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20 bass guitar teachers in Germany

Trusted teacher: (German version below) Rhythm and Timing are very essential parts of learning the bass, although there are various approaches of renowned bassists which put a spotlight on things like harmony and melody. In general I try to encourage students to diversity of styles, techniques and skills to develop musicality and curiosity. I am an autodidact on the bass but I have a well-founded education on the cello and music theory in general. As a bass teacher I see myself as a fellow musician to my students to discover and explore the musical possibilities and develop skill and passion to face the challenges in mastering them. I constantly practice and examine basslines of artists such as Prince, Toni Levin, Darryl Jones, Marcus Miller, Larry Graham, Stanley Clarke, Andrew Gouché , John Entwistle, and of course many more. My biggest influence though, is improvisation and jamming with a big list of fellow musicians. I am happy to hear about your influences and maybe I can help you to a new Bass-perspective on them and on playing music in general. Rhythmus und Timing sind essenzielle Elemente beim E-Bassspiel. Allerdings gibt es viele anerkannte Bassisten die eigene Schwerpunkte gelegt haben und die Rolle des E-Bass in einen überwiegend melodischen und harmonischen Kontext verlagert haben. Ich versuche meine Schüler zu größtmöglicher Offenheit im Umgang mit verschiedenen Techniken, Stilistiken und Skills zu bewegen um natürliche Musikalität und Neugierde zu fördern. Im Gegensatz zum Cello, auf dem ich seit einigen Jahren eine fundierte klassische Ausbildung genieße, bin ich am Bass Autodidakt. Ich sehe mich meinen Bassschülern gegenüber als Musikerkollege die vielen unterschiedlichen Genres zu entdecken und Strategien zu entwickeln um den technischen und musikalischen Herausforderungen zu begegnen. Momentan beschäftige ich mich besonders intensiv mit dem Spiel und Basslinien von Prince, Toni Levin, Darryl Jones, Marcus Miller, Larry Graham, Stanley Clarke, Andrew Gouché , John Entwistle und vielen weiteren interessanten Musikern. In erster Linie interessieren mich aber Deine Einflüsse und künstlerischen Vorbilder. Im besten Fall kann ich einen neuen Blick auf diese eröffnen und neue Perspektiven aufs Musizieren allgemein.
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I offer private lessons in e-bass, music theory, solfege (ear training) and composition, or any combination of those. Programs are custom made to provide the students musical wishes (bring in the songs you want to learn!), and also include my own made exercises. Location: my studio in Berlin-Reinickendorf (U6 Kurt-Schumacher-Platz) Languages: English, German or Dutch These classes can be taken separately or in any combination. Bass lessons: I teach from complete beginners up to aspiring professionals. I like to focus on the musical interests of the student, you can bring the songs that you want to learn! Of course I also have my own propositions, as well as a big repertoire of exercises I created myself. Some of the stuff we will work on: getting a nice sound, playing with groove and feeling, a good technique to play more efficiently and prevent injuries, timing, improvising bass-lines on chord structures, bass soloing, the different bass techniques (fingerstyle, slapping, popping, palm-mute, plectrum, playing chords a.o.), understanding how the equipment works. Music theory: First there was music, and the theory came second. None the less, knowing some theory is very helpful for both the amateur and (aspiring) professional musician. Theory lessons focus on chords, scales, rhythm, harmony, music notation, basic piano skills and the understanding of how they all come together. Solfege (ear training): In these classes your ears will be trained to be more conscious about what they are hearing. Recognizing different tones will greatly help your improvisational, composing and general music skills. We will practice to recognize and understand; melodies, harmonies and rhythms. Composition: Writing is more then just inspiration. We will work on improving your compositions, writing new ones and looking at examples from others. Basic piano skills, music notation, instrument functions, strong melodies, bass lines, harmonies and 'how to get inspired' are all things that we will discuss.
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Learn guitar or bass? Music is simple and beautiful! (Bochum-Hordel)
He is a very nice and friendly teacher. I enjoyed my first class and looking to learn more:))
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