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39 personal training teachers in The Netherlands

Trusted teacher: 👑 Greetings, Aspiring Chess Champions! 👑 I am thrilled to introduce myself as your dedicated chess instructor. My name is Prashil, and I come to you with a passion for chess that has led me to victory in numerous tournaments and earned me the esteemed title of an Internationally acclaimed chess player. With a FIDE rating hovering 2000+ and the proud privilege of representing our country on the national stage, I'm excited to guide you on a chess journey like no other. I, too, started as a budding chess player, facing the challenges and self-doubt that often accompany learning this intricate game. I understand firsthand the difficulties you might encounter, and that's precisely why I'm here—to turn you into a chess virtuoso. 🌟What You'll Gain Under My Tutelage 🌟 🔍 Chess from the Ground Up: We'll begin with the fundamentals, ensuring everyone understands the game's basics. 🚀 From Novice to Maestro: Whether you're taking your first steps or advancing your skills, I'll guide you on chess mastery. 🧩 Mastering the Chessboard: We'll delve into chess pieces, tackle puzzles, and develop tactics that will amaze your opponents. 🏰 Opening Moves: Uncover the secrets of various chess openings and traps, setting the stage for your future victories. 🧠 Game Memory: Learn to memorize games, a skill that will elevate your gameplay to new heights. 👁️ Blindfold Chess: For truly advanced players, I'll teach you the fascinating world of blindfolded chess, a mark of true chess expertise. 🤝 Tailored Instruction: I offer one-on-one and group lessons to meet your unique needs and preferences. 🕒 Flexible Timings: I understand that life has its demands. My classes are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening, making chess excellence convenient. Are you ready to embark on this thrilling chess journey with me as your mentor? Prepare to learn the game and master it to become a renowned chess player! Join my Chess Club today and make your move towards chess greatness. For enrollment or any class inquiries, feel free to reach out here. Your chess adventure begins here! 🌐
Board games · Personal training · Chess
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Sara - Soest26€
Trusted teacher: Need help with passing the civic integration exam abroad? For whom do we give the Dutch course? Family reunification or have you recently married and do you want to apply for an MVV or a residence visa to the Netherlands for your partner? In that case, passing the basic civic integration exam is a mandatory part. We offer Dutch language courses in Marrakech throughout the year, both in group lessons and individual lessons. The purpose of these language lessons is to prepare the student(s) as well as possible for the basic civic integration exam. Through years of experience and the knowledge we have about the civic integration exam, we know exactly what knowledge we have to transfer to our students. There is a very good chance that the student will pass the exam in one go. Because we are sure of our integration lessons, we give a 100% success guarantee on all our integration exam courses and language training. Learning the Dutch language is not easy. Certainly not for someone for whom the Dutch language is completely new. The state exam that must be taken at the Dutch embassy in Rabat requires an A1 level. An average student achieves this level within 3 months. Thanks to years of expertise and knowledge about the basic civic integration exam, we can already achieve the desired level in a crash course of seven weeks. Depending on the level of the student and whether it concerns group lessons or individual lessons. Online lessons are also possible. This makes it possible to provide students throughout Morocco with a Dutch integration course. We also provide a 100% success guarantee for our online integration courses. The Civic Integration Exam consists of three exam components. The candidate can choose to take all three exam components simultaneously on the same day. Separate from each other is also possible. The three parts are therefore independent of each other. Therefore, if you do not pass one of the three exam components, you do not have to retake the entire exam and you can retake the separate component separately. The three integration exam components are taken on a computer, also pay attention to this during the integration course. - KNS (knowledge of Dutch society) - Read - To speak In addition to giving language lessons up to A1 level, we also provide information and lessons about Dutch society. On the basis of a photo book, the students receive exactly the information and knowledge they need to pass the KNS component. What can you expect from the Civic Integration Course? - 100% success guarantee - Free Teaching Material - One on one guidance - Custom integration course - Choice of group lessons or individual lessons - Lessons are given both during the day and evening - Experienced and well-trained teachers - Support and assistance with applying for the basic civic integration exam.
Language arts · Teaching · Personal training
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Carla - Maastricht99€
Sport personal trainer · Personal training · Self-improvement
Trusted teacher: Have you ever been curious about contemporary dance? Based on the practices that I have learned in training to become a contemporary dancer, I will lead you through movement principles that are accessible to everyone. You will be guided through improvisation which will allow you to explore your own toolkit of movement and what dance means to you. The aim of this class is to find pleasure in movement and to let go of the fear of dancing in a particular way. These classes are open to all who are seeking to rediscover their dancing self! Goals ❏ Gain confidence with dancing. ❏ Learn about contemporary dance. ❏ Transform your connection with your dancing self. Feel free to send me a message with any inquiries and I'd be happy to answer you! I hope to dance with you soon, Alexandra Have you always been curious about contemporary dance? Drawing on the practices I have learned in my career as a contemporary dancer, I will guide you through movement principles that are accessible to everyone. You will be guided through improvisation, allowing you to explore your own movement toolkit and what dance means to you. The goal of this class is to find joy in movement and let go of the fear of dancing a certain way. These classes are open to anyone who wants to rediscover their dancing self! Goals ❏ Discover your self-confidence through dance. ❏ Learn about contemporary dance. ❏ Transform your connection with your dancing self. Feel free to message me with any questions and I will be happy to answer you! I hope to dance with you soon, Alexandra
Dance · Personal training
Are you tired of mundane gym routines? Ready to break free from the monotony of indoor workouts? Look no further! Join our exhilarating calisthenics classes for beginners, where we harness the power of your body and the beauty of nature to transform your fitness journey. Calisthenics is the art of using your bodyweight to build strength, flexibility, and endurance.With our outdoor classes, you'll experience the thrill of training in the fresh air, surrounded by the elements, and embracing the freedom of movement. So why choose calisthenics over other forms of training? Let us tell you about the myriad advantages that make it the perfect choice for beginners: No Equipment Required: Calisthenics is all about using your own bodyweight as resistance, making it accessible to everyone. Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships and hello to a cost-effective fitness solution. Functional Strength: Calisthenics focuses on compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, enhancing your overall functional strength. You'll develop practical abilities that can be applied to real-life situations. Improved Flexibility: Through dynamic stretches and bodyweight movements, calisthenics enhances your flexibility and range of motion. Embrace fluidity in your movements and achieve a greater sense of body control. Adaptability: Calisthenics is incredibly adaptable, accommodating individuals of all fitness levels. Our classes are tailored specifically for beginners, ensuring a progressive approach that challenges and motivates you to achieve your personal goals. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your fitness journey. Reserve your spot today and embark on a transformative experience that combines the power of calisthenics with the serenity of the great outdoors. Let's break free from limitations and unlock your true potential!
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Improve your English and have fun whilst working on your communication skills to grow in self-confidence! I'm a British native speaker. (Amsterdam)
Hugh is a teacher unlike anything I have ever experienced. He positively surprised me several times. The way of teaching is very impressive. From the first moment I felt at ease. I was quite insecure about my English language but Hugh helped me completely. In addition to improving my English language, Hugh has also taught me some great life lessons. What sets Hugh apart is not just his knowledge but his ability to connect with the student. His approachability and genuine concern for my understanding have created an atmosphere where I felt valued and encouraged. In addition, he was a fascinating motivator and a great source of inspiration, the perfect example of what an English teacher should be. It is clear that he has a lot of experience in everything that has to do with teaching. After every lesson I went home with a very good feeling. His teaching style is very excellent! I can highly recommend Hugh! I feel privileged to have had Hugh as my teacher, and I am grateful for the positive influence he had in improving my English language. Thank you Hugh, your dedication for me have not gone unnoticed and are deeply appreciated! Blue Skies!
Review by EVERT
Online training - Photography and Photoshop/Lightroom ect. (Haarlem)
Excellent teaching skills. I had booked private lessons and Ton tailored every session exactly to my needs, and added even more. Beside photography, we discussed day-to-day technical topics such as back-up, storage, organising images, etc. You can see that Ton is used to being in a classroom - very structured and content focused. Excellent communication, always on time and also flexible to reschedule if needed. I will be back with more questions!
Review by UTE
As a student you are trained to become an electronic engineer in product design. Designing has an intrinsically multidisciplinary character. (Eindhoven)
Ansh is a very friendly teacher that helps you understand what you are missing and reassured you how he can help. Including is vast amounts of experience with his background, he knows what he is talking about and what he’s doing. I highly recommend asking him for his help.
Review by HASSAN