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20 meditation teachers in Belgium

My yoga classes are relaxing and energizing. They are based on Hatha and Kundalini styles. An invitation to practice from a place of softness and enjoyment of the body. My classes are flexible and tailored to your needs. I adapt the sessions to your level and prepare the sessions feeling the needs of my students as we progress together. I work with the breath and attention to the movement, and support my students in understanding the relationship between body and mind. Yoga for me is a means to connect more deeply with oneself and with life. It is a practice of self care and a method that supports life changes for more quality. Working with movement, breath, meditation it supports you at many levels: physical, emotional, energetic. After a few yoga sessions you can already start to feel the benefits of being more relaxed which supports being more present and open to respond to what is taking place in your life. Sustained practice will allow you to relieve and prevent chronic pain such as back pain, and anxiety while also using relaxation techniques. I am passionate about embodiment, connection between body-mind as a means of self expression, personal growth and connection to life force. Apart from being a Yoga teacher (Sampoorna Yoga Institute – India, recognized by Yoga International Alliance, I am a certified life coach (with Center for Transformational Presence) and support women choosing to reconnect more with themselves and what make them feel alive, integration of emotions. I have been teaching Yoga daily for the past 4 years. My goal is to meet your expectations and offer you an enjoyable time at home, or in a group (as in a company). We can choose together themes according to your abilities, need and desire so that I can guide you in the practice that is best for you. I will be happy to accompany you for a part of your yoga journey, for a consistent and safe yoga practice to nourish you. To share my energy and enthusiasm. :)
Yoga · Life coaching · Meditation
Meditation · Life coaching · Self-improvement
Trusted teacher: The modern world is a hostile place for our bodies. In the old days, our ancestors had to walk, run and climb trees every day. They did not use chairs, cars, or computers. They were seated on the ground, they squatted regularly. We tend to forget how new our civilization is. And that's not necessarily what we're made for. Your job probably requires sitting for an extended period of time. Either drive to work or work from home. As the amount of stress and tasks increase, your shoulders start to sag. Slowly your back stiffens and your breathing becomes shallow. When you are seated, your back becomes rounded and your head is heavy. Your back hurts and your neck hurts. Back pain makes you move less. Then your back hurts even more. So you move even less. Etc. Little by little, the quality of your life decreases. These courses will give you the tools to break this vicious cycle and improve your life. The world is as it is. So you can't just walk all day. We still have to do our job, we still have to sit for long periods of time. But there is still a lot to do! During yoga classes with me, you will learn how to sit properly to protect your back effortlessly while you work. You will learn how to stand correctly so that your body gets a stable base. You will learn how to lie down well to allow your body to rest. With various yoga poses, you will strengthen your muscles and improve body alignment. You will learn to open your chest and breathe easier. You will learn to practice safely and efficiently. And very importantly, you will also learn how body and mind influence each other. You will get the tools to calm the restless mind and improve your quality of life. The practice of yoga is a holistic practice. Therefore, not only your back, but your whole body and mind will be transformed. Whether you have never tried yoga before (or any other activity) or are already an experienced yoga practitioner, all can benefit from learning and deepening this particular approach.
Yoga · Meditation
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Maths/Geography/History/Political science/Economics classes and Test Practise (Etterbeek)
Komal really helped me with my lessons, she adapted to my rhythm. I really needed a lot of help and thankfully she helped me and I passed my exam. She is a great tutor and would be a great teacher, I really recommend to have as your tutor. I am so thankful to have met her she is a wonderful person and very kind, I can’t thank her enough... thank you Komal.
Review by MHIA
Classical Piano Lessons with Progress and Fun Guaranteed (Francais/Anglais/Allemand) (Antwerp)
Simone is patient and she can explain things in great detail with enthusiasm. I recommend her.
Review by ANTHONY
Vinyasa Flow yoga classes all levels at home. A fluid, relaxing and catchy practice. (Etterbeek)
Very relaxing and comprehensive yoga session.
Review by AMER