Cross School Vocal Trainer Diploma). Coach of various professional or amateur artists for more than ten years (all styles, from rap to R&B, from songs to electronics, including everything related to current music. My classes are for everyone: singers and / or musicians, professional or amateur singer-songwriters, preparation for auditions / castings, all ages are welcome. Voice work in all current musical repertoires (except lyrical). I can accompany you on the piano, or we can work on your instruments, various accompaniments, karaoke. Rap welcome (I have more and more rappers / slammers, we do a lot of work on the flow, the implementation of breaths, rhythmic settings, intelligibility of the text etc.) all this is easily worked when you know how! Being also a singer-songwriter and pianist, I can help you develop your compositions, your songs, place the tonic accents where needed, teach you to accompany yourself on the piano itself :-) work on the interpretation of songs of course. Prepare your studio sessions (and / or accompany you there if necessary), your concerts, your rehearsals ... Give you the tips to avoid getting tired, and know how to repair your voice when you have strained too much, and especially learn to project your voice without hurting yourself, etc. In short, to provide you with solid and essential foundations for singing healthily (without hurting yourself!) And freely !! For distance learning courses (if you prefer, I have been doing it very fluently, especially for a year, and also with my students abroad), as long as you have a computer, go (or a smartphone)! In short I will tell you everything you need to know to free your voice! The difference between "vocal coaching" and "singing lessons" is that I take the singer, the actor, the actress, the rapper in the vocal state he / she enters, and I take it and take it where he / she wants to go, with the repertoire you choose, which can be yours (songwriter), or whatever you choose or I can help you choose according to your range and your musical tastes of course. I do "with" you, with what you are, with what you bring to me as "raw material"! There is always something to improve, whatever your level at the start! :) It can also be just a moment for you, just for the sake of singing better, whatever you want! Singing is life! Fluent English (with French accent ;-)
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Leo - Nantes35€
Trusted teacher: Hello, I am a specialized composer guitarist (classical, folk dreadnote, electric bodies and jazz) and guitar teacher in Nantes and around (St Nazaire). Course location: At home or at the student's place (to be assessed together). I am a self-taught musician with more than 25 years of experience (national and various scenes as well as studio guitarist). This course adapts to the demand to the extent of the student's involvement (all levels). - Approach and installation of pieces of the student's choice (International variety, folk, rock, jazz ...). - Installation of rock or Blues riffs. - Method of learning the fretboard: The Octaves / The major scale applied to the 15 tones by succession of ascending fourths and descending fifths or cycle of fifths / the order of flats and sharps. - Work on scales: Pentatonic, (arpeggios / modes), scales with limited transposition. - Work with metronome (different uses). - Introduction to music theory and development. - Initiation and work on classical works (ancient and contemporary music). - Discovery of Jazz and contemporary standards. - Work in classic position with pedal (recommended). I pay particular attention to trying to unravel what prevents the student from playing or developing. I am therefore used to preparing my lessons by personal work on the elevation of the state of life so as to be able to include that of the student and open up new capacities or perspectives of mutual listening. The development of the ear goes through a certain personal introspection that I work to awaken. in conclusion, what matters most to me is that the student leaves the course happier than at the beginning. Create desire, targeted personal encouragement ... Creation of values = development. :)
Guitar · Singing · Bass guitar
Vocal Coaching is based on understanding and functioning of the body (respiratory mechanics, awakening the ear and vocal cords) but also surpassing oneself: discover techniques allowing you to instill emotion and authenticity to your interpretations! Personalized coaching, training support, summary sheets of the pedagogy applied in the session. Accompanied by a pedagogy adapted to your musical preferences, your objectives as well as your level (from beginner to intermediate) you will only have to deploy your creativity! The sessions take place in a professional and soundproofed studio in order to guarantee you the best possible experience (has an elevator and is located near the station and the freedom stop, 3 surrounding car parks) Musical CV: Professional musical practice (Multi-instrumentalist: guitar, vocals, bass, percussions, MAO) Musician Lecturer in musical initiation / awakening at the Town Hall of Toulon and Aix-en-Provence (2012) Guitar teacher at the ICM (Institute of Music Culture) since 2013 Guitar teacher / Vocal Coach / MAO at Allegro Musique since 2016 Creation in 2017 of a teaching and production structure in Toulon: Le Corbeau d'Argent Stage experience + studio (album produced in 2013 by Manu Digital of the renowned European group: Babylon Circus) Double single "Goodbye Miss Robinson" (April 2016) - Folk / Rock Single 'Freak from the Sea "(November 2019) - Pop / Funk Producer EP "Nec Plus Ultra" (2020) - Pop Double single "The Walker" + "Outside" (2021) - Pop-Rock
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Graduated opera singer from France, Finland and England. 9 years experience in teaching Jazz/pop/opera/music history/speech therapy (Mauves-sur-Loire)
Manon is a very warm person that made me feel comfortable from the first minute we met. You can see from her teaching skills that she is well educated and trained and that she really loves what she is doing. In terms of the lesson she was very organised but at the same time fully flexible and ready to adjust to my skills and background so we could only move forward. Even from the first lesson, you can trust her. I highly recommend her as a teacher! :)
Piano special beginners passionate !! Experienced teacher Graduate of State and CNSMD (Paris)
Charles has been a great teacher for me to re-learn piano from having not played since I was a child. He has a good methodology and well combines learning theory along with playing.
Review by KATHLEEN
Highly useful technique and tips! Pandora is a wonderful coach with a personalized approach. I loved my lesson and I definitely recommend her. Looking forward to our next meeting!
Review by LILY