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Géraldine - Paris35€
Trusted teacher: This course is for anyone wishing to better use their voice in a professional or personal context: - Singers, comedians, storytellers ... Singer and vocalist with a 20-year experience (Y. NOAH, KASSAV, ALLIANCE ETHNIC, MAD IN PARIS, FUGAIN, STOMY BUGSY ...) in singing, decided to share her passion for music By offering its experience and its vocal technique to people wishing to approach this beautiful discipline. My role: to detect your tensions to teach you to correct you, all this by privileging the listening of the body and the voice ... My goals in a few words: - To restore the confidence that is in you (to break the barriers) and to allow you to find the vocal well-being thanks to concrete situations in situations - Teach you how to breathe correctly in the context of the vocal gesture or the spoken voice - Give you the keys to support and support essential to the good development of your song - Help you place your voice, make it resonate - Teach you to speak distinctly without rushing by catching the attention of the audience - Allow yourself to move by expressing yourself without tension or apprehension - To accompany you in the preparation of your auditions, speeches and castings - You help to let your voice live, to lighten it - You learn to be in the fun and not that in performance - Help you get back in touch with the rhythm Specific exercises to bring you: Accuracy, stability of the voice, volume, intensity, nuances, articulation, diction, good interpretation of your song, improvisation ... Concepts: Breathing, Rhythm, Stamp, Resonances, Twang, Belting, Vibrato, Support and Support, Melisma (riffs and runs, vibes) ...
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Singing lessons: vocal technique & interpretation. For who ? How do you orient yourself in relation to your desire to sing? For all of you who want to sing, to learn, to perfect yourself. For pleasure, to improve your achievements & improve your level. To prepare a particular performance, surprise, contest, audition or examination? To have an unbiased and professional opinion on how to approach singing and manage your voice. To stop worrying with your voice: Anemia, aphonia, fear of speaking, lack of power, blown breath, hoarse or slender voice, hoarseness ... To improve the "life" of your pro instrument: Lawyer, Doctors, Speakers, Teacher of schools, Therapist ... How? The singing lessons make it possible to discover his voice and to go to the end of his possibilities. So, we also discover a little, a lot ... Through various vocal exercises, you will learn to manage your natural means, to dominate your voice, to work fully, to dose power, to manage nuances .... In order to understand the various stages of learning, we can define 3 main stages that are 3 different but complementary to vocal learning ... and as many small (!): 1 / THE PURE VOICE TECHNIQUE How to learn how to tame one's voice and the effects on the voice (contrariety, anxiety, stress, trac, panic fear, anger, fear, lack of self-confidence etc.), master the nuances & power, Stress & anxiety on the voice ... The vocal skeletal part of pure vocal technique consists of various vocal exercises called vocalisations and adapted to the level of the pupil but also to his vocal typology, which is indispensable for any future evolution and for every singer. 2 / APPLICATION OF VOICE TECHNIQUE IN THE DIRECTORY Here in this stage, the direct application of the learning of the pure technique that we have performed with vocalises and other vocal exercises as specified above. We work for (the technical part and the learning of the pieces where it is necessary to clearly refix the points of reference) to make a link between the two thus allowing a playful and concrete evolution in the song by the practice of the repertoire that one likes ! 3 / INTERPRETATION & STYLISTIC PLACEMENT & VOICE OF THE DIRECTORY At this stage, we do some finishing, even though the work in depth has only just begun and this is where several parameters are used to get there: vocal technique, musical set-up Placement with accompaniment piano etc ...), the postural and gestural management of the singer to stem the "parasites" and the precise search for style and how to stick to it at best! An exciting part that crowns & rewards, even if it's always a disciplined and structured job, the efforts provided before ... I offer singing lessons INDIVIDUAL totally personalized, adapted to your needs and objectives, playful but serious, productive & progressive to ensure also a listening to the singer, his aspirations and ambitions that he can nourish and improve the choices Artistic disciplines, while setting a mandatory work discipline to any desire for progress and success. Working directory: CHANT LYRICS (Opera, Operetta, Opera-comic), VARIETIES French & INTERNATIONALES, JAZZ, GOSPEL, RN & B, MUSICAL COMEDIES, SACRES & PROFANES CHANTS, MELODIES Françaises / LIEDS .... I can also propose to the singers / his confirmed to pro, a particular preparation & personalized of their repertoire, musical and vocal setting (with accompaniment piano), choice of the pieces, gestural work, control of the posture and intensive preparation for: COMPETITIONS, EXAMINATIONS, CASTINGS, AUDITIONS, ROLES TO BE INSTALLED ... TO HAVE A CONCRETE RESPONSE AND WORK TO SOME OF THESE QUESTIONS OR THESE "STATES", AND OF OTHER THINGS STILL, DO NOT HESITATE MORE, TELEPHONE!
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Philippe est une personne très belle. Ses cours sont très pro et structurés. Il est parfois intimidant de faire entendre sa voix, Philippe vous met à l'aise avec beaucoup de patience et de gentillesse.
Review by ANNE
cours de chant lyrique (opera) ainsi que chant variete, pop ou jazz (Annemasse)
C'était très bien, j'ai déjà beaucoup appris même si une demi heure était un peu court. :) It was really nice, I learned a lot even if half an hour is a bit too short. :)
Review by HELENE
Coaching vocal, cours de chant au STUDIO BLEU à Paris 10è ou Paris 20è ! (Paris)
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON

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