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23 sport, dance, nutrition & wellness teachers in The Netherlands

Piano, harmony, music theory, aural training, arrangements and composition dedicated teacher. Vast experience with different ages and levels, preparation for international exams, auditions and competitions. "I am a superior piano professor and I have started teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my home country, 8 years ago. Recently I was living in London, UK, where I worked as a full-time piano teacher in WKMT Piano Institute where I have trained and developed my pedagogic skills working with students from all around the world. This experience allowed me to mentor from professionals to early ages with very diverse backgrounds. These are the kind of experiences worth working for, and that confirm my engagement to my pedagogic aims. Building structures that fight to give a voice to the speechless is one of the values I learnt to care the most as a working woman, and that is the reason why I feel engaged with teaching music. Music is a tool to learn a whole different language and improve intelligence and creativity, no matter which is your background. Music is a way of finding how to express yourself in a specific language, and it is at the same time a fun and fascinating process. As a music teacher, I face a challenge every time I train a student, because learning music and learning piano implies a very personal developement. I am intending to continue this project in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where I live and study now (CODARTS - Master of Music - Tango) and where I intend to share my knowledge and experience with new students."
Argentine tango · Music theory lessons · Piano
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Spanish for everybody from a native speaker in The Hague (The Hague)
Rafael Andres Gomez
I am very pleased with the teaching skill set of Rafael. My boy was very nervous initially but within no time Rafael made him at easy, thereby my boy is liking and enjoying Spanish lessons. He also looks forward to each session. Rafael is very patient, make each session quite interactive. Very punctual in communicating with the next lessons date & time. I am glad to have found Rafael as a tutor for my child. Thank you Rafael for being a great teacher. I recommend Rafael as a tutor to all those who are looking out to learn Spanish.
Review by MIYA
Piano Lessons: Performance, Classical and Modern Music (with some Persian music only if interested) (Amsterdam)
Parisa’s class was totally amazing!!! She not only is a learned artist but Also a great tutor... She’s humble and was very helpful and she makes the whole learning experience a fun and joyful experience!!! I Highly recommend her if you wanna know how to play a piano
Review by KALPAESH

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