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65 sport, dance, nutrition & wellness teachers in Germany

Dance · Salsa dance · Bachata
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Sara - Augsburg52€
Trusted teacher: Do you want to learn the balancing act, do you need more flexibility for your sport or do you want to become more flexible in general? Did your sports club's standard stretching methods and YouTube videos not help? Unlike children, most adults find it much more difficult to improve their mobility. Therefore, they must proceed with particularly sophisticated techniques and with caution, because nothing throws back further than an injury. I use a combination of different methods that combine stretching with training: My exercises stretch and strengthen the muscles at the same time and thus have a positive effect on the central nervous system, which in turn controls the stretching. Therefore this course is very exhausting! ● Breathing and relaxation techniques ● Fascia training and nerve mobilization for improved signal transmission -> nervous system ● alternating tension and relaxation of the muscle or its agonist ● Strengthening the muscle in the stretched state and at the same time improving balance (loaded progressive stretching) ● Using lever techniques to create more room for deeper stretching; isolated stretching of individual muscles (kinesiological stretching) With the classic approach, you passively wait in the respective position until you automatically dive deeper into the stretch due to muscle fatigue. The muscle is not sufficiently activated, so the nervous system is not affected to the same extent and progress is significantly slower. If you want to move faster and are not afraid of a little exertion, you should definitely try this method! About me: I'm inherently inflexible and I started stretching when I was over 20 to become a professional artist. Therefore, I know the difficulties from my own experience, have dealt intensively with stretching and keep myself constantly up to date. Private lessons at your home, at work or on Skype! Can also be combined with training plans on request.
Yoga · Pole dance · Dance
Trusted teacher: Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards perpetual happiness and inner fulfillment? Introducing "Everlasting Bliss Mastery," a revolutionary program meticulously crafted by integrating the wisdom of renowned programs such as Inner Engineering and more. So, In this program you will be taught certain forms of Breathworks, which I have invented over the journey of 5 years, going through all by my own experiences and being able to implement them in my life, which I found out that I have invented a way which can make me blissful all the time now, even if anything worst happens in my life I remain in the blissful state all the time day and night, so that simply means wherever you live maybe in the most depressive places or having most difficult times of your life, you will now stay happy and joyful all the time and till all your life you will just play this life as a mere "GAME" . This unique amalgamation forms the pinnacle of holistic well-being, offering you a comprehensive toolkit to navigate life's challenges with ease and grace. Experience a profound shift in your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and discover the boundless joy that lies within. In "Everlasting Bliss Mastery," you will: Master Inner Engineering Secrets: Delve into the profound teachings of Inner Engineering, unlocking the potential for self-realization and enduring happiness. Embrace Wholeness: Seamlessly integrate various happiness modalities, creating a harmonious approach tailored to your individual journey. Attain Lasting Bliss: Cultivate a state of perpetual contentment and joy, regardless of external circumstances. Experience Bliss Anytime, Anywhere: Learn techniques to tap into your inner bliss, enabling you to radiate positivity and tranquility in any situation. This program is a culmination of the best practices, designed to empower you with the tools needed to live a life of unbounded happiness. Join us on this transformative odyssey towards a state of being that transcends ordinary existence, and steps into the realm of everlasting bliss. Unleash your true potential. Elevate your happiness. Embrace "Everlasting Bliss Mastery." Feel free to adjust or personalize this description according to your preferences. If you need further modifications or have specific details you'd like to include, please let me know!
Meditation · Yoga
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Fitness training, bodybuilding, nutrition coaching (Berlin)
Professional and engaged! Training with Rez has been a game changer. He understands your needs and goals, and pushes you towards them with empathy, good humor, and great attention to the technique. He encouraged me to go beyond (what I thought were) my limits, and then I went a little further. Never felt so safe and motivated to lifting weights before.
Review by ERIKA
Bhangra and bollywood classes for Beginners and intermediate (Berlin)
I had 5 sessions with Paurush, and he designed a beautiful choreography on a bollywood song during this time. The dance steps included Bollywood, Bhangra and a bit of hip hop too. I enjoyed all the sessions and got a good feeling of accomplishment after learning the choreography.
Review by PRANSH
Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Open to all ages and levels (Berlin Schöneberg)
Ann, was great! Very soft spoken, very knowledgeable, my daughter loved her ballet lesson with Ann. We will continue to have lessons with her. Due to COVID this is the best option for us and it seems to work.
Review by INEZ