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31 bass guitar teachers in Switzerland

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Trusted teacher: ROCK, BLUES, FUNK, COUNTRY & METAL  J'ai commencé la guitare il y a une vingtaine d'années et fondé mon école privée en 2007 à Lausanne en Suisse. J'y enseigne la guitare électrique ou folk (du blues au métal en passant par tous les genres) mais aussi la basse, la dobro, le banjo et le ukulele. Le petit plus ? J'aime mon job et je le pratique à plein-temps... ENSEIGNER & APPRENDRE Depuis la création de Rock Note, je prends mon travail très au sérieux et chacun reçoit un enseignement à la hauteur. La recette ? Professionnalisme, passion et dévotion. Bien sûr, beaucoup de choses ont évoluées depuis le tout début, mais j'insiste sur la constance de l'approfondissement de mon système d'enseignement pour être sûr de répondre aux besoins de chacun... METHODE & PEDAGOGIE Ma méthode est axée sur la personnalisation des cours au maximum. Si vous êtes débutant, je vais tâcher de vous faire sonner quelques mélodies en un rien de temps, et si vous êtes d'un niveau plus avancé l'idée est de vous faire progresser selon vos attentes. Je suis qui plus est un musicien éclectique et je suis ouvert à tous les défis... Les quelques PLUS de ROCK NOTE : - Enseignement dans un espace lumineux et dédié à la guitare - Personnalisation des cours - Grande pédagogie et très bon contact humain - Du Blues au Métal en passant par tout les genres - L'élève choisi ses morceaux - Théorie adaptée - Programme "Young Note" spécifique pour les plus petits - Programme complet pour apprendre Banjo, Dobro et Ukulele - Cours possible en anglais - Conseils pour achats du matériel de base - Matériel de location - Situation au centre de Lausanne à 2 arrêt de bus de St-François - Pas de perte d'argent en cas d'absence - Résultats garantis en peu de temps A bientôt :)
Bass guitar
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Fyl - Lausanne69Fr
Trusted teacher: ROCK, BLUES, FUNK, COUNTRY & METAL I started playing guitar twenty years ago and founded my private school in 2007 in Lausanne, Switzerland. I teach electric guitar or folk (blues to metal through all genres) but also bass, dobro, banjo and ukulele. The real plus ? I like my job and I practice it full time ... TEACH & LEARN Since the creation of Rock Note, I take my job very seriously and everyone gets a lesson up to it. The recipe ? Professionalism, passion and devotion. Of course, many things have evolved since the very beginning, but I insist on the constant deepening of my educational system to be sure to meet the needs of everyone ... METHOD & PEDAGOGY My method is focused on maximizing course customization. If you are a beginner, I will try to make you ring some melodies in no time, and if you are more advanced the idea is to make you progress according to your expectations. I am moreover an eclectic musician and I am open to all challenges ... The few MORE ROCK NOTE: - Teaching in a bright space dedicated to the guitar - Course customization - Great pedagogy and very good human contact - From blues to metal and all kinds - The student chooses his pieces - Adapted theory - "Young Note" program specific for the little ones - Complete program to learn Banjo, Dobro and Ukulele - Course possible in English - Tips for buying basic equipment - Rental equipment - Location in the center of Lausanne at 2 St-François bus stop - No loss of money in case of absence - Guaranteed results in a short time See you soon :)
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Dante - Geneva92Fr
Trusted teacher: Musician and educator with more than 10 years of experience in the classroom from Kindergarten to High School, and also as a teacher - facilitator - host and moderator for jazz camps, masterclasses, workshops, after-school programs with the following institutions: Instituto Thomas Jefferson - Guadalajara, Mexico NEASC - New England Association of Schools and Colleges, TRI-Association of American Schools of Central America, Colombia, Caribbean and Mexico, ASOMEX - American Schools of Mexico; Fundacion Tonica - Jalisco Jazz festival; Frost School of Music - University of Miami; Jazz at Lincoln Center - NY Jazz All-Stars; UdeG - Universidad de Guadalajara; UAG - Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara; Zamar Music Academy- Guadalajara; Centro Studi Musicali Yamaha - Barletta Italy Haute École de Musique de Lausanne; AMR Geneve; Hemu - Lausanne; Conservatoire Nord Vaudoise - Yverdon les Bains; Ecole de Musique du Jura Bernoise; Music Arts - Geneve
; ETM - Geneve; I offer an innovative curriculum that fosters interdisciplinary links between music, literature, and world history; 
 I am committed to the students’ emotional well being, and my course covers mindfulness techniques to encourage them to achieve their highest potential.
 All levels, all ages. - R’n’B, Soul, Blues, Gospel.
 - Style and history - Groove analysis and the role of Rhythm Section - Jazz and Hip Hop - Improvisation - Harmony
 - Piano as a second instrument - 
Drums skills for bass players - Beat making - Mindfulness for musicians - Coaching for bands 

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Bass guitar
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Our experience with yalcin is extremely positive. he is a professional musician and he is able to teach and talk to young children. Since the first classes my kid could already put together some notes and it gave him confidence and will to play! He can also choose the right songs to keep him interested and amused! Yalcin is punctual, kind, accommodating.
Review by MICHELA
Cours de Basse Electrique, Piano, Keyboards, Harmony (Geneva)
I really enjoyed my lesson with Dante. He made the class fun and I learned a lot. He got me playing walking bass lines in my first class, which was great. Just the right balance of playing, theory, and fun.
Review by OLIVER
Guitar, bass, piano and voice lessons at home (Divonne-les-Bains)
Great teacher for our 3-years old daughter! Matthias came really well prepared with a bunch of instruments and the class was fun: playing different rhythms with a variety of instruments and singing
Review by LETICIA