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35 singing teachers in Spain

Trusted teacher: Graduated from Faculty of Popular Music with a focus on Jazz Singing (Argentina). We will work on vocal technique in depth, covering different methods and adapting them to your personal needs. Each person is different and my job will be to discover what your obstacles are when singing, and how I can help you overcome them. My training is academic, so we will exercise the fundamental concepts of classical technique, but we will combine it with the elements of popular music. I specialize in Jazz music, so if you are interested in this style I have a lot of material to share with you and give you my tips on how to approach it. We will work on improvisation as part of this style and as a way to learn to release your voice, without fear of being out of tune or making mistakes. Singing is playing, and my ultimate goal is that you can enjoy while you are singing. Apart from Jazz, I work with many styles, you can bring me the song you want to perform, even your own music, if you have it. I have been giving private classes for seven years now and I have worked with all types of students, many of them came to my classes with fear and lack of confidence, but they all left happy, with good technique and performing the music they liked the most. Of course, singing is not the easiest thing in the world, like any other discipline it takes time and dedication. But I promise you that if you work with me weekly and do some daily exercises at home, the results will start to show very quickly. Please do not hesitate to contact me, I am at your disposal. All the best, Mariana.
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Trusted teacher: Do you want to START or IMPROVE your technique and sound? Do you feel STUCK in your progress? Are you BORED of always doing the same thing and in the same way? Do you need a STUDY PLAN to improve at home? Together we can give that boost to your development and make you feel MOTIVATED to practice seeing REAL progress. You are the protagonist. In addition, we will create a good musical FOUNDATION so that you can face any genre or style that you propose. We can learn from more classical pieces or from modern music (from the sXX). I ADAPT to your MUSICAL TASTES. Even the greatest gave classes to learn and improve! We can investigate STYLES such as (Pop, Blues, Rock, Classic, Acoustic, Soul, R&B, Country, etc). We can develop your TECHNIQUE so that you can make a qualitative leap in your sound. We will talk about music THEORY, if you want, so you have a good baggage. I can teach you to IMPROVISE and COMPOSE. We can prepare TESTS for conservatory or Rockschool exams if you need it. I have several groups where I bring my students together online, to give them extra training. Groups of: - Musical language. - Harmony and Theory. - Auditory training. - Composition and Improvisation. - (These classes are recorded so you can see them at another time if you can't attend). MY TRAINING AND CAREER: Degree in Teaching in Musical Ed., Higher Degree in the Royal Conservatory of Madrid and Professional Graduate in modern music (Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, Pop, etc) by Alfonso X. More than 10 years of teaching experience as a music teacher and private teacher. Active studio and live musician for different artists.
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Trusted teacher: My name is Blanca and I am a lyrical singer graduated from the Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid. Master in Spanish and Latin American music. Active singer and teacher. I have experience as a teacher of both lyrical and modern and musical singing. I have taught children from 4-5 years old, adolescents, adults and the elderly. I also prepare voices for actors, for choral singers who want to improve and for people who need vocal technique in their work and want to correct or improve vocal delivery, and not get tired talking. I have students of different levels, who start from zero level to students who already sing and are looking for a vocal coach to prepare for different tests or entrance exams, for lyrical singers, musical theater singers and actors. I teach classes in Madrid (Puerta del Ángel area next to Puente Segovia) and at home (consult). Classes for one or several students, small groups too. In the classes you will learn to work the voice technically and interpretively, understanding that the voice works together with the body, posture, resonators, expression, breathing, vocal technique, repertoire, language, color, expressiveness, physical condition and psychology of the singer. The classes are made up of a first technical part with specific exercises to learn how the voice works and training various aspects of the voice such as breathing, air, connection, resonators, etc. with various types of vocalizations focused on working on different aspects. Then we work on the works and songs, applying the knowledge acquired to the repertoire, focusing on the emission, expressiveness and vocal technique necessary for the work and style. We also study the phonetics of the language of the song (Spanish, English, French, German and Italian). I have additional training in classical and modern dance (ISTD) and violin (professional qualification). You can contact me and I will send you more information.
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Spanish classes with a native. Conversation and classes from scratch. (Valencia)
Rebeca is an amazing Spanish teacher! She provides excellent lesson material complete with various exercises that really reinforce what is being taught. Highly recommend!
Review by JORDAN
Singing classes and vocal techniques for public speaking (Barcelona)
Had my first class with Pia. She is great! Can't wait to continue my singing journey with her.
Learn to sing, know your own voice and enjoy it (Barcelona)
Carla Gaya
Carla is great, the classes are a lot of fun and she’s very supportive! 👌🏼
Review by LARA