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74 singing teachers in Switzerland

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Nathaje - Zug120Fr
Trusted teacher: Feeling like you're not using the full potential of your voice? I'm a certified voice teacher and I can help you with that. I am part of a worldwide voice community, The Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) and I am regularly receiving training and being tested to be the best singing teacher I can be for you. Some of the teachers in this community I am part of, teach big names of the music industry. I have learnt directly from them. That means that when we have a lesson, you will be getting the same training as stars like Brandon Flowers (The Killers), Seal, Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons), Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Brendon Urie (Panic! at the disco) many broadway artists and singers from all possible music styles have learnt with. In our lessons I will analyze your voice, define a goal for the lesson and trace a plan to achieve that goal. Then we will do vocal exercises that work almost like going to the gym, but for the muscles inside your larynx. Finally we will go through song application, and since I am also a singer/songwriter with a career of more than 10 years, I can help you with interpretation and stylistic choices. I want to help you start loving all aspects of your own voice. Working with what you have and improving what you can improve, never forgetting the most important thing which is to enjoy the experience of singing. obs: for kids under the age of 12, the lesson is less about learning the technique and more about getting familiar with music, with your voice, but in a fun and relaxing way.
Voice (music) · Singing
Trusted teacher: Passionate about teaching, it seems to me essential that learning music is fun, motivating and rewarding! In June 2019, I obtained a master's degree in singing pedagogy at the Lausanne University of Music. This course taught me a lot about voice and pedagogy, and confirmed my love for teaching! Whether you are beginner or confirmed; whether you know how to read music or not; whether you want to sing opera or musical; whatever your age: do not hesitate to contact me, I would be delighted to make you (re) discover your voice! How is a singing class going? The first half of the course is usually dedicated to the work of breathing, essential for singing, and vocalizations necessary for a good technical work (we will address the questions of placement of voice, support, resonance, treble ...) The second part of the course is devoted to one or more pieces. It is about applying the technical elements, but also, through the work of the repertoire, to develop your own musical personality ... and especially to make you happy! Regarding the repertoire: I give lessons in lyric singing and musicals. My journey : I have been teaching for about ten years now. I first started in Paris, with a small group of 3 students. Then, thanks to word-of-mouth, the circle widened to about fifteen students, in solfeggio, lyric singing and singing variety. I then gave private lessons during my years of study in Basel. Adult singers, children apprentice pianists: again, I had students from many different backgrounds and ages. I know how to adapt! :) For two years I live in Lausanne, I teach every day, and it is again very varied: children and adults at once in singing, piano and solfège! My background has also allowed me to conduct choirs, and to give group singing lessons. Since September 2018, I am also a teacher of musical initiation in a school in Cugy.
Singing · Opera
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Singing lessons for children and adults at your home (Geneva)
Albina is a wonderful teacher. I have been taking weekly lessons since November 17 and have much improved my voice and singing technique. I have definitely learned a lot. She has a good system for each lesson with various vocal exercises followed by songs of your choice. She is very flexible in her scheduling, which helps when you're faced with unpredictable workhours. Class with Albina is always one the highlights of my week!
Review by NITYA
Singing lessons with certified teacher. Improve breaks, range and power. BEE VOCAL (Zug)
I had a great connection with Nathaje which is important, especially since we started during the Pandemic and opted for online training. Nevertheless I felt completely immersed in her lesson and was comfortable throughout our session. She's an excellent teacher with patience and genuine interest in your vocal improvements.
Review by KATHLEEN
English speaking singing lessons for all voice types (Geneva)
Chloe is a great teacher. She makes you feel at home in every lesson. I have been going to her to help me with some training for a friends wedding and we have had great lessons together.
Review by JESS