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19 meditation teachers in Switzerland

Trusted teacher: I teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in a traditional way, drawing inspiration from teachers and teachers whom I followed and met during my career I adapt to the needs of the student both physically and morally. Every body is different and every day we feel differently. The method of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is based on several distinct series that consist of sequences of postures with different purposes and allowing an evolutionary practice by following degrees of difficulty. - The Yoga Chikitsa primary series, also called Yoga Therapy, which cleans and detoxifies the body by realigning it. - The intermediate series Nadi Shodana, which purifies the nervous system - Advanced series that leads to divine stability For beginners and intermediates, my classes are on the first series. There are several key and fundamental keys in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The postures are synchronized with fundamental points that are tristana. Using ujayyi breathing, bandhas (energetic locks) and dristis (focus point), we create an internal heat during practice with vinyasa which means the synchronization of the breath with the movement. This dynamic practice develops concentration and strengthens the mind. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga means eight members (eight steps). In the philosophy of yoga, it is an ancestral way that encourages to follow these rules of life to reach the state of serenity peculiar to this discipline. Each practice is a journey and a new self-discovery and a gradual transformation.
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I have been practicing meditation for 30 years (more than 30,000 hours). The courses I offer are the fruit of the development of my consciousness on the exterior and interior spaces of Life. To be awakened to the Self and the Self, in unity and harmony, is the objective of my teaching. The courses are organized with theoretical, practical content and exchange of your lived experience. Basic practice first exercises concentration and attention. The awareness of being here and now through his body. Next comes the observation of the psychic aspects (sensitive and mental) which largely condition our relationship to happiness. Meditation brings you to understand the links between the different aspects of your personality so that you can organize or reorganize them in order to feel a sense of inner balance. In advanced practice, after reaching a certain degree of harmonization, the consciousness immerses itself in the spiritual dimensions of Being. You then perceive your etheric body (chakras) and the subtle energy connections. You live here and now in the very nature of your Deep Being. The Spirit of Peace and Inclusiveness developing endlessly ... In the program : Develop body awareness and feelings. Postures. The body scan. The feeling of anchoring. The force of gravity. The present moment. Breathing. The sound. Develop emotional awareness, drive. Mental awareness, thoughts, mental mechanisms and memories. Thought-emotion links. Identify the stressors. The ability to regulate your emotions and control your mind. The use of mantras. Develop the ability to project into the future and return to the past in a positive way. Visualization. Develop the consciousness and the feeling of the energetic body (chakras, kundalini, tantra). Existential values. Develop the capacity to immerse oneself in the Self. The ability to manifest the Self. The courses are intended for all people who are in the process of personal fulfillment, spiritual realization or simply in a desire for well-being. The benefits of meditation are experienced in direct experience of practice and in daily life. Neuroscience is constantly demonstrating more scientific evidence as to the benefits of this art of living: Reduction of stress. Improves mood. Increased creativity. Improves cognitive functions. Strengthens memory / concentration. Improves relationships / connections. Secretion of the hormones of happiness (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin). Improves health. Improves the quality of sleep. Female / male balance. "MEDITATION IS THE ROYAL WAY OF THE UNION" MS
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Trusted teacher: (English version below) Bonjour! La gymnastique méditative (ou gym douce) pour la santé est un mélange d'exercices : ♥ exercices de tonification et de renforcement musculaire ♥ exercices de yoga ♥ exercices d'étirement ♥ exercices spéciaux pour le dos Pour qui: (7-107 ans, débutants en sport et sportifs): ° si vous ressentez un peu (ou beaucoup) d'anxiété ou de tension nerveuse ° vous avez beaucoup de stress dans votre vie quotidienne ° vous vous sentez un peu déprimé, fatigué, de mauvaise humeur ou souffrez de dépression ° votre corps est raide et vous voulez qu'il soit plus souple et flexible ° vous voulez juste devenir plus en forme et vous sentir mieux dans votre corps ° vous avez une douleur ou une tension dans le dos *vous voulez avoir un corps plus affiné et une jolie posture ° vous souhaitez restaurer votre auto-estime tout au long des exercices de gym ° vous souhaitez vous reconnecter à vous-même et au moment présent Effets : * relaxation du corps et de l'esprit * tonification musculaire et perte de poids * libération de stress / anxiété / tension nerveuse * augmentation de la force et de la flexibilité du corps * libération des maux de dos * meilleure oxygénation du corps * sérénité, paix intérieure et BONHEUR * augmentation de l'ÉNERGIE !! Les exercices sont un entraînement complet pour tout le corps, nous travaillons toutes les articulations et les principaux muscles de manière harmonieuse. Nous travaillons la souplesse des principaux muscles et de toutes les articulations. Et nous faisons une douce tonification des muscles du dos, des jambes, des bras et des abdominaux. Les exercices se font de manière consciente (c'est facile). Pour que l'effet ne soit pas seulement pour le corps mais aussi pour la détente et la tranquillité de notre esprit :) durée: 1h lieu: dans le PARC (si le temps le permet) ou chez vous. À propos de moi: Je suis docteur en médecine (Faculté de médecine de Genève) et je suis spécialisée dans la "libération du stress basée sur la pleine conscience". J'ai également travaillé en psychiatrie. Bien que je sois médecin, je préfère éviter les médicaments chimiques autant que possible. La médecine naturelle et préventive est à mon avis au premier plan, et nous pouvons PREVENIR et traiter de nombreuses maladies de manière naturelle, avec nos ressources naturelles. Je pratique la gymnastique, le yoga, la pleine conscience et la méditation également pour moi depuis de nombreuses années en tant que pratique quotidienne. Depuis 2 ans j'organise des "cours collectifs" dans les parcs (mars-octobre). Je voudrais vous aider à trouver la voie pour une vie meilleure, dans un corps bien sain, de manière naturelle. Possibilités de cours individuels ou collectifs. Elina English version: Meditative gymnastic for stress release (mindfullness based). Hello! Meditative gymnastic (or sweet gym) for health is a mixture of exercises : ♥ muscles tonification and strengthening exercises ♥ yoga exercises ♥ stretching exercises ♥ special exercises for the back For whom : ( age 7-107, beginners in sports and sportsmen) : ° if you feel a bit (or a lot) of anxiety or nervous tension ° you have a lot of stress in your daily life ° you feel a bit depressed, in a bad mood, or suffer from depression ° your body is stiff and you want it to be more flexible ° you just want to become more fit and feel better in your body ° you have some pain or some tension in the back ° you want to restore your self esteem throughout gym exercises ° you want to reconnect to yourself and to the present moment Effects : * relaxation of body and mind * muscles tonification and weight lost * release of stress/anxiety/ nervous tension * increase of force and flexibility of the body * back pain release * better oxygenation of the body * serenity, inner peace, and HAPPINESS * increase in ENERGY !! The exercises are a complete training for all body, we work all the articulations and principal muscles in a harmonious way. We work the flexibility of principal muscles and all the articulations. And we do a sweet tonification of the muscles of the back, legs, arms, and abdominals. The exercices are done in a conscious way (it is easy). So that the effect is not only for the body but also for the relaxation and peace of our mind :) duration : 1h place: in the PARC ( if the weather allows) or at your place. About me: I am a medical doctor (Medical Faculty of Geneva), and am specialized in "Mindfulness-based stress release". I have also been working in psychiatrics. In spite of I am a doctor, I prefere to avoid chemical drugs as much as it is possible. Natural and preventive medicine are on the foreground in my view, and we can PREVENT and treat a lot of diseases in a natural way, with our natural resources. I do practice gym, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation also for myself for a lot of years as a daily practice. Since 2 years I am organizing "group lessons" in the parcs (from march to october). I would like to help you to find the way for a better life, in a much healty body, in a natural way. Possibility of individual or group lessons. Elina
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Trusted teacher: I provide a framework of self-analysis and concrete steps to help you free yourself from beliefs and habits that hinder your growth, keeping you on an emotional roller-coaster, and to develop those that support you. This training is undertaken through weekly discussion, note-taking and concrete actions to be taken each week. Yoga therapy such as work on chakra balancing and practices to connect with your spiritual being can be included in this program. The course is designed to: Provide you the flexibility to be able to stay in the comfort of your home whilst your yoga instructor comes to you. And give you the chance for one-on-one quality learning with a program designed specifically for you, according to your needs and preferences. My Yoga Teaching Philosophy: Many of my students, when they first come to me, express their disappointment with some of the yoga lessons they have visited. They find them to be either too much focused on the physical aspect and lacking in real substance and sense of community in the group or, on the other hand, too much focused on the spiritual/mental aspect without much challenge to the body. In my personal practice and during my lessons I try to work towards a balance between strength and relaxation, between action and introspection. I do not take myself too seriously, since, for me, this practice should be a joy - a discipline yes, but definitely not a dogma. I would like my students to be able to experience the power of what yoga can offer us and feel at ease with being just who they are: natural, without any need to live up to any ideas of who a yogi 'should' or 'should not' be. This, to me, is a process of allowing time and practice to take effect - a process which we experience both together, and individually in everyday life. All my programs are tailored to your needs and preferences. Yoga and Emotional Mastery training can be combined to deliver maximum value. This training is designed to guide you to develop greater consciousness and master your own sense of health and wellbeing. Meaning: you build up your own regular practice and habits that will remain with you over the long-term, way beyond the limit of our one-hour lessons!
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