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48 transverse flute teachers in The Netherlands

Have you always dreamed of playing the flute and expressing yourself through music? Whether you're a lifelong music enthusiast or seeking to enhance your existing skills, I'm your adaptable instructor. I warmly welcome students of all ages, backgrounds, and musical tastes, ensuring our lessons are customized to your unique journey, needs, and preferences. With extensive training, including Masters and Bachelors degrees in Flute Performance, I'm here to be your musical guide through the enchanting world of music. Is there a specific musical style or piece you've always aspired to master? From the timeless elegance of Baroque to the vibrant rhythms of Modern music, the richness of World Music, or the catchiness of Pop, I've got your musical ambitions covered. Together, we'll uncover your distinct musical voice. In my teaching philosophy, I prioritize individualized learning. There's no one-size-fits-all approach here. Instead, I'm committed to crafting a personalized and enjoyable path tailored specifically to your goals. With years of teaching experience, I'm enthusiastic about introducing you to the captivating world of flute and music. But wait, there's more— I'm also a professional flutist with orchestral and chamber music experience and I have a wealth of insights to share. I'm flexible when it comes to lesson locations. We can meet in various convenient spots in or around Utrecht city center. Plus, if it suits your needs, I'm willing to travel to different locations across The Netherlands.
Transverse flute · Music theory · Children's music
Looking for a passionate and professional Drum and Transverse Flute instructor for yourself or your child? Look no further! My lessons are carefully designed to not only ignite a love for music and nurture creativity but also to systematically enhance skills based on age and individual abilities. As a dedicated and experienced teacher with a Master's Degree in Drum and Transverse Flute Performance, I take a committed approach to teaching, ensuring each student's needs are met effectively. I offer a range of teaching methods, all tailored to the unique goals and needs of each student. My philosophy is that playing a musical instrument should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and my lessons embody precisely that spirit. **For Preschool Children (Ages 3+):** Are you a parent eager to introduce your little one to the magical world of music? My lessons are designed to be fun and engaging. Through specially adapted piano books, I'll guide your child on an exciting musical adventure, complete with stories and new songs to learn. We'll explore music through singing, movement, and rhythm, fostering a deep and lasting love for music. **For School-Aged Children:** Unlock your child's full potential by teaching them how to read musical notes! Learning to read sheet music not only allows your child to pick up new songs more quickly but also empowers them to play whenever they wish, without waiting for their teacher. In my lessons, your child will discover the wonder of musical notes through a fun and interactive story that introduces each character as a tangible musical note. Carefully selected piano books and additional repertoire ensure progressive improvement in piano skills, all while allowing your child to choose their favorite pieces. **For Teenagers:** Are you in search of a Drum and Transverse Flute instructor who will nurture and support your teenager's passion for music? I offer an accelerated piano book specially designed for this age group, enabling your child to make rapid progress in their piano skills. For students with prior piano experience, I build upon their existing knowledge, further expanding their abilities and creativity. I understand that each student has their own objectives, whether playing for enjoyment or aspiring to be a professional musician. That's why I adapt my lessons to align with your child's intentions. By offering a variety of musical pieces for them to select from and being open to their input, I believe that playing a piece they genuinely enjoy is more effective in maintaining their motivation. **For Adults:** Worried that you might be too old to start learning the Drum and Transverse Flute? Put your worries aside! It's never too late to embark on a new learning journey. As an adult, you bring unique advantages to the table, including greater focus, a solid grasp of music theory, and a strong motivation to succeed. Do you have a favorite song you've always wanted to play but thought it was too challenging? There are plenty of classical and popular melodies adapted for beginners, allowing you to start playing them right away. I'll also recommend a piano book specifically designed for adult learners, helping you build your skills at a comfortable pace.
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Daniel - Amsterdam44€
Flute (recorder) · Transverse flute · Piano
Trusted teacher: Lets work together and get those music skills better, shall we?😜 My name is Juan, I am a Spanish born flutist that works internationally, and nowadays I'm based in Rotterdam. I have already finished two Master degrees and a Bachelor with some of the worlds best professors and institutions: Robert Winn in the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Germany), and Jacques Zoon in Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía (Madrid). Since many years, I work and collaborate with many different symphony orchestras as principal flute, soloist or piccolo flute, as well as with chamber music groups and ensembles. You can check the links below to listen some of my performances! :) I have a very wide teaching experience. I've been teaching for around 10 years now, in many different institutions: high development schools, orchestras, private schools, private students... and nowadays live and/ or online! I can teach all flute levels, from initiation to preparation for bachelor, master or orchestral auditions. I have a wide knowledge of the repertoire, and I've worked on it with many of the best flutists we have today: Formisano, Baerten, Grehl, Franz... Feel free to contact me to organice a personalized lesson, or just to know me a little bit more! Lessons can be at my home (Delfshaven-Rotterdam), online or at your home (after figuring out traveling expenses, etc. At my place, I have a very big space where covid security measures can be perfectly applied (even for a flute lesson!) Looking forward to know from you :)
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Transverse flute · Children's music · Music theory lessons
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Flute Traversie & Recorder Lessons (FOR ALL LEVELS) (Eindhoven)
It was great to start playing again and she made the start great! She is smart, kind and humble and knows very well what she is doing.
Review by AYSEGUL
Recorder, flute and piano lessons, from medieval to contemporary music for all ages (Amsterdam)
Daniel is super kind and amazing! I've learned lots of things in only one lesson.
Review by GOZDE
Flute, Piccolo and Chamber Music Private Lessons (with an option of playing in an ensemble) (Amsterdam)
She is great in providing individual-tailored guidance!
Review by ROZA