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1834 music theory lessons teachers in Spain

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Trusted teacher: The lessons can be conducted in English 🇬🇧, Spanish 🇪🇸 , or Italian 🇮🇹 , ensuring accessibility for all students. Age and musical preferences are not limitations; with qualitative daily practice, rather than sheer quantity, progress can be swiftly observed. 💪🏼 🎶 My approach to classical guitar lessons is centered on tailoring them to each student's individual needs and potential. I prioritize fostering enthusiasm and motivation as primary tools for conveying technical and theoretical concepts, alongside a deep love for music. Lessons are open to students of all ages and skill levels. 🚀 The focus of the course revolves around the joy of playing music. Your favorite genres and pieces will take center stage, with a thorough exploration of their codes and secrets. Together, we'll delve into technical exercises and learn to play pièces of your choice or mine, enriching your repertoire and enhancing your playing style. 🤩 For example, we can reimagine pieces by applying advanced techniques such as the CAGED system, incorporating new chords, positions, and techniques like arpeggios and fingerstyle playing. This expands the instrument's capabilities and your playing skills, ensuring continuous progress and improvement. 👨🏻‍🏫 Upon request, the program also includes theoretical studies, which are presented in an accessible manner suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians. Exercises, pieces, and theoretical explanations are structured in a progressive order of difficulty.🔥 The theoretical program covers a range of topics, including guitar tuning, chord theory, scales and modes, finger picking techniques, strumming patterns, metronome practice, learning favorite songs, improvisation, harmony, melody, and rhythm theory.⚡️ Together, we'll embark on a musical journey tailored to your goals and aspirations, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience with the classical guitar.🔝☄️
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Hello, I am Ülkü! Since my early years, I have been interested in various disciplines of art such as ballet, piano, choir singing, trombone, opera, and vocal. I consider myself curious, supportive, and always open to new perspectives! I believe life would be quite monotonous if I didn't constantly learn new things. I find sharing knowledge and experiences valuable and enjoy creating a new, beautiful, and genuine space for sharing. Teaching and learning in turn, exploring new horizons, and doing it through music excite me tremendously. I have been giving music lessons for approximately 10 years since my student years. Right after graduating from bachelors, I taught Choir and Orff lessons at Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, where I also provided vocal, piano, and solfege lessons at the Music Club. Without a break after my undergraduate studies, I pursued a master's program in the Opera Singing Department at Başkent University State Conservatory, graduating with high honors. My master's thesis, titled "Orientalism in W. A. Mozart's Abduction from the Seraglio Opera," was published as a book in Turkish in 2020 and in English as "Orientalism in W. A. Mozart’s Opera of Abduction from the Seraglio" in 2021 by Paradigma Academy Publications. My artistic education from a young age introduced me to diverse disciplines, making me more curious and research-oriented. Starting with ballet, my journey led me to be flexible both in my body and mind. Engaging as a choir singer with the State Polyphonic Children's Choir, performing in productions like Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet at the Ankara State Opera and Ballet, and collaborating with the Bilkent Youth Choir and Bilkent Symphony Orchestra on pieces such as J. S. Bach's Magnificat, Nabucco, Mahler 8, enriched my ability to participate in ensemble works. Besides exploring harmony, rhythm, and style on the piano, as well as the importance of breath control in trombone and vocal performances. Being a soloist in the Film Music Concert with the Indigo Youth Symphony Orchestra was a unique experience for me. Adding teaching to all these experiences opens another door of learning and teaching for me. I find nourishing both my students and myself with questions like "why not?" and "how can it be done?" valuable. I am an active, friendly, creative person who enjoys sharing experiences and is highly curious. Music has shown me that every element I learn is interconnected, and together, small details can create magnificent things. To be more effective in teaching, I collect various materials suitable for students at all levels, whether beginners or experienced. Remember, if you want to learn new approaches to life through music, I am here to help! Whether it's classical, jazz, rock, traditional, or any other genre, give yourself a few months to learn to play the music you love. Moreover, I teach classes in both Turkish and English. If you want to join this delightful adventure with me, I can suggest a trial meeting! I am looking forward to meeting you and starting this journey! Check out the link below for more information:
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This class is designed for students who are passionate about music and wish to deepen their understanding of music theory and/or composition and/or music technology using Logic Pro. As a student of music myself, I have been honoured with offers and scholarships from esteemed institutions such as the Royal College of Music and the University of Cambridge. I have also won numerous composer competitions and had performances of my music at prestigious places such as the Gloucester Cathedral. Course Overview: Music Theory: Students will learn the fundamentals of music theory, including scales, chords, and harmonic progressions. They will also explore more advanced topics such as counterpoint and orchestration. Music Composition: Students will be guided through the process of composing their own pieces. They will learn how to develop musical ideas, structure compositions, and write for different instruments. Music Technology (Logic Pro): Students will gain hands-on experience with Logic Pro, a leading digital audio workstation. They will learn how to record, edit, and mix music, and how to use Logic Pro’s extensive library of virtual instruments and effects. I provide individualised instruction tailored to each student’s level of experience and musical interests. Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced musician seeking to refine your skills, this class offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to music education. Join me for an enriching journey into the world of music! 🎶
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Tine - Ghent$38
Trusted teacher: PIANO Foundation First we start with the music theory, melody and chords. These are the essential building blocks for making music. Style Next we apply stylistic tools to bring the music to life. This could include jazz chords, blues riffs, walking bass lines, and more. skills We learn the skills (soloing, ear training, accompaniment, improvisation, lead sheets, analysis...) Following this approach, you will finally understand the music that you are playing, and you will be able to apply the techniques to hundreds of other songs. CVT COACHING Hi! I am Tine, a singer, voice teacher and vocal coach. I am passionate about helping singers to make the most of their singing practice so they can thrive, grow, and become the powerful performers and communicators the world needs today. I can help you train your voice and keep it healthy, develop your own unique sound, sing across different styles, manage performance anxiety, be authentic on stage, deliver powerful presentations, make more efficient goals and help you reach them. It is possible to create all the sounds from all the styles / genres in a healthy way! CVT METHOD? Singing is not that difficult and everybody can learn to sing. CVT divideds the singing techniques into four main subjects. By combining elements of these four subjects, you can produce precisely the sounds you want. You will also be able to pinpoint your specific problems and mistakes, and you can focus on which techniques you wish to work on. The four main subjects are: The three overall principles – to ensure healthy sound production The four vocal modes – to choose the 'gear' you want to sing in. Sound colors – to make the sound lighter or darker. Effects – to achieve specific sound effects.
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GUITAR LESSON for ALL LEVELS ✨ taught by a seasoned CONSERVATOIRE PROFESSOR! 🎶 (Estella-Lizarra)
My review is based on two 60 minute online lessons but also on communication outside of the lessons. Mirko comes across as a genuinely nice guy. When messaged, he responds quickly. Last night I had a small question regarding a piece from our lesson, that I wished would be answered prior to our next meeting and he answered in a very timely fashion and to full satisfaction. If you're someone who wants to build a solid foundation, then I think that you don't need to look any further. Like a concrete slab floor that needs hardening prior to further construction, he doesn't rush through material but makes sure that you're ready before the next stage. As I was not a total beginner, Mirko would start at the lowest or near the lowest entry point after I showed him a range of the things that I was familiar with. So a good starting point for me was a simple I-M rest stroke alternation exercice on the first string and he gradually increased the difficulty. He also introduced me to a short piece that I haven't heard before and right now I can play 40% of it and the plan is to play it fully by the next lesson which is a very realistic goal. When it comes to conveying techniques it would be too early to make a comment because as I already had acquired a reasonably good technique, we didn't focus much on it (yet). I will conclude by saying that if you're someone who doesn't like structure and only wants a taste of everything that a guitar has to offer but not really fully digest anything that is presented in front of you, then skip this teacher. I ,for one, am happy that I found Mirko.
Review by MATTHIAS
Carole is a wonderful piano teacher. She makes an effort to get to know you and your knowledge of the piano and music theory so that she can give you the best experience of learning the instrument. She is very flexible when it comes to what you want to learn, if there is a piece of music you endeavour to learn, she'll do everything that you achieve it. I've just had my first lesson and I can't wait for the next ones.
Review by YVONNE
Piano & music coach, keyboards, online with webcam (Geneva)
Markus is teaching my 9year old daughter the piano and she is happy how things are going. Markus is very friendly and patient and my daughter enjoys the lessons and is learning new pieces and new techniques. Thank you Markus for your effort.
Review by DORIS