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Trusted teacher: Human beings are social beings, which means that we are made to communicate and be heard. Whatever is you do in your life can't actually work unless you know to talk about it and make people understand what is it you do or want. Personality has a huge power to affect you environment and manifest your desires. To know who to respect yourself and respect others, how to understand yourself and understand others is a widely appreciated trait. In this course you will learn how to evolve and reach your higher version in all aspect of your life. Ever went through an unsuccessful job interview in which you were unfortunate.Ever got embarrassed to answer questions or present your strengths to your hiring manager. Don't worry anymore about those small barriers. In this course I will teach you how to maintain a good interview and get the job of your dreams. I will share with you where candidates succeed or fail in their interviews. To go through a job interview is the first step to building a career. If you truly desire that paycheck you always long for, then this course could be a life changing experience to set you on the right path. You will learn with me where many lose their job opportunities, and where others succeed. This class is all Soft Skills and how to work on your personality to start talking and speaking like world leading succesful gentlemen. The key to an big future is Active communication, and guess what it all starts with a smile. Click on the reservation button and book this class now, let's build your future Now Together.
Personal training · Life coaching · Communication skills
Trusted teacher: Goal ? The purpose of these workshops is not artistic production or learning techniques, but the discovery of a link through creation with oneself and others. This bond of life is a guarantee of a better being. These workshops provide a creative space for people wishing to connect with the forces of life. It is a work to find oneself, with its sensitivity, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Who is it for? Art Therapy is for anyone looking for a process of self-transformation and evolution. For all audiences; children, adolescents, adults, the elderly. The workshops or sessions are addressed to the artist in each of us. The search for pleasure and aesthetic emotion is linked to artistic activity, with the guidance of the art therapist. Art therapy in institutions: children, adolescents, adults with difficulties or margins (hospitals, retirement homes, social reintegration areas, schools in priority teaching areas or with the razed network, class Cliss ...) Outside institutions: workshops also open to those who want to discover themselves through an artistic expression that is shared. Conduct of a session. Listening & Demand Meditation & breathing Choice of material to work inspiration or creation Silence Look & write the work "in due time" To leave appeased Duration of a session: between 1:15 and 1:45; variable from one individual to another, from one session to another. CONTENT Meet her body, her sensations, her emotions in a playful and gentle way. To enter in relation with the outside world (of oneself towards the other then the others). Development of his awareness of space. Listening. Work on his creativity through expression, stimulation of the imagination. Depending on the groups and the difficulties we will only work on the expression, the setting up of a play area. The tools are the theater, the mask, the body expression, the writing, but also the relaxation, the breath, the voice. Personal development: develop the feeling, the feeling for adults - adolescents. Small group - à la carte - internship.
Health · Life coaching · Personal training
Trusted teacher: Suddenly, you hear a loud knock on your door; an unexpected guest is just willing to ruin your day. What a pleasing moment it is when a problem shows her face for the first time and she introduces herself, “Hi, I am your new problem, and I am here today to make your life ugly and miserable as much as I can.” A massive crowd of such unwelcome guests is standing there, and most of them do not even have the minimum courtesy to knock the door first or wait for your permission before throwing themselves into your life, as if your life was not already miserable enough without them. They just keep coming one after another, or in couples, or even sometimes, they would invade your life as a waterfall while you are just standing there stunned or even panicked as the number of those invaders exceeds the population of China, or at least that is what you feel. Even worse, sometimes they attack as if they were a well-trained military squad holding one and only one order, to knock you down at any cost. A day after another, you do your best, but more problems keep arriving all the time without a truce, until one day you feel totally exhausted and simple missions become hard and painful as if you were lifting rocks. You are just emotionally drained to a level where no lessons of self-energy management could be useful anymore. Finally, if you were lucky enough, you would end in a luxurious ICU suite, where the elegant white coats would be watching you helpless and just hoping that you would witness the next sunrise. However, such a drama is not the only option here... Let us roll back… After all, it is your own story, and you are the one who writes it. You can change the scenario from the early beginning and end with a happier closure if you wish. Out of long years of experiences, this course gives you all you need to to rewrite the whole scenario from the beginning and create such a happier closure. It is almost a full and deep guide for how to face and solve your daily life’s problems without being burned based on psychology, problems management skills, and real life experiences.
Personal training · Self-improvement · Life coaching
I became a TEFL English Teacher back in 2008. After 12 years of teaching all levels and all sorts of groups, I've become very aware of what works and what doesn't ... Trying to learn English grammar rules before being able to understand the language, it will always be hard work for the learner and also very frustrating. No matter what country you are born into, first, you learn how to speak and then you learn the rules. Acquiring additional languages should not be any different. I am sure you have spent a long time learning English but, how many times have you had the chance to simply see how well you would do through a normal English conversation as you would do with a friend? Not many right? ... My coaching sessions are designed to constantly generate conversation between you and me. We will talk about everything and anything. I will catch those little mistakes you will make here and there. We will fix them on the spot through mental gymnastics, pills of wisdom, reminders, and everything else I have in store for you. You will do most of the talking. Good teachers are the ones that let their students speak, don't forget that. Your confidence, your fluency, and your accuracy will forcefully improve with time. I will make sure I introduce to you (in due time) verbs, expressions, and vocabulary essential to your everyday English. A Win-Win! If you are up for the challenge please make sure you have at least a low intermediate level to be able to follow a simple conversation. If your level is lower than that, you will have to be very patient with yourself and conversations could be slower at the beginning. I am super patient, a great listener, and I have a passion for English. I will be more for you than just an English teacher. I will guide you, encourage you, and basically offer you that "safe pool" where you can polish your speaking skills in a safe, private, cool environment to let yourself speak without worries :) My accent is a neutral British English accent and I can also help you improve your pronunciation.
English · Personal training · Spanish
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Learn Arabic and Darija Learning ( Grammar, Communication and Writing ) Transcription included (Casablanca)
I booked my first Arabic initiation with Acine and I absolutely loved it. Acine was very accommodating with our first class. I had a last-minute delay, which resulted in starting the class later than scheduled. He reassured me that it was not an issue and he still managed to maintain the class. My learning experience was also great, he is truthfully the best private teacher I've had. He teaches efficiently, we viewed many subjects for a first class and it was also a fun moment. To sum up, Acine is not the regular teacher you would have at school, he is a great teacher who puts an emphasis on sharing a good moment with his student.
Review by ARTHUR
French? "Of course"! .... having fun and also for adults! (Hagenthal-le-Haut)
Nancy is a wonderful tutor/teacher who genuinely cares about my son (7 years old) and his success in learning French. She works hard to make the tutoring interesting for him and even sends extra optional activities for in between sessions. She has been able to schedule sessions last minute has been very flexible for scheduling. She is very professional, caring, and patient! I would highly recommend Nancy!
Review by BRITTNEY
Learn and Enjoy French : French courses for foreigners – Expats, students, ... (Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve)
Very positive experience. Lessons have been built around my needs and were very funny although intensive. Our lessons were focused on business, so we have built realistic role play situations and Olivier has been a great "sparring partner", with his feedbacks and teachings!
Review by SILVIA