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WHAT'S WAITING FOR YOU In addition to classical singing techniques, I work with embodiment in my lessons so that your voice is really connected to your body. I want to make sure that you sing healthily at all times. I pick you up where you are, address your personal wishes and ideas and accompany you on your way to your unique voice. Of course I have tips on timbres in different styles (mixed media, belting, lyrical...) and genres (musical, pop, chanson...). The focus of my lessons is on strengthening your intuition and getting to know yourself and your individual voice so that you become a confident singer. Your body needs something different every day - with me you will learn the right tools to bring you from every state into the presence you need for singing. I would also be happy to help you prepare for upcoming entrance exams. ABOUT ME I am a professional musical actress and singer-songwriter. In recent years I have appeared in musicals such as Mozart! and Schikaneder in Vienna's Raimundtheater, who played Anita Berber in BERLIN BERLIN and were allowed to create the lead role in the premiere of The Shadow Empress at the Tiroler Landestheater. In 2020 I produced my first album halb.inendlichkeit. I am happy to share my knowledge of voice & vocal technique and my stage experience with you. I also work with the technique of embodiment, which I learned as part of my physical theater training. I am convinced that singing is especially touching when it is practiced with joy and from the heart. I would like to accompany you in finding your unique voice.
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Konstantin - Vienna58€
Trusted teacher: Online singing classes for individuals and groups: stay positive, have fun and develop creatively. Professional Opera Singer, pianist, composer and soloist at Theater an der Wien, at Madrid’s Opera House and ́Teatros del Canal ́, at Bologna’s Opera House, Innsbruck and Glyndebourne festivals and at the National Music Auditoriums of Madrid and Moscow, winner of many international singing competitions and a qualified teacher at Valencia’s Conservatorio Superior de (Bachelor and Masters Degrees) offers singling, piano and Sol-Fa lessons for all styles, levels and ages! My singing lessons are structured so that students work on all the important aspects of training as a singer, starting with relaxation, breathing and vocalization exercises for technique before continuing to the repertoire agreed with the student and adapting to the style of music preferred together with student needs and objectives. Learn how to sing effortlessly and to express what you have inside! The principles of singing technique I teach are: - Simplicity and naturalness – singing as you speak - Discover your own voice – you don ́t need to imitate! - Every voice is a unique instrument - Posture, relaxation and stretching - Breathing and diaphragm strengthening - Vocalization exercises with piano - Improvisation – confidence to experiment - Aural training - Confidence building - Developing your own repertoire If you want to prepare for entrance exams for conservatories or professional music academies, for competitions, castings or auditions I can help! If you just want to have fun and experiment, I can help with that too! I teach in Spanish, English, Italian, Ukrainian and Russian.
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Trusted teacher: Dear students! My name is Mariia and I am a professional singer with a master's degree from the Kharkiv National I.-P.-Kotlyarevskyi University of Arts (Ukraine) specializing in solo singing, chamber singing and music education. I also completed a bachelor's degree in cultural studies at the National V. N. Karasin University of Kharkiv (Ukraine) because I was interested in art in all its forms since childhood and in my future professional life I will combine music and other areas of art wanted. I am now active in concert and festival life, sing in the choir of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Vienna and develop in other musical genres such as pop, musicals and rock. As a singing teacher, I have 4 years of experience teaching children, young people and adults. As a result, all of my students improved their sound and singing technique, as well as began to better understand how to interpret the pieces performed and were also able to expand their vocal range. My goal is to help students: both develop their voice and unlock their full potential. And of course have fun making music! :) I really enjoy sharing my experiences with students, regardless of their age, cultural awareness or professional background. Since I have a great theoretical background, I am very interested and excited to share my knowledge with you. Important information: - I offer individual and small group lessons both in person (preferably at your home or in a public place) and online. - No experience is required for teaching. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced user - I will find an individual approach for everyone :) - Lessons can be given in German, English or Ukrainian. - My specialization is classical singing, but there are no limits to the musical styles. Do you want both classical and, e.g. E.g., sing pop, just bring your favorite piece with you! Or will we choose together during the lesson the repertoire that suits you, suits you and exploits the full potential of your voice :) In addition, we will do vocal, breathing and speaking exercises, learn how to develop vocal coordination and the right body feeling To sing. - If you need help with your ear training, I also offer solfeggio lessons. I will also be happy to help you with music theory and harmony. - For young children aged 3 to 10, I recommend the 30 minute class as their concentration and physical development is different than adults. I look forward to making music together with you! Best regards, Maria
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Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to present to you a new revolutionary method of vocal training – organic vocal. People who learn to sing and professional singers know how difficult it is to achieve free and natural sound. After many years of study and work it often remains a dream. Many singers find a way to make sound close to natural, however one can clearly hear that it is “made”, and it is not so beautiful as a true free sound. Moreover, the singer does not feel comfortable and, most importantly, cannot fully express his or her soul while singing. Organic vocal is a revolutionizing method that gives the dream result – a free sound flowing from the soul. Seeing how many talented singers are suffering and spend their lives in futile efforts, I started my research. On top of extensive knowledge and practice in vocal (I am a professional singer since early childhood), I also decided to study medicine in a medical university, with a focus on neurosurgery. This helped me to understand the functioning of the vocal instrument and its interrelationship with the nervous system. On top of this, I studied logopaedics, which helped me to connect all this with sound production. The result of many years of work is the organic vocal – a method of working with the human body in a way that results in a free, strong and beautiful sound. I have been teaching organic vocal for 8 years by now (2017). The method gives great results already after one lesson, with voice opening even for students who never sung. Over time, the body releases all tensions and the vocal instrument returns to its original condition as it was at the birth. All people get born with perfect vocal instrument, but it gets distorted due to stress, emotions etc. Organic vocal releases all these tensions and frees up the body, so that the person can freely express him/herself. The method of organic vocal consists of several major components/phases: 1.Freeing op of the body. At this stage all muscles of the body are being freed up, including articulation apparatus. All tensions that we accumulate during our life because of stress and bad emotions are stored in our muscles, which distorts their natural way of working. Organic vocal stimulates release of these tensions. 2.Freeing up of the nervous system. Here we remove blocks from the nervous system, so that it does not generate tension in the vocal instrument and muscles of the body. 3.Re-integration of muscular and nervous systems. Work on a new connection between the freed body and the freed nervous system, so that they rediscover the natural ways of joint work. At this stage the body recovers its regenerative functions, and the singer feels much better and freer. 4.Singing and music education. Once the sound is free, we start working on voice training, so that the singer can control the voice. Moreover, musicality is being opened up. Different people have different potential level of musicality, and organic vocal allows opening the full musical potential of a person. 5.Preparation for the stage. This includes choosing correct repertoire that underlines strengths and beauty of a particular voice. Then, study of music history, of all styles, and on its basis, development of correct music interpretation. I believe organic vocal will help bring the art of singing to a qualitatively different level and will help singing art to flourish. Singing is one of the most important things on the Earth. Because the beauty of the natural human voice brings us closer to the mystery of Divine, allows us to better connect to our nature and find the sense of life. Whether you are a professional singer or just a beginner and want to open the full potential of your voice and change your life, you are at the right place here. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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Singing classes in Vienna for all age students and musical styles (Online/Offline) (Vienna)
Mrs. Denise has demonstrated passion, mastery and, above all, great versatility as a teacher. She has skillfully recaptured the spirit of a Medieval song with imaginative vocal intensity, while discussing in great detail the lyrical content, linguistic nuances, and the historical context of the song, as well as guiding me through the intricacies of the Occitan language with confidence and poise.
Review by DIANA
Voice, music and ear training for all ages and styles (Vienna)
Olivier is an amazing teacher, thanks both to his love for music and his great teaching skills. He is able to communicate very clearly, which ultimately results in a much faster and steady progress. For instance, he helped me discover a lot of possibilities, I did not know my voice had. Would 100% recommend.
Review by MAX
Aleksandra is a amazing professional opera singer who is very kind and helpful to me as a student who wants to apply for school singing auditions.She is also very encouraging and positive and tries her best to teach in a relaxing atmosphere with a big smile.She is absolutely a great teacher !
Review by SUMMER