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Trusted teacher: Are you interested in learning or developing your flute skills? Are you a beginner or already advanced? Opening up to different repertoires and techniques? You need to integrate your flute class with strong discipline regarding rhythms and solfege? Then... what are you waiting for? I offer lessons of flute and recorder in three languages (French, English & Italian). If you are a big fun of art noveau buildings you can come to my house in Schaerbeek. Or if you leave too far, I can come to your place. My name is Matteo and I am an italian flutist, based in Brussels since 2010. I graduated at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels with Barthold Kuijken and Frank Theuns in the Baroque flute, and in Musicology at the Venice University "Ca' Foscari". I am currently a PhD in Music at Cardiff University. From 2013 till 2015, I have been teaching at the Venice Conservatory "B. Marcello", giving yearly lectures and seminaries on the historical repertoire for the fute. I regularly play with leading ensembles and orchestras such as Vox Luminis (Lionel Meunier), Les Muffatti (Peter van Heyghen), Le Concert d'Anvers (Bart van Reyn), B.O.X. (Pieter Theuns), Silete Venti (Simone Toni), Transports publics (Thomas Baeté), Oficina Musicum (Riccardo Favero), and performs on the main stages and festivals such as: Festival Oude Muziek in Utrecht, De Singel in Antwerp, Bozar in Brussels, Festival de Sablé, Festival des Abbeyes en Lorraine Ravenna Festival, Grandezze e Meraviglie in Modena, Venetian Centre for Baroque Music in Venice, Spazio & Musica at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Festival Accademia Bizantina, Coudenberg in Brussels, Teatro dell'Arte di Milan, Teatro Della Pergola in Florence, Ars in Cathedrali in Brussels, Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris, and many others.
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Trusted teacher: Having graduated for two years from the Royal Conservatory of Mons, having done many Master Classes and an Erasmus in Vienna, I continue to perfect myself with a great virtuoso (1st prize of the Queen Elisabeth Competition) at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels Help my students. My classes are aimed at children as well as adults or seniors. The concept is based on learning in joy and good humor. I listen to each of my students in order to be able to meet his needs. One can also work pieces of classical music as well as varieties. Some students come with pieces they dreamed of playing, so we work together. I like to gather all my students twice a year so that they have the opportunity to show their work in public. This concert is always followed by the glass of friendship. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION from parents: "Having Anaïs as a piano teacher of my children, I can testify to her remarkable pedagogical skills coupled with a high pianistic talent, the quality of her contact with the children is such that they leave the courses always very motivated. New ideas, interesting pieces, and appreciated by children! Anaïs also makes a point of honor to what they learn in good humor, while not neglecting the rigor, key element in the learning of the piano. " "We are the parents of Olivia and Victoria H .... Anaïs follows our children aged 9 and 11 in learning a musical instrument, namely the piano. For 2 years, she coaches them every week with motivation, availability and professionalism. In addition to her professional skills, she is keen, spontaneous and enthusiastic. The progress of our children is impressive and we can only strongly recommend the services of Anaïs " "My son is dyspraxic, which means he has difficulties in motor coordination (making a lace or buttoning a shirt are, for example, difficult activities.) Despite this, Anaïs managed to make him reach a respectable level, I think that these advances are due to the good balance that Anaïs introduces between the musical rigor and the pedagogical flexibility. "Since 2 years my 11-year-old daughter Louise has been taking piano and solfege lessons with Anaïs, where I attend every week and find very sincerely that her method and her pedagogy are excellent." Louise regained her taste for music despite the firmness of 'Anais sometimes necessary with my daughter. I could only encourage you to contact her. " "My two children are taking piano lessons at Anaïs, and I am delighted with the quality of the courses she offers and the excellent pedagogy that drives her. Indeed, Anaïs offers a rigorous and enthusiastic learning to introduce young people to the piano. It regularly organizes concerts aimed at bringing students of all ages and levels together and putting them in confidence before an audience. I highly recommend the passionate and motivating pedagogy of Anaïs. " "Anaïs is a very professional person and she succeeds very well in advancing Louise thanks to her patience, availability and good humor." Louise goes to her piano class with enthusiasm every week so we can only strongly recommend the services of Anaïs "
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Cours particuliers de natation (Accoutumance, et apprentissage des nages.) (Chaudfontaine)
très bon professeur avec un très bon contact, elle gère parfaitement notre stress en trouvant la technique appropriée. Pour un premier contact cela a été très concluant. A recommander
Review by MARIE-ANGE
English language lessons from native speaker- Beginner to Advanced (A1-C2) (Anderlecht)
Great teacher! Will really adapt the lesson to the student needs and find interesting ways to make him progress! Recommended
Review by ANTOINE
Apprendre la flûte traversière (Herstal)
Agréable, gentille, douce, attentionnée pour les petits enfants, et surtout pédagogue professionnelle.
Review by BRUNO

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