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36 sport, dance, nutrition & wellness teachers in Germany

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Sara - Augsburg46€
Trusted teacher: Do you want to learn the balancing act, do you need more flexibility for your sport or do you want to become more flexible in general? Did your sports club's standard stretching methods and YouTube videos not help? Unlike children, most adults find it much more difficult to improve their mobility. Therefore, they must proceed with particularly sophisticated techniques and with caution, because nothing throws back further than an injury. I use a combination of different methods that combine stretching with training: My exercises stretch and strengthen the muscles at the same time and thus have a positive effect on the central nervous system, which in turn controls the stretching. Therefore this course is very exhausting! ● Breathing and relaxation techniques ● Fascia training and nerve mobilization for improved signal transmission -> nervous system ● alternating tension and relaxation of the muscle or its agonist ● Strengthening the muscle in the stretched state and at the same time improving balance (loaded progressive stretching) ● Using lever techniques to create more room for deeper stretching; isolated stretching of individual muscles (kinesiological stretching) With the classic approach, you passively wait in the respective position until you automatically dive deeper into the stretch due to muscle fatigue. The muscle is not sufficiently activated, so the nervous system is not affected to the same extent and progress is significantly slower. If you want to move faster and are not afraid of a little exertion, you should definitely try this method! About me: I'm inherently inflexible and I started stretching when I was over 20 to become a professional artist. Therefore, I know the difficulties from my own experience, have dealt intensively with stretching and keep myself constantly up to date. Private lessons at your home, at work or on Skype! Can also be combined with training plans on request.
Yoga · Pole dance · Dance
Trusted teacher: Hi there, I offer private dance lessons both online and in person (in Berlin). I have been teaching (young) adults in various urban styles for 12 years. These include hip hop, locking, popping, breaking or even house. I adapt my lessons to your existing level. So I train with beginners the basics such as: Isolation, weight shifting, basic rhythm and coordination with the help of various Foundation Steps. As we progress, we then devote ourselves to topics such as quality of movement, (more complex) musicality and performance. A single lesson consists of first warming up together (warm up varies, depending on the level) in order to prepare the body for the training and to improve the condition in the long term. Then we stretch to minimize the risk of injury and improve your mobility in the long term. Of course, we devote most of the time to dancing. We can focus on learning individual basic steps, my choreographies or even freestyle. I individually address your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and wishes and create a training program that is tailored to you. My goal is to support you in such a way that you make noticeable progress in the long term. The top priority is of course having fun dancing, especially in times of the Corona. ————————— credentials Artists: Thomas Anders, Mike Singer, Lukas Rieger, Fero47, Julia Lindholm, Julie Bergan Brands: Sony, Coca Cola, Peugeot, Malboro, Bruno Banani, Schwartzkopf and many more I also have experience in events (small to large), theater stages (e.g. Friedrichstadtpalast) and in advertising (Burger King, Knoppers, Vodafone ...)
Hip hop dance · Personal training
Are you new to yoga? Or would you like to have someone in addition to online yoga who pays attention to your alignment in the various yoga positions? Perhaps you also notice that in one position or the other one area of the body hurts and you don't quite know how to vary the posture? My goal is to enable you to have a yoga practice that is characterized by a functional approach (as opposed to a purely aesthetic approach that only looks at the external form). For a healthy practice that should give you a better understanding and awareness of your body. Overall, my classes are very keen to pick you up where you are. Accordingly, beginners are also very welcome! 🙂 Some information about me: Thanks to my mother, I started practicing Iyengar Yoga as a teenager and there I experienced firsthand how beneficial yoga can be. And not only on a physical, but also on a mental level. Accordingly, I realized early on that yoga pursues a holistic approach: always understanding body and mind in interaction with one another and not as separate from one another. In a society that is shaped by dualism, I find this approach very valuable and empowering to counteract the experiences of alienation that we are often exposed to due to external norms. All the more so to come back into contact with ourselves. That was over 12 years ago. I later tried different styles of yoga for myself, only to end up with a functional approach, which I also teach today. I always see myself as a student who is always learning. I really enjoy dealing with bodies and movements and learning more about them. I am also a budding physiotherapist. In my yoga training I focused on a clear alignment in the positions and also got to know therapeutic elements of yoga. In the meantime, I have completed many advanced training courses in various areas. These include YinYoga, HormonYoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga & Somatics, Yoga & Depression, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga for the shoulder and neck area, Creative Sequences & Drills. I am also a trained faculty trainer. +++ I can also teach in English +++ I also offer regular Zoom courses in German: Tuesdays 19: 30-20: 30 YinYoga Saturdays 11 am-12:15pm Functional Basic Yoga
Yoga · Sport personal trainer · Sport coaching
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Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Dance Theory and Composition (Berlin Schöneberg)
Ann, was great! Very soft spoken, very knowledgeable, my daughter loved her ballet lesson with Ann. We will continue to have lessons with her. Due to COVID this is the best option for us and it seems to work.
Review by INEZ
Yoga & Meditation with an International Certified Teacher (Mumbai)
Great session we enjoyed our class
Review by LANA
Bollywood dance workshops - Beginner to Advanced level (Berlin)
Great stuff, woop!!
Review by SIMRAN