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39 transverse flute teachers in The Netherlands

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Daniel - Amsterdam44€
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Trusted teacher: lets work together and get those music skills better, shall we?😜 My name is Juan, I am a Spanish born flutist that works internationally, and nowadays I'm based in Rotterdam. I have already finished two Master degrees and a Bachelor with some of the worlds best professors and institutions: Robert Winn in the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Germany), and Jacques Zoon in Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía (Madrid). Since many years, I work and collaborate with many different symphony orchestras as principal flute, soloist or piccolo flute, as well as with chamber music groups and ensembles. You can check the links below to listen some of my performances! :) I have a very wide teaching experience. I've been teaching for around 10 years now, in many different institutions: high development schools, orchestras, private schools, private students... and nowadays live and/ or online! I can teach all flute levels, from initiation to preparation for bachelor, master or orchestral auditions. I have a wide knowledge of the repertoire, and I've worked on it with many of the best flutists we have today: Formisano, Baerten, Grehl, Franz... Feel free to contact me to organice a personalized lesson, or just to know me a little bit more! Lessons can be at my home (Delfshaven-Rotterdam), online or at your home (after figuring out traveling expenses, etc. At my place, I have a very big space where covid security measures can be perfectly applied (even for a flute lesson!) Looking forward to know from you :)
Transverse flute · Music theory · Piano
Transverse flute · Flute (recorder) · Children's music
Hello everybody, I am Reiko. I teach flute and baroque transverse flute. The flute is a well-known, popular instrument, but what is a baroque transverse flute!? It is a wooden flute that was played in the 17th and the 18th centuries (roughly) in Europe, so if you are curious how the pieces of J. S. Bach or G. F. Handel sounded at the time they were composed, you can take lessons with baroque transverse flute! Ever since I first encountered the flute, in my elementary school in Japan, it has been the biggest passion of my life. I studied modern flute and other historical flutes in Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo, Japan, then there followed a Master’s degree in Early Music from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Playing the flute is fun and discovering beautiful music through the flute is a wonderful experience. I would like to guide you to find the best way for you. I work with young people and older adults, beginners, and experienced musicians. -Experiment and Explore- In my lessons, I teach/explain the basics, then students begin experimenting, with my help. How to hold a flute, breathe, practice – to discover what is comfortable and works well for each person. How to use the body and how to approach the music. And we will explore the Why together. Are you telling a story with the piece? What are you expressing with a flute? Can you learn something about yourself with this practice? I will help you while you learn. I am your guide and your coach, and I go with you towards your goal. Do you think you don’t have time to learn to play the flute? Don’t be afraid to try it first; you can always start. You can always stop. You think you don’t have time to practice, but there are moments every day – just 20 minutes is enough – to improve on your own over time, and I will show you how. Enjoy the flute bit by bit. Bonus: We can play together, in person, or even via zoom. I call it “zoom karaoke.” Playing together gives your learning a boost.
Transverse flute
Do you or your child want to play the flute? Or to learn how enjoyable can it be? You are most welcome! Learning to play the instrument is an opportunity to enter the world of music and become a musician. More importantly, you learn the joy of creating music by yourself. I invite beginners as well as children or adults who have already had some experiences with playing and want to develope their skills. I invite beginners, children and adults, as well as experienced players, to develop their skills. I also offer lessons for duos or trios – two or three different recorders, flute and piano or guitar, or two flutes. In this case, we focus on the skills needed for ensemble playing and less on individual technique, so this option is not for absolute beginners. The cost per person for ensemble lessons will be lower. How does a lesson with me look like? It depends on your level and what we focus on, but we will certainly do some preparatory exercises. You will present what you have been preparing since last time, and we will work on some details. If there is time, we shall then try something new. We can also play duos together. A lesson last about an hour, or 45 minutes for younger pupils. I can adjust the repertoire to your preferences, to your needs and to your level, but I shall also encourage you to learn some new and unfamiliar styles. I like to use notated music in the process of learning, so that in the future you will feel comfortable about reading music, but we can also sometimes improvise, or play something you remember without notation. Along the way, you will learn some music theory, which is necessary part of becoming a musician. I also offer music theory lessons alone, if you wish.
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Are you a beginner on the flute and do you want to learn how to get that beautiful flute sound out of your instrument? Or do you have a lot of experience and you want to take your playing to a higher level and be able to make music in your orchestra or ensemble more easily? Looking for a professional, enthusiastic and motivating flute teacher in Amsterdam? That's me! My name is Konstantinos and I am a flutist and flute teacher in Amsterdam and I enjoy giving flute lessons to beginners and advanced students. Children, young people, and adults; everyone is welcome! As a flute teacher, I have several years of experience and teaching is one of my passions. Whether you are an accomplished musician or a beginner, I can help you play the piece that you like at your own pace and achieve your goals. My teaching style pays attention to a good posture, breathing technique, tone development (legato, staccato, dynamics), musicality, interpretation and of course personal attention and cozy atmosphere. Flute Lessons Beginners Together we prepare an individual program that meets your needs and wishes. During the lessons we go for a relaxed good posture, you’ll learn a good breathing technique to play with beautiful sounds. After, we'll begin by learning to repeat melodies, playing them by ear and by copying rhythmic patterns to develop a sense of rhythm and musicality. Along the way you learn to read music notes and simple music theory, so you can quickly play fun songs from sheet music! How to find an Instrument? I gladly help you find a good and affordable flute. Either rent or buy. Flute Duets During the lessons, we will also play flute duets. This is always a lot of fun, and this way we’ll prepare you for playing together with other instrumentalists. The coolest thing there is! Advanced A typical lesson may consist of working through scales, etudes, and repertoire. Incorporating the development of technique, breathing, articulation, embouchure development. I have extensive experience as a performing musician and I am happy to help you with a solo repertoire in various styles and of course orchestral and chamber music parts. Learn to play legato, staccato, from pianissimo to fortissimo with a bright and warm sound, music comprehension, rhythm study, and overall musicianship.
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Daniel is super kind and amazing! I've learned lots of things in only one lesson.
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