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11 music theory lessons teachers in Luxembourg

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Trusted teacher: Dear students: My name is Denise and I'm a professional singer with a singing master's degree from Catalonia's Music College (ESMUC) specialized in Historical Singing, Musicology and Music Education. My experience runs mostly in early and classical music with an active performing life, nevertheless I also have the experience and knowledge of popular musical styles such as Latin-American folk, jazz and musicals. As a docent or vocal coach I've collaborate with different academic institutions and private artistic projects, focusing mostly on international students or social integration programs. I have years of experience teaching children, teenagers and adults in both Latin-America and Europe, therefore understanding different appreciation levels and needs. My main goal is to help the student discover her or his voice while enjoying making music. **Class suggestions and indications** No experience is needed just bring your enthusiasm and favorite music. Classes can be given either in English, Spanish, French or Deutsch. There are no limit for styles, bring your favorite music and I will provide a safe environment for your personal and musical growth. For Children I strongly recommend the 45 min class since their attention span and body development is different from an adult. Feel free to contact me in case of further questions. I hope to read from you soon and to make music together. All my best, Denise P.S. My schedule is mostly a suggestion since I'm constantly editing and adapting to a work schedule, please feel free to send me a message regarding your schedule needs and suggestions in order to give you the best service.
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Trusted teacher: With over 8 years of experience as a Solfege, Oriental Solfege, Oud, and Oriental singing teacher, I am a Lebanese musician currently residing in Mönchengladbach, Germany. I honed my skills for 8 years at the Lebanese National Conservatory. Prior to my relocation, I taught at Casa Beethoven Academy in Lebanon and also held private music lessons. As a concertmaster, I performed with the oriental orchestra "Loubnan Assalam" for over 5 years. My move to Germany was motivated by my pursuit of graduate studies at the University of Kamp-Lintfort. Fluent in English, Couramment en français, ولغتي الأم هي اللغة العربية. Aber leider spreche Ich ein bisschen Deutsch. Solfege, the foundation of music theory, is an essential tool for any musician who wishes to understand and create music. It provides a way to identify and communicate notes, intervals, and rhythms, and it is the key to developing musical literacy. In this class, you will delve into the world of scales, exploring the unique characteristics of Western and Oriental scales. We will study the following scales: Rast, Bayet, Siga, Kord, Hijaz, Ajam, Nahawand- Major & Minor Scales. In addition to these Western and Oriental scales, we will also introduce you to the quarter note, which is not traditionally found in Western music. It is a quarter note with a unique and distinct sound. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, this class will provide you with the knowledge you need to use scales effectively for improvisation, singing, and playing any instrument. With this knowledge, you will be able to: * Read and write music (dictation) in solfège notation for both Western and Oriental scales. * Identify and communicate notes accurately in the context of various musical traditions. * Develop a deeper understanding of music theory and rhythmic concepts. * Infuse your musical performances with a broader range of expressive possibilities. We will use the book "المقامات الشرقية by Georges Farah" as the main reference for our study of Oriental solfège. This book is considered the best book in the Middle East to teach Oriental Solfège. Discover the power of solfège to enhance your musical skills and open up a world of new possibilities!
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Trusted teacher: Welcome to my classical guitar lessons on Apprentus, where passion for music meets personalized teaching to maximize your learning. I am a professional classical guitarist with extensive experience in both teaching and performance, offering targeted courses for all levels, from beginners to intermediates. What to Expect: Professional Methodology: Structured lessons based on a proven methodology to ensure continuous growth of your musical skills. Gradual approach to building strong foundations and advanced technical skills. Customization of Lessons: Tailoring lessons to your specific needs and personal goals. Flexibility in addressing preferred musical styles, allowing you to explore your musical passion. Focus on Technique and Expression: Emphasis on correct performance technique, posture, and touch to achieve clean and crisp sounds. Exploration of musical expression to make your performance unique and engaging. Diverse Repertoire: Study of a diverse repertoire ranging from iconic classical pieces to contemporary compositions. Selection of pieces suitable for your level of proficiency and musical preferences. Advanced Teaching Support: Use of modern teaching resources, including multimedia materials, to enrich the learning experience. Recommendations for external resources and tips for independent practice. Interactive Sessions and Constructive Feedback: Interactive sessions fostering active participation and in-depth understanding of musical concepts. Constructive feedback to guide you in your musical growth effectively. Choose my classical guitar lessons on Apprentus if you seek a professional and personalized approach that allows you to achieve your musical goals satisfactorily. Whether you are beginning your musical journey or aiming to perfect your skills, I will be your dedicated partner in reaching excellence in classical guitar.
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I feel fortunate to have Baiba as my singing teacher. Her classes aren't just dynamic and light-hearted; they're also incredibly informative and detailed. Baiba's extensive knowledge and expertise shone through as she guided me through each lesson, building layer by layer toward a felt sense of improvement from the beginning. What sets Baiba apart is her openness and receptiveness. She creates a supportive and encouraging environment where I feel comfortable expressing myself and pushing past my insecurities. As someone who struggles with fear and insecurity around singing, I can't believe how quickly Baiba put me at ease and helped me feel safe in the process of learning. I full-heartedly recommend Baiba's lessons!
Review by IULIANA
Singing classes for all age students and different vocal styles (pop, folk or classical) Online or Offline in Vienna (Vienna)
Mrs. Denise has demonstrated passion, mastery and, above all, great versatility as a teacher. She has skillfully recaptured the spirit of a Medieval song with imaginative vocal intensity, while discussing in great detail the lyrical content, linguistic nuances, and the historical context of the song, as well as guiding me through the intricacies of the Occitan language with confidence and poise.
Review by DIANA
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I started to take classes with Yulia, because my voice has become rusty after not singing for many-many years. I sought her expert advice to know whether there was still hope for me to join a choir. After 3 sessions with her I can say that I really appreciate her professionalism, her gentle approach, her honesty and her encouragement. I am glad that I found her!
Review by MONIKA