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Improve your conversational English with a native speaker
This class is for those with a basic level of English. The focus of the class is to improve conversational English through learning useful phrases and common expressions. I am a native English speaker and will look to remove any grammatical errors from your speech. I will also help prepare you for any presentations you may need to make ensuring you are confident and well-spoken in those important moments.

Learn a New Language with Stimulating and Tailor-made Spanish & Italian Lessons
I am an experienced, qualified, native Spanish and Italian teacher with a BA Degree in "Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures” and Master's Degree in "Translation for special purposes". Starting during my undergrad years as private tutor, I have been teaching Spanish and Italian for eight years. I can prepare students for their GCSEs, A levels, University exams, revision and DELE exams. I am very enthusiastic, passionate and creative person so I always find ways to make my tutoring sessions as productive as possible, tailor-made to the student's personality and needs. I also include some fun activities like videos, games, songs, according to their interests and level. I like also offering creative programmes, according to their personal needs and curiosities (e.g. fashion, weddings, italian or spanish cooking, history, tourism, culture, etc). My Method is: -instill the love for the language you are studying -encourage and inspire you to reach your potential and find out your goals -give to you my best knowledge, tips and tricks in order to excel in speaking and writing Spanish and/or Italian

Dr Tejas
Maths, Science, SAT, 13+, Engineering, Statistics tutoring
I am PhD qualified highly experienced tutor and examiner. I have received an award for the top 3 private tutors in Oxford. Most of my students get very good result in their exams. I am friendly and patient. I have got many books and all the past exam papers. I have been teaching for over 10 years. I have taught over 1000 students. I teach students from wide age group. I have taught 11+, 13+ common entrance, Key stage 3, GCSE, A-level, University students as well as adult learner. Most of my students get very good result in their exams. While teaching, I inspire, motivate students to get best out of them. I use lot of practical examples to make learning easy and fun. I use dynamic teaching approach, change my style depending on student's ability and requirement. Please call to arrange a meeting.

English Lessons For Children (Beginner and intermediate)
My goal is to persuade and aid children in both improving and learning a new language. In the class i will focus on all the basic fundamental of learning a new language including: Grammar, Spelling,Pronunciation, Reading and Listening. I try to make my lessons as creative as possible and I do that by introducing my students to various activities including: games boards, story books, quizzes and various other activities. This does not only make teaching English fun but helps the student more engaged and attentive during my lesson. I do provide homework which I expect to be completed before my next lesson and I am willing to help with the students school homework if needed.

Cours de Guitare Paris 15 (jazz, funk, pop, cours d'harmonie)
Je vous propose des cours de guitare abordant tous les classiques du blues, du jazz ou de la pop et de la funk, pédagogie douce et progressive vous donnant les clés pour comprendre les règles indispensables de l'harmonie. (30 ans de pratique, 20 ans de scènes diverses et concerts et un CD). Alexis

Soutien scolaire/cours particuliers en français - espagnol - histoire - biologie
Je suis laborantine en biologie de métier, titulaire d'un bachelor en Lettres (espagnol/histoire) et actuellement en Master en droits de l'enfant. Je propose un soutien scolaire, une aide aux devoirs ou des cours plus spécifiques aux enfants et adolescents qui cherchent à améliorer leurs connaissances et leur façon de travailler. Je peux offrir des cours de français, espagnol, histoire et biologie.

Music lessons ( piano, clarinet, saxophone, theory, ear training...)
Hi everybody, I'm a jazz clarinetist, saxophonist and pianist finishing my studies at Royal Conservatoire. I started with classical music this is why I can give classical lessons and jazz lessons. I have my method but I always adapt it to the motivations and skills of every student. I'm working with kids and adults on any level. First lesson is free.

private violin lessons from a professional violinist, located in Brussels or Antwerp
A graduate of the prestigious University of Mozarteum in Salzburg, and currently a member of the Brussels Philharmonic is offering violin lessons for students of all levels and ages. After acquiring a Bachelor degree in Belgrade, where I am from (studio of prof. Vesna Stankovic, the concertmaster of the Vienna's Volksoper), I have finished my Master studies in Austria as a student of Lukas Hagen, the principal violin of the famous Hagen quartet, and a Postgraduate study at the same university with prof. Klara Flieder Pantillon. The following few years I have spent in Berlin focusing on my orchestral career, completing orchestra academies at the Deutsches Symphonie Orchester and Konzerthaus Orchester of Berlin. I thought it was about time to include pedagogy back into my life, and start giving violin lessons again, including the knowledge and experience I have collected as a performer and teacher. Weather you are a complete beginner, or a student perhaps seeking for some audition training guidance, I 'd be happy to be given the chance to help with developing your technical skills or artistic growth. Although Serbian is my native language, I am fluent in English, having spent a part of my childhood in England, and I am also offering lessons in German.

English & Dutch courses for all levels
I offer my services to help all those who need help with languages. Whether it's conversation classes, "gaming" classes to practice the language, grammar, oral expression, I adapt my course to the level of the student. I give classes on Huy, Marchin or Verlaine.

French lessons, school assistance, private tutoring
- I specialize in tutoring French (my mother tongue) for school, students who need help for their courses. I'm an assistance for the students in difficulty with the French courses, or for those who just want to deepen their French training. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I'm giving exercises, to combine pleasure and learning. I assign a bit of homework after every lesson and progression is the guiding principle of these classes. I will figure the student’s level out in order to bring him the necessary support in French. My aim is to show the subtleties of this language and make the student progressing at his own pace. - This class focuses on the founding principles of the French language : orthography exercises (for example : dictation in relation with an appreciated topic by the student), grammar exercises through games, practicing together via interactive dialogues, listening French videos, music. It can be related with current topics, to get used to the French pronunciation and the fluctuation of the language. Keep an eye on the societal topics is also very important to acquire a general knowledge on France and its customs. You'll learn and deepen your French training in a relaxed but also serious atmosphere. My goal is to guide you in the learning process, and come back to the basics if necessary. -If you are an absolute beginner, don't worry, I master the French language in its entirety : indeed, it’s my mother tongue and I'm currently an undergraduate student, who did literary and language studies, during my three years of higher education, in France. I'm now deepening this formation there, in the UK, at Newcastle University. To sum up, my aim is to help pupils/students who need French assistance for their classes, homework, or to give a training for those who want to learn French ! I will instaure a nice atmosphere, so don't hesitate !

Private lessons in science (SVT, maths ....), french and drums
I will approach the concepts theoretically to better integrate by students. Then comes the application and of course the training It will take perseverance but I am nice and nice and not severe I am here to help you and bring a better understanding to my students

Tuition in math - french - guitar (also via webcam)
In addition to school classes, I offer guitar lessons (I can offer only guitar lessons if it's the ones you are interested in) since I myself played guitar for 11 years. The courses will be interactive and user-friendly for a performance first classic then reduced, it seems normal to get familiarized within a particular course.

Tuition in Violin - Alto - and - Solfège
Passionate about the pedagogy and the transmission of my passion, my lessons of Violin, Viola and solfege address and adapt to all. Usually of 1 hour duration, the courses can be articulated in different ways according to the need of each one. For 6 years I give courses of Music Training, violin and viola at the same time with the aim of a personalized support of the students following courses in conservatories but also within the framework of a unique and adapted learning and for all levels . Passionate, curious, and endowed with an artistic sensibility, the violist Julie LE GAC is involved in many projects, both collective, innovative and educational. After studying viola with Michel Michalakakos, then in the class of David Gaillard and Nicolas Bone at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (CNSMDP) where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in June 2016, she is now studying for a Master degree in the class of Lawrence POWER at the Zurich Hochschule (ZHDK ). She has already won several awards and prizes as a solo performer (Competition L. Bellan 2010, Contest Young Altistes 2011) but it is for the moment especially in collective experiences that it flourishes. She has already participated in numerous International Orchestral Festivals and Academies (French Youth Orchestra, Gustav Mahler Joung Orchestra, Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival, ...) and was a member of the Orchestra Academy. Zurich Opera House. She collaborates today with several professional orchestras (Paris Opera, National Orchestra of France, Orchestra of Paris, Opera of Zürich, ...). This pleasure of artistic sharing is also part of her practice of chamber music: member of the trio Desdémone (Alto, Clarinet, Piano) with which she participated in several festivals, she also participated in Zermatt Music Festival Academy, (music of chamber and chamber orchestra) with musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic. She explores different formations and regularly performs in sets with different geometries, and in various artistic worlds (Jazz, improvised music, ...) It is in this common artistic vibration that Julie Le Gac wants to pursue her career; She also wishes to pass on her passion through pedagogy and hopes to develop projects of cultural mediation and musical awareness.

Support courses in different branches (French, English, German, science, maths, ...), level to be defined according to the branch.
My course aims to help people in difficulty in certain branches by answering questions and explaining the topics studied or people who wish to have help with their rehearsals by offering them methods of work or to review with them. It is also possible for me to prepare course supplements if needed.

Cours de chant classique pour hommes tous niveaux à Bruxelles.
Formé à Paris au Conservatoire et à la Maîtrise de la Cathédrale Notre-Dame. Méthode napolitaine de chant lyrique. Découverte de la voix naturelle à partir d'exercices de respirations et de vocalises ciblées et progressives. Le professeur est là pour découvrir la véritable voix de la personne et mettre en place l'instrument qui donnera la souplesse nécessaire à l'interprétation de tous styles de musique. Une première partie du cours est consacré à la technique, une deuxième à l'interprétation mais il est possible de ne faire que de la technique.

Je donne de cours de allemand ou aide les élèves pour les devoirs à domicile.
Während der Nachhilfe werde ich mich an das Niveau des Schülers anpassen und versuchen die Schwächen aufzuarbeiten. Durch einfache Erklärungen und Übungen gestalte ich meine Nachhilfestunde. Auch Fehler aus den vorigen Prüfungen werden wir in Betracht ziehen, damit diese nicht mehr vorkommen. Wichtig ist es auch Ratschläge anzunehmen wie zum Beispiel: alltägliches Integrieren der Sprache durch die visuellen Sinne.

Italian lessons for all levels (language, literature, civilization)
Hello everyone! Are you interested in learning Italian or our beautiful culture? I will be very glad to help you improve your knowledge or starting from the basics. I'm graduated in Italian high school and I did some studies in Italian, literature, art and Latin. Feel free to contact me for any other information! Hope to meet you soon!

English course - competition preparation / TOEIC- Exchanges
I am Sara, 24, and I have a degree in economics. I have just returned from a year-long trip to Australia and am getting ready to finish my master 2. I propose to help with the English language that I like a lot. Having already passed the business school competitions I can help in obtaining the TOEIC (engineer, business school ...). Do not hesitate to contact me to exchange more. I remain available for any questions

Abdou Rabi
Cours à domicile de Microbiologie Licence et Master + Aide à la correction et rédaction de Mémoire étudiants en Biologie (Licence et Master)
Diplômé en Master de Microbiologie Appliquée à l'Université Cadi Ayyad de Marrakech, je propose des cours personnalisés de microbiologie pour vous aider à mieux assimiler les cours, vous préparer aux examens et concours, ainsi que vous aider dans la rédaction et la correction de mémoire de fin d'étude sur tous les domaines de biologie. Les cours de microbiologie se focaliserons selon vos besoins sur toutes la microbiologie générale enseignée en Licence, la microbiologie médicale (bactériologie), le compostage, la microbiologie alimentaire, les antibiotiques et les techniques d'analyse micro-biologique en laboratoire. L'aide à la rédaction et correction de mémoire portant sur tous les domaines de biologie ce focalisera selon vos besoins sur comment organiser le mémoire (où écrire quoi et comment), comment rechercher l'information de manière rapide et pertinente, comment rédiger une référence bibliographique, la correction de l'orthographe et de la structure des phrases, la traduction du résumé en anglais.

SKVR student (10 years) Rotterdam-centre gives piano (and keyboard) for beginners. Kids and adults.
I have been a student at the SKVR for 10 years. I performed in those years at concerts in SKVR (Oostzeedijk), De Doelen and de Watertoren (the Esch, Kralingen) in Rotterdam. I also have been part of the orchestra of the SKVR. I would like to teach beginners which can be kids or adults. This class is for you if you have never played before, but also if you have some background already.

Spanish, English, math, homework help, mexican culture.
For the English and Spanish course I will always speak in this language to practice and if there are any doubts we will be able to speak in french.I will give assignments to do. To help students with homework, I am very analytical. I am well trained in Math when I am an engineer.

Our students in Ireland say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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