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1 bass guitar teacher in Divonne‑Les‑Bains

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Trusted teacher: Hello (future) musician! Do you also have a song in your head that you would like to play? Always wanted to play electric or acoustic guitar or bass guitar? Have you never touched a string, or are you advanced and looking for new challenges? I have been giving guitar lessons since 2007 with great pleasure. In addition to these private lessons, I worked at the Guitar Academy in Amsterdam, at Muziekles Den Bosch and at Art in Music in Utrecht, next to my work as an executive musician. I studied at the Rockacademie in Tilburg and Musicology at Utrecht University. Broad interests, reflected in the hoevelheid styles I play and education (from pop and rock to salsa, tango and gypsy to metal and jazz). I also give solfège and music theory. It does not matter how exotic your interest, I can help you get better! In addition, I can choose and arrange songs for you, so that there is no limit to your imagination: learn to play what you want to learn to play. These lessons are not given in a large, impersonal music school: lesson duration and lesson dates are discussed and are flexible. Personal and smooth, easier for everyone. Besides guitar enthusiast teaching is a big passion of mine, and I think that is essential to be able to offer good lessons. Whether I teach you how to play your first songs in a few lessons, or whether we are going to pick up some tough pieces, it is a pleasant and productive learning process. Lessons in Wittevrouwen, Utrecht or at extra cost at home. If you have questions, mail or call!
Bass guitar · Music theory · Guitar
Trusted teacher: All ages and levels! Throughout these 14+ years of teaching (at universities, music schools and private students), I have tailored my lessons to be always goal / project oriented and using your preferred music to explore, discover and master the instrument while having fun and developing your creativity. The lessons are designed specifically to meet your needs as a musician. Whether you are starting with the basics of the instrument, or whether you have enough experience and you would like to deepen your knowledge of the instrument to communicate though different musical manners, I would gladly like to help you reach your full musical potential. I have been involved with music education as a music teacher and music teaching researcher. I have experience with children, young students and adults in setups like private lessons, schools, music schools and universities. From pop, latin, rock, jazz, funk, metal and everything in between. Whatever genre you identify yourself with, I can help you to improve. E-Bass / Harmony All the way from incorporating rhythm and being one with the groove, to understanding the harmony through your instrument, the bass, as an extension of your musical voice is a rich an potent tool that can be used and controlled through refining your technique, role understanding and starting a journey through it's endless sound possibilities. Guitar for Beginners I can help you out starting on the guitar. Start learning the guitar with a very intuitive and practical approach, take on the rudiments directly from songs and the music you enjoy listening. Band Coaching If you have reached a point where you would like to take the next step with your band, it is always good to have an outsider opinion to help you improve in your musical, song writing and performing processes. Then to count with a great consultant in the management and logistics department is the second step in order to have a strong standpoint as a performing artist. Music Theory I have experience at bachelor level with popular music and jazz ear training, academic research for the Javeriana university in Bogotá about the use of the ear and playing by ear in folclore contexts in Colombia.
Music composition · Guitar · Bass guitar
Dave Dove is an experienced Private Guitar/Bass Teacher for all ages and abilities from Beginner to Expert. I am looking for keen students of all levels who require tuition in Classical, Acoustic, Bass Guitar or Music Theory. If you've always wanted to learn an new instrument and develop new skills. If you're a songwriter looking for new inspiration or if you looking for a more structured approach through Graded Exams I can offer Online Guitar/Bass lessons so students can have a lesson remotely in either 5-10 lesson spots. FREE Introductory Lesson for all new students. All lessons are structured around the needs of the student. All lessons and materials are downloadable FREE from the student area on my website Compatible with FaceTime, Zoom and Skype I specialise in improvising. My aim is to help you reach your goals developing a broad musicality and exploring what is possible creatively. I can prepare students for Guitar exams with Rockschool Acoustic Guitar and ABRSM to Professional standard. I adapt my lessons to suit students style and musical taste. I have a deep understanding of rhythm, chords, harmony, tone and dynamics, fingerstyle and plectrum technique and I use this to give students creative ways of arranging pieces and develop songwriting skills. I started as a Classical Guitarist and adapted to a plectrum style as an Acoustic Guitar Player. Now I have a hybrid style which incorporates both techniques but I'm happy to teach which ever route he/she chooses to learn. I aim to give students a well rounded approach to performance skills and technique's.
Bass guitar · Guitar
My progressive courses will allow you to gain a solid musical foundation, whether or not you have picked up the guitar before. Have fun learning to play along with music by the guitar greats developing your musical ear whilst building a large song repertoire. Introduction Course Do you own a guitar? would you like to know just how to make your "Guitar Function"?. The Guitar is the most popular instrument in the world and there have been many great guitar players and musicians over the years, I have over 15 years of teaching experience I offer several different style courses to learn from, which will provide you with both practical studies and a well rounded insight of knowledge of the guitar as a musical instrument. There are many directions a student can choose when learning the guitar. I encourage each student to start with what inspired them to pick up the guitar in the first place. Whether your an absolute beginner or a guitarist that wants to expand their knowledge and technique, I have something for all guitar students. Here are some of the things I can offer you • Holding the guitar • Warm up exercises • Introducing guitar tablature • Introducing guitar chords • Learn to play complete songs • Learn to jam and play with other guitarist and musicians • Explore different styles of music • Develop rhythm and lead guitar playing Exercise Courses The supporting courses offer a range of tailored tuition to suit any age or experience level with a range of age related songs and different genres for both child and adult Introduction to ..... The complete beginners guitar course Beginner & intermediate Blues course Beginner & intermediate Folk course Beginner & intermediate Rock riff and Solo course Nursery rhymes T.V and film melodies. Traditional songs. The '52 Song Challenge' Genres - Learn to Play (any of the following) Rock, Pop, Country, Folk, Rock & Roll, Blues, Indie 1930's - 2020
Ukulele · Bass guitar · Guitar
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Guitar lessons (Acoustic, Electric, and Bass) and music composition (Berlin)
It was my first electric guitar lesson, and I had already from the beginning high hopes about it. Sam is a wonderful teacher, he knows how to structure the lesson and try to include both theory and practice. Very good job! I enjoyed a lot the first lesson and I am looking forward for the new and second lesson! This time I will try to be more patient and not so demanding with myself! Thanks for your patience Sam!
Review by EMMA
Guitar and bass lessons (participant The Voice season 7) (Divonne-les-Bains)
Easygoing, friendly, flexible with time and teaching style, and most importantly patient...just what I was looking for to help me move forward with the guitar!
Review by MARIA
Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Music Theory, Harmony, Solfeggio Private Lessons (Rotterdam)
He explains everything really good and I'm looking forward to practicing with him in the near future!
Review by PETAR

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