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Guitar · Audio recording · Audio production
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Vishakha - Paris$40
Trusted teacher: Hello, I have finished Masters in Financial Economics and Masters in Corporate Finance and Banking from EDHEC Business School, Grande Ecole. I offer courses to help students excel in Corporate Finance, Accounting, Strategy and Management. I make it a point to provide easy examples and explanations to help students remember things; specially for students who don't have english as their first language. The courses will be designed to help the student overcome his/her weakness in a particular subject. Additionally, I also focus on communication and soft skills for holistic development and easy admission into universities. I understand university education in and out, for any help in joining one, or surviving one; Vishakha to the rescue :) Each successful student is a smile on my face :) Bonjour, J'ai obtenu un Master en Economie Financière et un Master en Finance d'Entreprise et Banque de l'EDHEC Business School, Grande Ecole. Je propose des cours pour aider les étudiants à exceller dans les domaines de la finance d'entreprise, de la comptabilité, de la stratégie et de la gestion. Je me fais un devoir de fournir des exemples et des explications faciles pour aider les élèves à se souvenir des choses; spécialement pour les étudiants qui n'ont pas l'anglais comme langue maternelle. Les cours seront conçus pour aider l'étudiant à surmonter sa faiblesse dans une matière particulière. De plus, je me concentre également sur la communication et les compétences générales pour un développement holistique et une admission facile dans les universités. Je comprends les études universitaires à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur, pour toute aide pour en rejoindre une ou en survivre; Vishakha à la rescousse :) Chaque élève qui réussit est un sourire sur mon visage :)
Finance · Business accounting · Project management
(2 reviews)
Matéo - Paris$45
Trusted teacher: Hello, my name is Matéo and I am 25 years old. I have been playing the guitar for 8 years and I have been teaching it for more than 4 years to about twenty children or adult students that I have had in private or group lessons, at home or in music school. On the diploma side, I obtained my DEM Jazz (Diploma of Musical Studies) after several years in conservatory and music school. My favorite style is therefore jazz but I teach current music in general on the guitar (acoustic as well as electric) and above all I adapt to my students to teach them what they like. In addition to learning pieces, the knowledge I have acquired allows me to approach musical theory (the rhythmic, melodic and harmonic aspects inherent in each piece) and the logic of the instrument (the organization of the notes on the handle) if necessary, the goal not being to inflict a lot of music theory on ourselves but to use it to our advantage, by small touches, in order to become a complete musician. A few words about my pedagogy: For me, the most important thing - especially when you're just starting out - is to have fun making music. What I always ask my students: “What do you want to play? What music do you like? ". Because it is this desire that will make it possible to make the effort to work to achieve the result and above all to progress on the path. After a necessary moment spent on the fundamentals (posture, position of the fingers, right hand/left hand function, open chords, rhythm, simple melodies) I thus adapt to the profile of each student to offer him avenues of work in relation to the selected piece. I think this method allows you to explore music deeply while remaining playful. I move around Paris, in priority around the 15th, 16th, and 7th arrondissement. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and look forward to meeting you! Mateo
Guitar · Jazz music · Music theory
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Accounting, Corporate Finance, advance Economics, strategy, MIM, Grand Ecole Exam Preparation (Paris)
Vishakha is a great teacher, I enjoyed the classes together! In one week she was able to explain me a whole semester program of financial accounting to get ready for my exam. She is very patient and allows you to learn from your mistakes by trying. She is ready to help and explain again what was misunderstood. Vishakha is teacher for whom it is very important when a student really understands concepts and basics of a class. So, she will be very creative to make you imagine these concepts in real life and to understand how the process functions. She chooses a personal way to each student depending on personal abilities and time. She is very flexible and always in touch with a student to answer all the questions. She is indeed to rescue you. Thus, I would definitely recommend Vishakha for everyone who really wants to understand the subject and be able to apply the knowledge to not only exams but also in real life,
Review by NATALIA
French classes for foreign students - French as a foreign language course (Paris)
Louise is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend her! She is patient and kind in her approach to teaching, and I felt encouraged and motivated to learn more each time we had a lesson. I also really enjoyed learning about French culture and history in our lessons. This experience has been wonderful, thank you Louise!
Review by ANNA
singing and vocal singing technique. (Châtillon)
Excellent teacher! Very pedagogic approach and to the point technical advice that really works for me!
Review by USER