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Yanick - Lyon35€
Trusted teacher: Share a vocal technique based on the organic functioning of the body and its possibilities of producing a free and healthy sound. Each session is adapted to the specific needs of the student, to respond to technical problems of emission or interpretation and always keeping our relationship between body and voice. The objective is to acquire effective vocal flexibility in order to achieve the envisaged sung voice quality. Through a multidisciplinary methodology, we will be able to discover and stimulate the possibilities of your voice applied to the style of your desire (Pop, lyric / classical, Broadway or musical, variety, jazz, current song, etc.). These courses are aimed at all levels (From beginners to confirmed) and from 10 years old. The session is divided into 3 parts: -Warming up and work of the breath: We will work starting from exercises of bodily technique to reach a physical availability and a concentration centered on oneself and the present moment. The goal is also to release our daily tensions and resume an active posture by linking the pleasure of freedom and muscle relaxation to the work of singing. To this work we will add different breathing and breathing exercises, to start activating and mastering the way in which we accompany the release of our raw material when singing: air. The work of abdominal breathing is encouraged throughout the session. -Vocalize and affirmation of a healthy vocal technique: Through different vocal exercises, the student will work consciously to learn to recognize his bodily sensations, for the acquisition of a vocal technique based on pronunciation, breath as well as '' a work of resonance to allow a natural amplification. Listening to the teacher is important to guide a healthy program in order to avoid taking bad habits and to develop a solid technique that leads to student autonomy. - Musical piece and practice: Taking into account the musical and artistic desires of the student, we will work on songs and songs (in accordance with his level) to put into practice all the work undertaken during the session. The purpose of this work is to constitute a repertoire which is specific to the student and which guarantees him a free and comfortable vocal practice between the different musical works. Thus, we will work on the interpretation of the pieces, with the different nuances of styles, accompanied by a work of the lyrics in the phonetics of different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German) while keeping a voice that is clean to the student. The most important thing is that the student acquires the technical tools and means to achieve his musical ideals, while retaining his bodily freedom and the joy of singing. Voice Coach and Spoken Voice. Work of the spoken vocal technique for the professionals of the voice: Teachers, actors / actors, business leaders, presenters on radio or TV, elected officials, speakers and all other professionals who use their voice at work, as well as those who s 'are interested in deepening the relationship and understanding their voice and its potential. Authorized by the Center for the Study of the Use of the Voice (CEUVOZ), I will offer you the Linklater Method- "Freeing the Natural Voice" as a means of technical work for the study of the spoken voice . This method aims to make participants aware of their own postural, muscular and respiratory habits, in order to discover other physical, vocal and expressive possibilities. The body-based work aims at emotional freedom, fine impulses and clarity of thought, fundamental elements of effective communication. Through a series of exercises, the participants will go through the following stages: awareness of the body, breath, vibrations in the body and relaxation of the tensions of the phonatory channel to then restore free access to the resonators, develop respiratory capacity, widen the vocal extension until reaching the articulation of the voice in speech. The objective is to free your own Natural Voice from restrictive tensions and communicative habits, in order to find your voice with all its content (emotions, thoughts, sensations).
Singing · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: I am a singer, musician, experienced for more than 8 years and I am a teacher of singing / vocal technique. I have a license in Musicology and a Masters in Composition of Music for the Image at the University of Lyon. I give private lessons in vocal technique in sung / spoken voice. My classes are aimed at both professional singers and beginners, actors, teachers, orators. You will discover and improve your vocal instrument. We progress at your own pace and in a fun way to move forward around your objectives, of course going through the key concepts, for example: - Discover new vocal possibilities in the bass and treble with greater ease and without tension. - Discover and appropriate the laryngeal mechanisms (chest voice, head voice), as well as access the mixed voice. - Develop resonance to gain power and freedom, enrich your timbre, play with it. - How to manage the breath and find the "right" vocal gesture in order to preserve the health of the vocal cords. - Discover the effectiveness of amazing exercises such as yodeling, twanging, improvisation, vocal games / sound effects, anchoring, letting go, Belting. - Learn to saturate slowly (if you wish) - How to manage your stage fright, tame it, Depending on your course, this may take precedence by awakening or anchoring bodily sensations (becoming familiar with them, becoming aware). Finally, thanks to exercises borrowed from vocal rehabilitation techniques, you will be able to sing or speak for a long time without tiring yourself in a healthy and comfortable way, recognize the signs of fatigue, protect yourself from it or even recover. If you want to learn to accompany yourself on the piano, this is also possible. Also audio and / or video recording of your songs, I have all the equipment you need! And since a course is better than a long speech, for everything else or for any questions, I'll let you contact me. Looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you. More than fifty students trained! * Visit my website to know the different movies, video games and advertising where I composed the music.
Singing · Voice (music) · Opera
The lessons of instruments and singing last one hour. Whatever the level, they are divided into three parts: - First part (15 minutes), checking the work of the previous course. In case of first class, discussion about the desires and expectations of the student, and if he is not quite beginner observation of the work done previously to assess the level. - Second part (15 minutes), theoretical and rudimental course (solfège, training of the ear) in order to learn a new exercise. The goal is to teach the student of the theory in a concrete way using his instrument. - Third part (30 minutes), practice of the instrument by refinement of the previous exercise and apprehension of the new exercise. The courses change in the content with respect to the envy and expectations of each student. After knowing these characteristics, the pieces will be chosen by the teacher according to the student. An objective such as a work, piece or artist in which the student finds an artistic ideal will be set at the beginning of the learning to give a clear direction to the courses. Music training courses last one hour. Whatever the level, they are divided into four parts: - First part (15 minutes), checking and correcting the work of the previous class. In case of first class, presentation and explanation of the purpose of the subject to the student. The goal is to show him the usefulness and pleasure that one can have to practice this discipline. If he is not quite beginner observation of the work done previously to assess the level. - Second part (15 minutes), training of the reading by exercises adapted to the level of the class. Exercises of rhythms, rhythm reading, reading keys, etc ... - Third part (15 minutes), training of the ear by exercises adapted to the level of the class. Records and dictations of notes first with instruments (to check) then without as soon as the level will be appropriate, recognitions and songs of intervals, etc ... - Fourth part (15 minutes), singing of a piece implementing the previous exercises. The goal is to assimilate the rhythmic precision and the accuracy of the notes. The courses change in the content with respect to the envy and expectations of each student. After knowing these characteristics, the pieces will be chosen by the teacher according to the student. The composition lessons last one to two hours. A minimum level of music training and practice is required (approximately 4 years). The courses are divided into three parts (in the case of a one-hour class, if it is two, double the time indicated): - First part (15 minutes), checking and correcting the work of the previous class. In case of first class, presentation and explanation of the purpose of the subject to the student. The goal is to show him the usefulness and pleasure that one can have to practice this discipline. If he is not quite beginner observe the work done previously to assess the level. - Second part (15 minutes), presentation of a work (mainly associated with an image), and study of this one by listening and reading the scores. In case of a film music, broadcast of the passage in question and presentation of the context. - Third part (30 minutes), writing exercises on a given theme (epoch, composer, movement, film, painting, feeling, etc ...). At the end of the course, exercises are given according to a theme or a work. The courses change in the content with respect to the envy and expectations of each student. After knowing these characteristics, the pieces will be chosen by the teacher according to the student. Possibility of working in connection with the MAO course for the implementation of exercises.
Music theory · Guitar · Singing
Trusted teacher: Je suis professeure de musique agréée aux États-Unis, chanteuse et théoricienne de la musique avec quinze ans d'expérience et je propose des cours de chant privés dans mon appartement, en ligne ou à votre domicile. Je suis titulaire d'un diplôme en chant de la Petrie School of Music, d’un master en théorie musicale et composition du Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM) et d'un master en éducation musicale de la Case Western Reserve University. Je m'adresse aux étudiants de tous les styles de chants (pop, rock, classique, belting, etc.) en me concentrant avant tout sur le développement de bases saines en matière de respiration et de conscience corporelle. Ce sont des éléments essentiels pour la longévité de la santé vocale et pour renforcer votre son avec de bonnes habitudes. Je renforce la confiance en soi de mes élèves en tant qu'artistes et musiciens et je leur fournis des techniques pour faire face au trac. J'enseigne également l'expression dramatique par le chant. J'entends par là les moyens de se connecter organiquement aux paroles des chansons pour donner des performances mémorables et d'utiliser la musique comme un exutoire sain pour exprimer des émotions, même si vous ne vous produisez pas en public ! De plus, si vous êtes intéressés par la lecture musicale, le chant à vue, l’accompagnement au piano ou certains aspects de l'écriture de chansons, je suis également qualifiée pour enseigner la théorie musicale et la composition. En tant que geek de musique électronique autoproclamée, je peux vous présenter quelques éléments de base de la conception sonore et de production musicale avec mon synthétiseur, mon looper et ma boîte à rythmes. :) J’enseigne pour tous âges, niveaux et types de voix. J'ai hâte de travailler avec vous dans mon appartement, en ligne ou à votre domicile selon la distance.
Singing · Voice (music) · Music theory
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Trusted teacher: Our teacher using, if necessary, an electro-acoustic guitar to better accompany your voice and guide some of its subtleties, the teaching philosophy is adapted to each level, according to the pace of work and motivation. Program : - musical techniques: theory (examples: support, modes, colors, effects such as vibrato, etc.) automatically followed, for each of the exercises, by practice (examples: exercises focusing on accuracy, sound production, "mountains Russian ", time, note hold, diction, vowels etc.) - work on breathing and breathing management - body awareness - stability - resonance - improvisation / free expression - improved vocal comfort - varied repertoire (adapting to your preference) - well-being by the vibration of the voice - personal or artistic development - accuracy, note keeping and precision - vocal modes including timbre - volumes: softness and power - sound colors: from dark to light - vocal effects, range requirements - nuances: volumes, mimics, attitudes, sound quality - exploration of musical styles (folk, pop, classical, blues, rock, song, World music ...) - improvisation, effects and vocal games, harmonies -interpretation: work on emotions, body language, stage presence. Objective: acquire a solid vocal technique allowing you to sing with accuracy, ease and expressiveness. Musical learning meanwhile, will develop your ability to listen and reproduce music, your sense of rhythm, your expressiveness, your creativity and musicality as well as reading sheet music. The work is focused on multidisciplinarity: voice, vocal health, music and bodily expressiveness, with an emphasis on the acquisition of an optimal vocal placement, on stress management in public and on interpretation. This progressive and tailor-made method aims to develop your voice: -Breathing techniques -Vocalises and technical exercises adapted to needs; - Repertoire work - Accompaniment for studio recording and scenic performance -dynamic exploration, diversification and release of one's voice while having fun and going beyond one's limits. As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers, available all year round. TEACHER / TRAINER Trained in Grandes Ecoles in France and the United States (Ivy League University), our teacher has specialized and has been working for more than 15 years, in North America and Europe, in the field, in international establishments renowned, and oriented on one axis: effective training with pedagogy and meticulous methodology as the watchwords. PLACES, FEES - Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Friborg-Neuchâtel-Montreux-Bâle-Sion-Sierre-Morges-Bienne. But currently, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions also seem to be perfectly unanimous since they have the advantages of direct (example: quality of the interaction), without its disadvantages (ex: loss of travel time), with additional advantages (ex: of notes on the chat, which can be reread afterwards). In this context, these videoconference sessions for which you have requested me, seem to arouse a certain enthusiasm (and a certain enthusiasm). At your request, I therefore continue to offer them.
Singing · Voice (music) · Children's music
Singing · Children's music · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: Einzelunterricht: passt sich individuell an deine Stimme, Kenntnisse und Wünsche an! Gruppenunterricht: motviere deine Freunde, Familie und Kollegen und wir bilden eine Gruppe von Singfreudigen! Professionelle und erfahrene Sängerin, ausgebildete und motivierte Gesangslehrerin und begeisterte Stimmforscherin erteilt effektiven Gesangsunterricht, den Du komfortabel zu Hause, auf Reisen, unterwegs, also ortsungebunden, erhalten kannst. Wir können gerne den ganzen Unterricht oder Teile davon auf Deinen Wunsch via Webcamvideo aufnehmen und Du kannst auf diese Weise durch Wiederholung das Erlernte besser verstehen und Deine Fortschritte besser sehen und dann besser zwischen den Unterrichtseinheiten üben. Das macht den Unterricht via Skype noch effektiver und flexibler als den Unterricht in meinem Studio. Ich verfüge über 18 Jahre Berufserfahrung und unterrichte Dich in allen Stilen moderner Musik und Musical: Spielerisch werden wir anhand gezielter Übungen u.a. an der Gesundheit, natürlichen Klangschönheit, Intonation, Beweglichkeit, Lautstärke, Umfang, Projektion und Dynamik Deiner Stimme arbeiten und Du wirst lernen, Deine Stimme effizient einzusetzen, um Deine Lieblingslieder mit mehr Selbstvertrauen, Stilbewusstsein, Freude, Musikalität und Ausdruck interpretíeren zu können. Ich unterstütze Dich auch gerne bei der Vorbereitung von Auftritten und Aufnahmen und bei Deinen Musikprojekten. Bitte teile mir Deine Bedürfnisse und zeitliche Verfügbarkeit mitI Ich freue mich auf Dich : )
Singing · Voice (music) · Music theory
Trusted teacher: Do you want to know the register of your voice? Can you sing the higher notes without hurting your voice? Learn how to do pass marks? Getting to have a powerful but also agile voice? I am a songwriter, pop and jazz singer and singing teacher with 20 years of experience in music. I offer singing lessons at all levels. My classes are addressed to the development of body, muscle and vocal awareness which helps to perceive and consider our body as a musical instrument. My teaching method is the result of the synthesis of my experience as a singer and the many and diverse courses of study followed. The lesson is structured in two parts: the first half devoted to vocal technique, the second half to the musical repertoire and the learning of musical language (jazz or pop or other genre). The vocal technique that I propose is a basic technique for all types of modern singing: from postural education to the care of breathing, from the use of the abdominal muscles, to the emission of air up to the cavities of resonance. We will work on the sound, on the extension of the voice, on the high and low notes, on the passage of register, on the control, on the power and the agility. From a repertoire point of view, the course will be modeled on the needs or interests of the student, with an eye to the right attitude to hold while you sing and you are on a stage. I can prepare the student for the entrance exam to the conservatory and any form of audition. If the student wishes, I can give him notions of harmony and reading music. EDUCATION I studied song in Italy with Bruno De Franceschi (conductor and composer of contemporary classical music and musical theatre). I studied vocal technique with the lyric singer David Sotgiu (pupil of Luciano Pavarotti), with the lyric singer Maria Grazia Pittavini (teacher at the Perugia Conservatory) and with Cinzia Spata (one of the most important Italian jazz vocal coaches). I studied jazz singing at the Perugia Conservatory with Marta Raviglia (one of the most important Italian jazz singing teachers) and privately with Cinzia Spata. I studied lyrical singing with Maria Grazia Pittavini. I studied pop and jazz piano with Manuel Magrini (one of the most talented young Italian jazz pianists), I studied jazz piano with Alessandro Bravo, jazz piano master at the Perugia Conservatory. I followed masterclasses and trainings relating to the world of singing and voice held by: Maria Pia De Vito (singer), Alejandro Saorin Martinez (voice craft / Estill method), Albert Hera (singer, vocal coach, circle song) , Erika Biavati (singer), Eleonora Bruni (singer), Catharina Kroeger (lyric singer), Amanda Tiffin (South African jazz singer), JD Walter (American jazz singer), Matteo Belli (actor and one of the most important Italian experts in voice research), Franco Fussi (one of the most important phoniatrists in Italy), Roberta Mazzocchi (speech therapist), one-year training in rhytmics and musical pedagogy at Institut Dalcroze in Brussels, three-month training in Gordon method for children between 0 and 6 years old. EXPERIENCE / QUALIFICATIONS I have 20 years of experience in music with around 200 concerts between festivals, theaters, clubs and premises, an album of songs, an EP, singles, collaborations with the world of theater, organization of musical events . I lead musical projects in the field of jazz and pop. The passion for singing and song has inevitably brought me closer to the world of education in which I work.
Singing · Voice (music) · Jazz music
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Freude am Singen - Effektiver Gesangsunterricht mit professioneller erfahrener Sängerin und ausgebildeter motivierter Gesangslehrerin (Zurich)
Martha is a wonderful teacher! She is experienced, professional, patient, motivated and creative. She easily adapts to the student's level and tailors each lesson to the student's individual needs. Her teaching approach is creative and effective and it is apparent that Martha enjoys teaching. I would recommend Martha to anyone who is looking for singing lessons or vocal training!
Review by SUN
A classified vocal coach looking at helping you find your own unique voice (Saint-Gilles)
An outstanding singer, teacher and just a beautiful human-being. When I first came in, I had not believed in my ability to sing, but the lessons with Arianna became so addicting that I don't wish to stop now! She created a safe space from day 1 and brought my voice out, helped me crack it and polish it afterwards :) The best first tutor I could've had! Merci!
Singing lessons with an italian lyric-coloratura soprano. From opera to modern and pop. (Masters degree in singing with honours, cum Laude)
As someone who loves singing it was very helpful in the very first lesson to begin to understand the muscles I need to use and the "spaces" I need to create to stabilise and improve my sound. I also felt she responded well to each question I raised, or issue she heard in the way I did the excercises. I look forward to future lessons.
Review by JULIETTE