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54 private teachers in Vitry‑sur‑Seine

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Jerome - Alfortville$120
Trusted teacher: Doctor in cognitive psychology graduated from the University of Strasbourg, holder of a master 2 of research in Biology and a master 2 professional in scientific communication, I propose courses of statistics (descriptive and inferential, theoretical and applied it is according to your requests) with a pedagogy and methodologies rigorous and personalized according to your needs and your potentialities. My courses are divided into 3 possible approaches: 1 / Theoretical courses / methods and practice 2 / Help with data analysis 3 / Through a scientific popularization approach and a rigorous and effective method (references available) to answer to the expectations of the students and to reach or exceed the objectives set, my courses are easy to understand and appropriate. I propose in addition a training on varied and targeted exercises as well as annals of examination to optimize your preparation. Thus, what seems complex, abstract and incomprehensible to you will become concrete, and you will be able to answer questions without hesitation. I also integrate a coaching method to optimize the learning and training necessary to pass the university exams in statistics. My courses are aimed at students in psychology but also from other courses (university, medicine, engineering schools, BTS, MBA, Business School, business school, international finance etc) wishing to optimize their performance and exam and contest scores. Teacher and trainer at the Universities of Strasbourg and Paris 8, ESSEC Business School, ISTH, IONIS Education Group, EEEA, Acadomia etc. I receive many requests from students at Paris 8 University (IED or not) Paris 5 and Nanterre because I am very familiar with the program and the expectations of the exam jury.
Statistics · Psychology (for students) · Humanities
Bonjour, Je suis étudiant en Ingénierie Aéronautique et Spatial et je dispense des cours en Anglais, Mathématiques et Physique principalement pour tous niveaux confondus . Après être entré en section Européenne Anglaise (Enhanced English Courses) au collège de l'Eganaude à Sophia Antipolis, j'ai entamé mon cursus scientifique tout en poursuivant la section européenne. Par la suite, j'ai obtenu mon Bac S Européen avec la mention Très Bien . J'ai ensuite intégré une classe préparatoire Math SUP/ Math SPE (PCSI puis PC) au Centre International de Valbonne. Suite à cela, je suis rentré en cycle ingénieur à l'IPSA ; école d’ingénierie aéronautique et spatial. Ainé d'une famille de trois enfants dont mon frère (13 ans) au collège et ma sœur (19 ans ) en Classe Préparatoire Économique aux Grandes Écoles au lycée Masséna à Nice. Je suis donc à l'aise avec des enfants de tout âge. Je dispose d'un TOEIC Gold (985/990) certifiant mon niveau en anglais et je reviens tout juste d'un semestre en Angleterre (Manchester, University of Salford). Les cours se font à domicile ou en visio (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime ) de façon régulière ou ponctuelle, pour du soutien scolaire ou du perfectionnement. Je prépare mes cours en avance, fournis des fiches récapitulatives, des méthodes de travail et des conseils. Je demande des devoirs, effectue des tests régulièrement et assure un suivi de mes élèves. Le premier cours sert de rencontre. Il permet de cerner les besoin de l'élève et tout aussi important de voir si le feeling est bon entre lui et moi.
Math · Physics · English
Trusted teacher: My name is Mehdi, I am 26 years old, I give private lessons in Math / Physics at home (College / High School). Let's be clear, there is no such thing as a bad student! Only bad methods of sending a message. Sentences like: "I suck at Math ... Math is not for me ..." do not exist, we all have the potential to excel in these areas, all students have their own difficulties, which can sometimes be quite difficult to pinpoint. Depending on these difficulties, I will adopt a more or less "Academic" method to help the student get back to level, and even surpass him. It is important to motivate the student, to realize their full potential and above all to identify their shortcomings. I am committed to establishing a personalized program to fill all these gaps, which will allow him to have a new vision of mathematics and the world (Physics). My main asset is my "Very visual approach" which is very different from the one that can be found in high schools, this one will allow the student to have a concrete vision of what he is doing. to learn, to succeed in making the analogy between Mathematics, Physics and the world around us. I succeeded in developing my "approach" because I myself was this pupil in difficulty, who only needed that one opens his eyes to him and not that one discourages. -Holder of a Bac S. -Bidisciplinary Maths / Physics degree at Pierre & Marie Curie University. -Classical guitar at the conservatory I began to give free lessons with my association working to help sick or disadvantaged children. Since 2012, I take care every year to bring high school students up to standard who think: "Maths and me that's 2 ...".
Math · Physics
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Very good lesson, nicely structured and very good feedback on my statical methods
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Inès is very communicative, passionate and effective

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