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68 bass guitar teachers in Belgium

Trusted teacher: FRENCH: I have been in music since I was 5 years old, I decided to make it my job and so I studied at the Brussels Conservatory (Master level). I specialize in jazz but my favorite field remains Groove music. I also went through a lot of styles (rock, funk, pop, reggae,...) during my years of learning the bass. To get an idea of my playing style, my main influence in Jazz bass is Dario Deidda. I'm very inspired by "underground" bands from Brussels like Stuff, ECHT, Tukan, Jean-Paul Groove, Ciao Kennedy,... Abroad I could mention Athletic Progression, KUF, Takuya Kuroda, Vels trio, Vulfpeck (and dozens of others!) Without forgetting the classics like Parliament, Earth Wind and fire, PUSH, Jamiroquai,... I don't have a particular method. Unless my student requests it, my lessons are done by feeling according to his desires and his objectives. We can very well just learn pieces and at the same time deepen the technique and the knowledge of the music if requested. The goal is to have fun. ENGLISH: I started music when I was 5 and later decided to make it my job. I studied in Brussel's jazz Conservatory (Master). I'm specialized in Jazz but my roots are in Groove music. I also learned to play different styles (rock, funk, pop, reggae,...) To have an idea about my way of playing, my main influence about bass on Jazz is Dario Deidda. I'm inspired by Brussel's "underground" scene with bands like Stuff, ECHT, Tukan, Jean-Paul Groove, Ciao Kennedy,... Worldwide I dig into bands like Athletic Progression, KUF, Takuya Kuroda, Vels trio, Vulfpeck (and many many more). And don't forget the classics like Parliament, Earth wind and fire, PUSH, Jamiroquai,... I don't use a specific method to teach. Unless my students ask for it, my lessons are focused on his expectations/objectives. We can simply learn how to play a tune and at the same time dig into the technique and music knowledge if it's what you want. The main goal is to have FUN.
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Trusted teacher: Hello, my name is Victor and I am 23 years old. I am currently a student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in jazz and before that I was 2 years at the Regional Conservatory of Lille in jazz bass / double bass and classical double bass. I also graduated from the EF2M in Tourcoing. I started music at the age of 8 with the piano, then I turned to the guitar at 12 and then to the electric bass at 16. When I entered the Lille Conservatory, I also took up the double bass. I practiced several styles: jazz, rock, blues, metal, classical, soul, funk, etc... and the fact of having played several instruments helps me to have a more global vision of music, and to find what is interesting in each of the styles. This openness I want to pass on in my classes. I have several years of stage experience with different projects, and I have also worked in the studio, notably with the house music artist Bellaire. My pedagogy focuses on spontaneous and mainly oral learning of music. There is no need to know music theory. I would approach some theoretical notions according to what we work together, and your curiosity on this subject. I would emphasize listening, rhythm and playing together. There will be part of the work devoted to instrumental technique (how to get a beautiful sound out of the instrument, how to play without getting tired and without hurting yourself, what are the different ways of making a bass sound depending on the style), and the the rest of the time we can work on pieces, approach improvisation, group play, composition, or other subjects according to your requests.
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Professional Funk Bassist Teaches For All Levels & Styles (Saint-Gilles)
After only a few lessons with Jeremy, I can say that he helped me progress more than I was able to achieve in 2 years trying to learn the bass through Youtube videos… He helped with the theoretical aspects as well as with my playing technique. He is very methodical and adapts to your needs and requests, and he also provided me with homework and very helpful tips and practice exercices. Highly recommended!
Review by ZAKARIA
Lessons of Double Bass and/or Bass Guitar, classical and/or pop and rock music. (Leuven)
My 15 year old son has really enjoyed his lessons with Daniele. Too early to tell whether he’ll continue long term, but Daniele has put him at his ease, encouraged him and generally created everything possible for a non-threatening entry into the musical world. Fully recommend Daniele as a bass guitar teacher.
Review by MIRIAM
Learning Technique,Theory, Harmony, Rhythm, Music Reading, All Styles, Fretboard Note Names and many other cool stuff. (Rotterdam)
Good lessons, explains complex concepts well, and gives clear goals. A lot of knowledge of different music styles too, so lot of possibilities to learn if you like different music styles.
Review by VANSHAYA