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Trusted teacher: Hello! My name is Karolina and I am a professional singer, as well as an upcoming music therapist. I studied Jazz Music at Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen and at the moment I am completing my Master studies in Music Therapy at the ArtEZ Conservatorium in Enschede, The Netherlands. I also hold a degree of the Orff Approach (Orff Schulwerk), a developmental approach used in music education, which combines music, movement, and speech and it is a great approach for children 4-8 years old. I specialize in jazz and Brazilian repertoire, but I also teach Greek folk singing. The lessons are designed according to the needs of each student. Some of the focusing areas are listed below: 1. Vocal Technique: We focus on vocal technique elements such as breath control, vocal range, the use of all registers, and timbres of your voice. The goal is to sing effortlessly. With the vocal technique, you will get the chance to explore your voice and build confidence in your voice. 2. Repertoire: Together we can build your repertoire step by step and focus on the phrasing of each style. You will choose the repertoire you like and you can always ask for advice in case you want to explore new musical styles. A great time of enjoyment during classes where you will be singing your heart out! 3. Improvisation: Vocal improvisation is a great way to explore the voice and also express your feelings. It will also boost your creativity and musicality. Specific exercises can also guide you through this process step by step and in that way we will explore vocal improvisation. FOR CHILDREN (4-8 years old): I am specialized in music education for children 4-8 years old. Using the Orff Approach children will have a great creative time for themselves where they learn music by using their whole body. Experiencing and learning music through playing! Suggested Duration for Lessons for Children: 30-45min depending on the age. I am looking forward to starting an inspiring musical journey with you! Karolina
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Trusted teacher: Two worlds I was born within two worlds, the East and the West; the folklore music of central Greece and the classical one. A major factor in the formation of my musicality comes from the tight relation of my family with Greek traditional music. However, music of any kind was always welcome at my home. Inspired by my father who is also a singer, I got involved in choir singing and started piano lessons. Opting for singing was a choice that gave me the freedom to express my mind. R’n’B & Latin At my first piano lessons, I realised how music is put on paper and the importance of it. At about the same time I started singing in the school choir of my secondary school and I kept being between the lead voices of the high school choir. That was the point where I practiced the different voice harmonies and got over my teenage reluctance by singing in front of the public. At the sweet age of 14, I developed a special interest in R’n’B and soul music. Later on, I got involved in the pop and rock scene but suddenly, Latin jazz music attracted my interest. One of the reasons I fell in love with Latin music is because I feel that each emotion is manifested at its maximum glory. Latin music is a mixture of cultures and backgrounds; it is the fusion of European harmony brought to the colonies with African rhythms like Cuban music was brought to New York. Singing as a vocal discovery I consider myself a people’s person. When teaching I have the need to welcome the student into a safe environment of acceptance where music can happen. In order for the student to let go of personal timidness, mutual trust comes with time yet is necessary. I prioritise my students’ needs; teach them the technical aspects they should know so as to develop a healthy instrument but also coach them so that they develop their taste in music. Because I have been singing various styles through my career, I believe I am quite a chameleon of styles (Latin, Brazilian, Jazz, Pop, Greek). In my lessons I find  helpful to use some mini percussion so that the singer can establish an internal metronome. I am very supportive with each individuals’ needs and goals, that is why I always make a personal profile of my students and their progress and also ask them to design their personal dream board. All in all, I always use a combo of methods and adapt at the personal needs of the student. Singing for me is always a vocal discovery and this is what I would like to help my students achieve. The essential idea is to develop a healthy instrument with which  you can express through the good and bad days. I have been studying with different teachers around the Netherlands (Codarts alumni) and Greece and during this time I have realised that learning can happen anywhere and anytime.
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Trusted teacher: Hello, My name is Irina and I have been working as a professional opera singer, singing and piano teacher, and Russian language coach for over ten years. I recently moved from London to Maastricht where I live now with my husband and our son. I studied at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and the Royal Academy of Music in London. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Opera, which is the highest qualification level (Level 8) in the UK Qualifications Framework. I performed in many prestigious venues in the UK, including Royal Albert Hall, Glyndebourne Festival Opera, Barbican, and St.Martin-in-the-Fields. I worked with Nelly Miricioiu, Jane Glover, Vladimir Jurowski, Robin Ticciati, Stéphane Denève, and many other renowned coaches and conductors. I am currently part of the Limburg Education Tour project 'Weltatem', which is a collaboration between Het Geluid Maastricht (Romy Roelofsen and Gable Roelofsen) and Kirsten Schötteldreier. Alongside my performing career, I also have been teaching singing. I am very passionate about teaching and I believe that music, whether it is listening to a concert, playing the guitar, or singing in the shower, is good for both our mental and physical well-being. It helps us to become more self-confident, find out more about how we can use our whole body as an instrument, to express and channel our feelings, and also to relax. It is never too early or late to start. Whatever your ability, aspiration, and age is, I am happy to explore with you both classical music and musical theatre. If you can learn how to use your voice properly you will be able to sing whatever and however, you want! I specialize particularly in teaching music to children. For children, I do not only teach singing but also beginners piano and basic music theory. It is very important to introduce music to the little ones from a very early age. And there are so many fun ways to learn. We discover and become little musicians through games, songs, dancing, movement, and acting. Finally, I can offer Russian language coaching for both amateur and professional singers. Before pursuing my dream of becoming an opera singer, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Translation from Voronezh State University in my home city. As a result, throughout my singing and teaching career, I have also been asked to work as a Russian language coach and repertoire coach on many occasions. I normally teach at my home and also online. On some occasions, I could travel to a student's home, by special arrangement. Lessons have to be taught online, if there are government coronavirus related restrictions in place. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
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Singing for beginners and advanced ones (jazz, soul, r&b, pop) (Rotterdam)
So far, I had three lessons with Austeja. And my experience is great, more than I could have ever expected. Austeja is very knowledgeable about music and knows how to coach singing adepts in their singing aspirations. She is very supportive, explaining step by step the ways to achieve the target, to find a right tone, to expand your talents. She helped me feel confident about singing and with every lesson, I feel more enthusiastic and more passionate about singing.
Voice lessons Pop, Jazz, Classical, from an international professional voice teacher (Utrecht)
I believe that Baiba is an amazing teacher who really sets the mood once you enter her class. She portrays professionalism and can accommodate to any character whatsoever. She has made me feel comfortable and has given me case-specific tips on how to improve my voice. It's has always been fun with her which has never come as an expense for the practical singing insights! I highly recommend you to her! :)
Review by NIKOL
international music teacher from London in Belgium (Brussels)
Adam has been giving piano lessons to my 4 year old son, introducing him to musical theory and the piano with fun and games, which have made it very enjoyable and interactive for him. I can see my son's interest in the piano growing and he looks forward to his lesson with Adam. I can recommed Adam to anyone wishing to find a good piano teacher for their children.
Review by ANDRES