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Trusted teacher: Private guitar lessons offered! You like music and you have taken the step to learn how to play the guitar? You are already familiar with the instrument but want to improve your technique? You want to accompany your favourite songs? Maybe you would like to learn nice pieces for classical guitar? If the answer is yes, contact me! We can have lessons either at your place or mine. About me: My name is Carolina and I am a classical guitarist. I am from Spain and currently based in The Hague. In 2022 I obtained my Masters degree in Classical Guitar Soloist Performance at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. During my career, I have performed concerts as a soloist and in ensembles in several venues in Europe. In parallel to my career as a performer, I have been giving private lessons to children and adults for 5 years. As a teacher, I always adapt to the needs and demands of each student. My priority is that, at the same time as they learn and get the necessary tools to understand music, they have a pleasant and enjoyable time. About the lessons: My approach to teaching depends on each student's preference. Thus, depending on the style they want to learn, I prepare the appropriate material (classical pieces, popular pieces and/or songs) based on the student's skills. Offered courses: • Guitar (classical and modern) • Music Theory (rhythm, solfège, etc.) Education: • Master of Classical Guitar Soloist Performance at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag (2020-2022). • Bachelor of Classical Guitar Soloist Performance at the Madrid Royal Conservatory (2016-2020). • "Digital competence in teaching: creating interactive multimedia didactic content for the classroom with Mac and iPad" training course at the Camilo José Cela University (25/10/2021 – 14/11/2021). • "Prevention of occupational risks in educational centres" training course at the Camilo José Cela University (04/10/2021 – 24/10/2021). • "Attention to diversity in the framework of competency-based programming" training course at the Camilo José Cela University (13/09/2021 – 03/10/2021). If you are interested, don't hesitate in sending me a message! Good luck with your new guitar player path!
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James - The Hague41€
Trusted teacher: I am a 30-year old composer, electric guitarist and songwriter based in Den Haag, teaching composition, music theory, and score writing. I teach in English or in Greek. I am half Greek and half Scottish and I have been living in the Netherlands for the last 6 years. I offer lessons in all styles, to all age groups, and for any experience level (ranging from students who want to learn how to read and write music to create their first score, up to more experienced composers who are looking for fresh ideas and improving their skills to really make their music shine, or who are looking for help polishing their composition portfolio for entrance exams). Face to face lessons are preferable, but I also teach online. I am a patient and open minded teacher, and my desire is to help you learn what you want to learn, and make sure you enjoy and take pride in your music, explore a breadth of musical ideas that can inform your work, learn to express your musical ideas as best as possible and nurture your curiosity and excitement about the world of music creation ! My Credentials: I hold a Bachelors of Music degree from Birmingham Conservatoire (UK), and a Masters of Music from The Hague Royal Conservatory. My compositions have been performed in venues such as The Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam), TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht), Korzo Theatre (Den Haag), Casa de Musica (Porto), Onassis Stegi (Athens) and at music festivals including Music in PyeongChang (South Korea), Tectonics Athens (Greece), Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Netherlands). My experience as a performer range from classical guitar studies, to playing electric guitar in rock bands, as well as experience as an improviser, performer of notated contemporary classical compositions, creator and performer of ambient and electronic music. I also am very experienced in ambient and electronic-influenced guitar music, which has given me an in depth knowledge also of the guitar in combination with technology such as guitar effects, computer software and multichannel setups which expand the audio palette of the guitar. I have written songs, I have written orchestra pieces, I have worked as a DIY home producer, I have released albums, and I've performed in concert halls, rock venues, squats and festivals. I even some experience in beat-making. My music has been performed in and has taken me to several countries, including Portugal, The Czech Republic, The U.S.A., Canada, Korea, Greece, The U.K., The Netherlands. My Teaching style: My emphasis is to teach you based on your interests and your needs. The lessons are based around each individual student. You bring me the music you are creating and the skills you want to develop as a composer, and I build my lessons around that. My primary goal is help you develop your voice as a composer, so the starting point for our lessons will always be your music. My aim is always to help you find what the heart of your composition is about, and help you to bring this out and really make it shine. To help illustrate ideas about topics we discuss I will bring examples that can help inform the music you are creating, we will explore ideas of arrangement, orchestration, rehearsal leading and / or production to help flesh out your music, as well as music theory and using scores of other composers.
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Dominyka - The Hague42€
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Marta - The Hague46€
Trusted teacher: Welcome to my introduction site! My name is Marta and music has been a great love and passion for my entire life. Singing lessons are not only an opportunity to learn singing and something new about music but also an opportunity to express emotions, forget about everyday worries, and have fun! Through music theory lessons you can learn about the structure of music and also develop some very useful music skills such as reading music (sight-singing or sight-reading). All students who have a specific goal in mind, but also all who do not have any specific goal in mind and want to sing or learn theory just for fun, are very welcome! Different options for lessons which I am offering are described below and all of them can be modified and adjusted according to the wishes and needs of the student: SINGING LESSONS FOR CHILDREN (individual or group lessons - maximum 10 students*) Singing lessons for children is basically an integrated method that combines singing with solfeggio, developing basic music theory skills. It consists of playing musical games and singing children's songs and through those developing intonation, musical hearing, musical memory, sense for pulse and rhythm, all with the attention to healthy singing. SINGING LESSONS FOR TEENAGERS AND ADULTS (individual or group lessons - maximum 10 students*) During singing lessons we will be searching for a deeper meaning of the story and different ways of interpretation, with attention to healthy singing technique, pronunciation and style. The lessons consist of breathing exercises, vocal warm up exercises with a specific technical goal and work on the desired repertoire - meaning of the words and story, vocal technique, pronunciation, interpretation and style. My specialization is in classical singing but I don’t mind working on other genres in my classes. SIGHT SINGING LESSONS (individual or group lessons) Intense course where you will be learning how to read music at sight. The lessons consist of sight singing only, beginning from the easiest level and gradually learning how to read more and more difficult music. You will develop skills needed for sight singing as well as a certain way of thinking appropriate for sight singing. (There is no technique of singing or interpretation involved in these lessons.) SOLFEGGIO LESSONS (individual or group lessons, for children from 8 years old, teenagers and adults) In these lessons you will learn how to bring the written music to life (sight singing), how to discover and put on paper the music you hear (musical dictation) and how to build scales, intervals, and chords. This knowledge is needed and examined on every conservatoire and music academy. For some conservatoires and academies this is an obligatory pre-requirement and elimination factor on entrance exams. It is inevitable part of every professional music education. MUSIC THEORY LESSONS (individual lessons) Music theory lessons can include, if desired: solfeggio, harmony, counterpoint, music form, analysis, and/or other music theory related subjects. For each subject we can make a special program, depending on the wishes and needs of the student. COMBINED SOLFEGGIO AND SINGING LESSONS Combined solfeggio and singing lessons are also possible for adults, as separate subjects or integrated with singing lessons. In both cases the duration of each lesson is 90 minutes and the program is discussed and created based on the wishes and needs of the student. (A combination of individual singing lesson and a group solfeggio lesson is also possible.*) AUDITION TRAINING AND PREPARATION FOR EXAMS (individual lessons) Preparation for auditions concerning singing and/or music theory includes preparation for entrance exams, regular exams on conservatories or preparation for ABRSM exams. *Please, contact me for more information about group lessons. Prices per person in group lessons are much lower than prices for individual lessons. If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me... I will be happy to answer all your questions!
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Emiliano - The Hague35€
Trusted teacher: I’m Emiliano an Italian Jazz guitarist based in Den Haag (NL), currently studying at the Royal Conservatory (Den Haag) During the high school years in Italy I have been collaborating as a guitarist and by offering support to the arrangement for the yearly school concerts with renowned musicians like the world- famous violin player Alessandro Quarta, the singer and conductor Carolina Bubbico, the jazz saxophone player and artistic director of the "Locomotive Jazz Festival" Raffaele Casarano, the producer and multi-instrumentalist Filippo Bubbico. I also collaborated with the actor Fabrizio Saccomanno by playing in the ensemble accompanying a theatrical representation of the Dante's "Inferno" adapted by Fabrizio Saccomanno himself and played at the Teatro Apollo in Lecce. 2016 - present: During the second year of the high school, intrigued by the jazz singing lessons I was attending, I started exploring and appreciating the jazz music and I started approaching it on the guitar by attending private lessons with the teachers Andrea Favatano and Giancarlo Del Vitto. The passion for jazz music has grown in me ever since, so much so that today it represents my favourite genre when playing or listening to music. During 2018 I attended two seminars: - a one-week jazz guitar and ensemble music seminar with Mike Moreno, Aaron Parks, Matt Brewer and Kendrick Scott in Fara Sabina, near Rome - Italy; - a one-week harmony and ensemble music seminar with Barry Harris in Rome - Italy. During 2019 I attended several seminars and masterclasses: - a one-day guitar masterclass with Scott Henderson in Martano (LE) - Italy; - a one-day bass masterclass with John Patitucci in Matera - Italy; - a one-day jazz ensemble music masterclass with Luca Alemanno in Lecce - Italy; - a two-day guitar masterclass with Jesse van Ruller in Pomarico (MT) - Italy; - a one-day guitar masterclass with Peter Bernstein in Trepuzzi (LE) - Italy. 2020- in the Netherlands I had the opportunity to perform in theaters like Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht) , Perdu (Amsterdam), Compagnie Theater (Amsterdam) and others 2020- I’m currently studying with jazz Guitarist Matijn Van Ieterson, 2021 I had the possibility to work and study with great musicians like Pedro Martins, Chris Cheek, Simon Moullier, Antoine Boyer, Philip Maniez ( big band project). I’m active as musicians and performer in the Netherlands and Italy.
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Imanol - The Hague50€
Trusted teacher: Piano Lessons The Hague Hello! I'm Imanol , experienced motivating piano teacher in The Hague. I give the piano lessons in Spanish, Dutch and English. Where do I give the Piano Lessons? I teach at my charming studio, in Regentessekwartier. There, you will be able to enjoy a high quality grand piano in a cosy environment. The location is 5 minutes from the city center by tram or bike. IMPORTANT! Please check the availability in my profile. Personal Plan During the lesson we will build a plan, taking into account your taste, your practice time and your goals. Of course I'll let you try out my Grand Piano! Piano Lessons for All Ages My piano lessons are for teenagers, adults and children (from 7 years old). Piano Beginner Lessons As a beginner you will learn the basics of playing piano through fun and instructive exercises, easy classical repertoire and your favourite pop songs. We will learn how to read music scores in a practical and easy method! From there, we will slowly get into more difficult pieces, building a comfortable and enjoyable way of playing. Advanced and Piano Are you a more advanced player interested in learning more about classical music and seeking ways to take your piano playing to the next level? Dive into different styles or how to play chamber music? Goals for Learning We'll focus on a relaxed posture, dexterity, articulation, toucher, personalised exercises, scales, arpeggios, etudes. Enjoy playing your favourite pieces by Bach, Scarlatti, Mozart, Rachmaninov, Einaudi to pop. Music Theory Music theory is just as important as playing an instrument and my lessons combine practice and theory. Learn about rhythmical structures, the way melodies are build and gain a deeper understanding of harmony and music history. What to expect? Playing the piano is a very demanding activity that requires time and patience, however, it can be extremely fun! Feeling the power of creating sound through your own hands is an amazing experience that we all should feel. In the lessons, You will also learn how to practice in atime saving way. For that, I will give you clear and practical instructions. Online Piano Lessons Effective ways of learning and communicating through new technologies enable you to learn and enjoy the piano from your home. About Me Over 10 years ago I moved from a small town in the north of Spain to Barcelona, and since then I have followed some of the most important conservatories in Europe: Liceo Conservatory in Barcelona, Amsterdam Conservatory, and The Royal Conservatory of The Hague. During the last years I have been fortunate to offer concerts in Italy, Germany, France and Spain, and I won first prizes in International Chamber Music Competitions. At the moment I am combining my chamber music and soloist concerts with piano teaching.
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Singing Lessons with a Certified Vocal Coach for all ages and levels. Prof. voc. training for any style:POP/JAZZ/RNB/ROCK/MUSICALS/CLASSICAL (The Hague)
I am very happy with Dominyka as my voice teacher. With her guidance, I have been able to improve my tone and widen my range much quicker than expected. Leessons are a joy: Dominyka can immediately hear and see what needs focus and explain what I must do to improve. This process is dynamic and fun, and I feel motivated to practice every day because I am inspired by these advancements. She can demonstrate many techniques with her beautiful voice. Most importantly, Dominyka is a trained and experienced teacher, so I know that my progress is healthy and sustainable. Highly recommended!
Review by TOMASO
French Horn (modern / historical) and Music Theory with professional (The Hague)
Nicolas has a friendly approach in his horn teaching backed by his high professional standard with very good ears. His feedback is to the point and focused on building up in small steps for long term improvements. His lesson on resuming practice after a break was very useful, which I’m sure will benefit me repeatedly in future. He also very kindly helped me look for a mouthpiece and instrument, which again was very useful. If/when face to face becomes possible, I’d love to get lessons on historical horn from him!
Review by YOSHI
Violin, Viola & Solfège lessons in English, Spanish or Italian! (The Hague)
Overall she is a great teacher. Since she is teaching me to play the violin, she has always been very enthusiastic. She makes you feel at ease and makes you accept that making mistakes is ok, even when you are a perfectionist. Besides, she is very flexible with the style of music you like and adjusts her teaching to your development. Even online classes (since the pandemic) go super well. I can highly recommend to take classes with her!
Review by MICHELLE