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Dimitri - Brussels52€
Trusted teacher: Private Self Defense Lessons PRO-TECT system based on the art of jiu-jitsu and Kung-fu. Specialized course on different attacks: Techniques for mastering strike attacks, Techniques for controlling attacks by brutal grip (grabbing of limbs, grabbing of clothing, grabbing and tearing of hair or even tearing of bags, Techniques for mastering attacks on the ground (you are brutalized on the ground or you undergo an attempted rape,) Self defense classes for women: You are a woman, do you think you are weak? It's wrong ! Do you think a man can control you? It's wrong ! Do you think that faced with the rage and strength of a man, you are incapable of defending yourself? Well that’s FALSE! You will learn to face anyone, any type of attack and in any place. You will not give a chance to anyone who will try to attack or rape you. Courses adapted for law enforcement: You are a police officer or security agent and you want to improve your control techniques over an attacker and deal with different types of attack. The course can be adapted to your requests. Anti-aggression, anti-bullying courses: You are being harassed, you want to defend yourself against acts of violence, you want to boost your self-confidence and not be afraid of any aggressor who seems stronger than you. The PRO-TECT self defense course is made for you. Course given by teacher, 3rd dan black belt in Japanese JIU JITSU, black belt in WING CHUN Kung -fu and 1st dan black belt in BRASILIAN JIUJ ITSU, The course is given at my personal dojo. For the effectiveness of the course, I cannot accept more than three participants at the same time.
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Trusted teacher: ENG Personal Fitness Coach in a Fitness Gym ( Woluwe/Etterbeek/Schaerbeek/Evere) I am a fitness coach with 5 years of experience, based in the Brussels region. If you're looking to achieve your fitness goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle strengthening, body shaping, or regaining fitness, I can help. My approach is simple: We will schedule an appointment to discuss your goals. 1) I will create a personalized training program tailored to your needs. 2) I will develop a customized nutrition plan to support your fitness goals. 3) During our sessions, I will provide guidance, motivation, and support to keep you on track and make progress. With my expertise and your dedication, we can turn your fitness aspirations into reality. If you're ready to embark on this transformative fitness journey, contact me to schedule an initial consultation. Together, we can make positive changes that will enhance your overall well-being. FR Coach sportif personnel en salle privée WOLUWE/ETTERBEEK/SCHAERBEEK Coach personnel de fitness dans des studios privés de fitness à Woluwe/Etterbeek/Schaerbeek Je suis un coach de fitness avec 5 ans d'expérience, basé dans la région de Bruxelles. Si vous souhaitez atteindre vos objectifs de remise en forme, que ce soit la perte de poids, le renforcement musculaire, la sculpte du corps ou la reprise de la forme, je peux vous aider. Ma démarche est simple : Nous fixerons un rendez-vous pour discuter de vos objectifs. 1) Je créerai un programme d'entraînement personnalisé adapté à vos besoins. 2) Je mettrai en place un plan nutritionnel sur mesure pour soutenir vos objectifs de remise en forme. 3) Lors de nos séances, je vous fournirai des conseils, de la motivation et du soutien pour vous aider à rester sur la bonne voie et progresser. Avec mon expertise et votre dévouement, nous pouvons concrétiser vos aspirations en matière de remise en forme. Si vous êtes prêt à vous lancer dans ce voyage de remise en forme transformateur, contactez-moi pour planifier une consultation initiale. Ensemble, nous pouvons apporter des changements positifs qui amélioreront votre bien-être global.
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Trusted teacher: My journey: For 12 years, I evolve in the field of sports, with the status of athlete of high level recognized by the French community and Adeps. I found in boxing a way to channel my energy, let off steam and at the same time an amazing way to have fun and exchange. To quote you a small part of my record, I am 9 times champion of Belgium in Savate / French Boxing, Vice-Champion of Technical Europe 2017 and Vice-Champion of the World Combat 2017. Added to that, several bronze medals in international league. At the base, I am a dancer. I have always been attracted to contact sports and discovering French boxing, I revealed myself. It is a mixture of technique, tactics, strikes but all in a well-defined setting. Plus, without lying to you, there is no more cardio than boxing feet / fists! French Boxing has become a passion and I would like to share my experience by training new practitioners of all ages and abilities. My methodology: During the lessons, we start by learning the basics, the positioning, the movement and of course the typing techniques. Boxing is "contact", touching and learning to cash. We dissect, we assimilate and then put this into practice. In addition, we work on its endurance, flexibility, power. Boxing is a whole. So we will mobilize the whole body through muscle building, cardio exercises, punching feet in the paws bear and exchanges with my hands :). All in FUN :) With me the classes are dynamic, motivating and educational. Progression and fun guaranteed!
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Trusted teacher: As an experienced personal trainer, I am committed to delivering the highest quality classes to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here's how a session with me goes: Initial Assessment: Before we begin, we perform a thorough assessment of your physical condition, training history and personal goals. This allows me to understand your specific needs and create a training program tailored to you. Personalized planning: I design a personalized training plan based on your goals, whether it is weight loss, muscle building, endurance or any other specific goal. This plan will include varied and progressive exercises to help you progress effectively. Training session: During each session, we start with an appropriate warm-up to prepare your body for the effort. Then I guide you through a series of specific exercises using proper techniques to maximize results. I'm here to motivate you, correct your posture and encourage you to give your best. Follow-up and adjustments: After each session, we evaluate your performance and your progress. This allows me to follow your development and make any necessary adjustments to your training program to ensure optimal results. Nutrition advice: In addition to training, I can provide you with nutrition advice to support your goals. A balanced diet is essential to maximize results and promote proper recovery. Motivation and support: As a coach, I am here to support you throughout your journey. I encourage you to stay motivated, overcome obstacles and persevere to achieve your goals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, I am here to guide you and help you progress. Contact me today to start your journey to a healthier, more active life. Together we will reach new heights of fitness.
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(9 reviews)
Tim - Brussels98€
Trusted teacher: My lessons are flexible and I adapt to your needs I feel the abilities and needs of my students, and I adapt my sequences accordingly. Generally, my classes are dynamic and invigorating. I work with the breath, and the student will find that a strong connection between their body and mind is accessible with sustained and conscientious practice. I would also do an inventory after a few sessions which will stimulate you to progress smoothly. My classes will focus on toning your body. Sustained practice will allow you to relieve and prevent chronic pain such as back pain, joint pain, while also using breathing and relaxation techniques. In doing so, you will be able in particular to straighten your posture (spine), you could refine your silhouette, soften your hips, etc. After a few regular classes, you will be fit, enthusiastic, open and positive. Yoga promotes moderation and wisdom. My goal is to meet your expectations and offer you a pleasant time at home, or in a group (as in a company). I gave daily classes every weeks for the last five years. The diversity of bodies and needs I was lucky enough to encounter allow me to adapt to your needs, and we will find together solutions for whatever are your willing and needs in 2024. Teaching is for me a vocation, and I will be delighted to walk by your side for a part of your yoga journey, for a consistent and safe yoga practice. Since 2023, i’m also delivering Sports Massage (ITEC Certified Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy from the Pro Active school of London). (this text is translated from english)
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Sports & Fitness Classes with Boxing: Sculpt your body and unleash your power! (Brussels)
Excellent first course! After +4 years without any noteworthy sport activities, it was a bit of a challenge to book this first session, but Danny did a great job in fueling my motivation. He immediately found the right balance between keeping it doable yet challenging. Perfect build up and cool down, I feel the workout but no pain. I think I am hooked!
Review by THIERRY
Fitness, Athletic Performance, Football training, Life Wellness coach (Brussels)
Alexander is very professional, I had several sessions with him in which he worked on a different issues I had been suffering from for so long, he helped me overcome many old injuries, enhance my body's overall strength, balance and coordination.
Review by OSAMA
Japanese lessons for all levels and ages, for speaking and writing! (Leuven)
Excellent teacher, lessons prepared in advance with relevant material. The course are dynamic too (with different topics proposed). Noriko Sensei asks for feedback (e.g., content & difficulty of the lessons) and listens. Thank you :)
Review by PABLO