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15 transverse flute teachers in Germany

Trusted teacher: Hello! I am a Canadian from the West Coast and I have recently made Berlin my home. I am excited to offer flute lessons here, because I have a lot I can teach. I have taught for a few years in Toronto, Canada where I hold a degree in music. To begin with, all my lessons are grounded in body and mind awareness. I strive to impart to my students an ability to stay centred. My knowledge comes both from my teachers in the past, my experience teaching, my experience playing, practising, and performing, on the flute and other instruments and the study of Alexander technique, Tai Chi, and yoga. The insights I share are always unique to each student, as each student will have particular strengths and weaknesses with sound production and technique. At the base of all my lessons is what’s most fundamental— developing a rich expressive tone through the control of the respiratory apparatus. What I do differently from other teachers is incorporating both the “classical side” and the “jazz side” in my lessons. Through the “classical side“ we will approach expression, clarity of tone, phrasing, and breathing through the interpretation of music. Through the “jazz side” we will work on developing a basic working practical theory with improvisational exercises, which you will be able to apply both to improvising your own music and interpreting other’s music. My desire is that my students don’t become “caged” into the notes on the page, but are able to freely and fully express themselves on their own. Ultimately, the two sides meet in the ideal of all my teaching—to help bring out my student’s voice. This is the art which the great performers of the world have mastered— communicating with their own voice. With this, it won’t matter whether you’re playing your music or someone else’s— it will sound like “your own”. If you or your child are completely new to the flute, or you have played for many years and have gotten stuck with what to do next, or if you play an entirely different woodwind instrument and want to learn about improvising, , please contact me I have no doubt I will have a lot I can help you with. 🙂 I spent many years in the notes-on-the-page-cage, and I broke free, so I can help you do the same.
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Kristóf - Berlin35€
Trusted teacher: [DEUTSCH] Ich bin fest davon überzeugt, dass guter Unterricht damit beginnt, dass man sich so weit wie möglich um die Bedürfnisse und Ansichten der Schüler kümmert, Sympathie übt und die Welt durch ihre Brille sehen kann. Der Schüler kann für den Lehrer genauso inspirierend sein wie der Lehrer für den Schüler. Der Unterricht kann individuell nach deinen Bedürfnissen gestaltet werden. Wir können besprechen, was Dich interessiert, was Du lernen möchtest, von Klassik oder Jazz bis hin zu populären Genres. Wenn Du bereit bist herauszufinden, welche Art von Reise und Fortschritt wir machen können, schreibe mir! [ENGLISH] I truly believe that good teaching starts with the maximal possible amount of caring about the student’s needs, point of view, practising sympathy and being able to see the world through their glasses at least as much as it is possible. The student can be just as inspiring for the teacher as the teacher can be for the student. When they happen to fit each other, their work bears fruit in no time! The lessons can be personalised based on your needs. We can discuss what you are interested in, what you would like to learn about from classical or jazz to popular genres. If you are ready to figure out what kind of journey and progress we can make, write me! Über mich/About me: [DEUTSCH] Ich bin ein 26-jähriger Musiker, habe meinen Master in Flöte in Ungarn gemacht, studiere Komposition an der Universität der Künste Berlin, gebe seit 6 Jahren Klavier-, Flöten- und Musiktheorieunterricht und gebe Nachhilfe in Mathematik. Ich bin ein Mensch, dessen ganzes Leben sich seit meiner Geburt immer um Musik dreht. Ich freue mich immer darauf, das Wissen der anderen zu teilen, gute Diskussionen mit aufgeschlossenen Menschen zu führen und neue Sichtweisen, neue Aspekte unserer Welt zu entdecken. Ich bin in einer Musikerfamilie aufgewachsen, meine Eltern sind Berufsmusiker in einem Sinfonieorchester. Seit meinem fünften Lebensjahr lerne ich Klavier und Querflöte. Als Kind wollte ich möglichst viele Instrumente wie Tuba, Fagott, Geige, akustische und elektrische Gitarre, Bassgitarre und Kontrabass, Akkordeon etc. ein wenig lernen. Am Ende wurden Flöte, Klavier und Komposition mein Profil. Ich habe viele verschiedene Konzerte organisiert und gespielt, die auf klassischer, zeitgenössischer, experimenteller, theatralischer, elektronischer, Jazz- und Popmusik, Free Jazz, freier Improvisation, grafischer Notation, Soundpainting , Performance Arts, Volksmusik verschiedener Völker und so weiter basieren. Ich bin begeistert, etwas Neues über jede Art von Musik zu lernen und Verbindungen zwischen den Musikstücken zu finden, die aus ziemlich unterschiedlichen Ursprüngen stammen. [ENGLISH] I’m a 26-year-old musician, completed my master’s degree in flute in Hungary, studying composition at Universität der Künste Berlin, having been giving piano, flute and music theory lessons and tutoring mathematics for 6 years so far. I’m a person whose whole life has always been around music since I was born. I’m always excited in sharing each other’s knowledge, having good discussions with open minded people and discovering new point of views, new aspects of our World. I grew up in a musician family, my parents are professional musicians in a symphony orchestra. I have been learning the piano and the flute since I was five years old. As a child I was eager to learn a little bit of as many instruments as possible such as tuba, bassoon, violin, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and double bass, accordion etc. In the end playing the flute, the piano and composition became my profile. I have organised and played at a lot of different concerts based on classical, contemporary, experimental, theatrical, electronic, jazz and pop music, free jazz, free improvisation, graphical notation, soundpainting, performance arts, folk music of different peoples and so on. I get excited learning anything new about any kind of music and finding connections between the pieces of music coming from rather different origins.
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Pantxoa - Greiz44€
Trusted teacher: Methodology: Every student is unique, so my mindset is to focus on the student. Whether it's learning the flute, preparing for the entrance exam, or just having fun, you tell me your goal and I will give you the opportunity to achieve it. Nice to meet you. Experience : Since September 2020: Principal flutist with the Vogtland Philharmonic Orchestra and member of the Variscia Trio & Quartet -Bachelor in CNSMD Paris with Sophie Cherrier and Vincent Lucas -1. Year Master in HEMU Lausanne with JD Castellon -Master's degree in HMTM Munich with Prof. Lieberknecht -Academy Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra -Time contracts in: Kaiserslautern as deputy solo flute Gewandhaus Leipzig as deputy solo flute Suzhou Symphony Orchestra as a solo flute Tyrol Symphony Orchestra as solo flute 2011 Participation in the Dampfenzentrale and Archipel festival, "workshop modern" (with William Blank) 2012 Academy of New Music for the Klangspuren Festival in Innsbruck August 2013 Lucerne Academy with Pierre Boulez Career: 2004 1st prize with distinction in the national youth competition / high school in Morangis 2005 Excellence Award in the national youth competition / Level 1 in Meaux 2007 1st prize with distinction in the national youth competition / Excellence Level in Le Havre Special prize for the most promising young flautist in the international "Maxence Larrieu" flute competition in Nice 2010 Bärenreiter Urtext Prize in the 59th International ARD Competition in Munich 2012 2nd prize in the 60th university competition of the German Rectors' Conference Music colleges 2013 scholarship from "Live Music Now Munich" Villa Musica scholarship holder 3rd prize each in the international flute competition "Friedrich Kuhlau" in a duo with Éva Szabados and in a quartet with B. Chemelli, E Zagler and É. Szabados
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Private Flute and Music lessons in English or in French (Cologne)
He has the patience, energy and enthusiasm to teach our 4 year old. He is very encouraging and very confident in what he is teaching. Happy to have him as our sons flute teacher.
Review by TRESA
Professioneller Klavier- und Querflötenunterricht, Klassische Musik, Jazz, Pop, inklusive Musiktheorie an der Kreuzung Torstraße/Gartenstraß (Berlin)
It was an inspiring class, I'm looking forward to the next class
Review by SHIR
Flute lesson for all ages and levels, learn the flute in a fun and relaxed environment! (Berlin Wilmersdorf)
Friendly and full of good tips for improving.