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Loïc - Paris$36
Trusted teacher: Methodology : I give with great pleasure and passion oboe lessons for budding musicians of all ages and all levels - from total beginner oboist to very advanced level - through progressive lessons, based on the instrumental technique of the oboe and the development of musical expression on the instrument. I am patient and attentive, and I consider that it is obviously essential to adapt myself to the objectives and to the personality of the student. My pedagogy is based on exchange, the development of listening to sensations on the instrument, the methodology in the work which leads to efficiency, and of course the pleasure that comes from playing the oboe! I try to transmit to the student the simple and effective technical and musical tools that will allow him to quickly be as independent as possible in his personal work outside of oboe lessons. I also play a lot during the course in order to guide the student as well as possible. Teacher for more than seven years in conservatories, I have a very rich and solid experience of pedagogy! I can also give lessons on the making of oboe reeds: assembly, the different styles of scratching, the choice of reeds, tools, etc. This manual aspect, complementary to the practice of the oboe, fascinates me a lot and I have acquired a great experience in this field over many years. My journey : I began my musical studies with learning the oboe at the age of eight at the Conservatory of Plaisir (78). Passionate, I decided to become a professional musician and I joined the Classes à Timetables a Fitted Music (CHAM) from the Lycée Jean Racine in Paris at the age of fourteen. The same year, I was admitted by competition in the oboe classes of Jean-Claude Jaboulay and Michel Bénet (solo oboe of the Paris orchestra) at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris (CRR). Three years later, I obtained my Diploma in Musical Studies (DEM in oboe) with honors. I was admitted the following year at the age of nineteen to the Paris Boulogne-Billancourt Higher Pole for Artistic Education (PSPBB). After three years of advanced training, I obtain my National Superior Diploma of Professional Musician (DNSPM / oboe license). Throughout my years of study, I had the chance to benefit from a complete, in-depth and demanding musical education in various disciplines: in oboe naturally, but also in musical training / solfège, chamber music, orchestra. , music history, musical analysis, writing, musicology, improvisation, etc. Anxious to always continue to progress, I have also perfected myself with many great oboists and teachers during several Academies / Masterclasses: Maurice Bourgue (international solo oboe), Jacques Tys (solo oboe of the Paris Opera), Nora Cosmondi ( oboe principal of the national orchestra of France), Daniel Arrignon (principal oboe of the chamber orchestra of Paris), Didier Costarini (principal oboe of the orchestra of the Republican Guard) ... Teaching quickly became a vocation for me, so I passed the competition for the training of oboe teacher at the age of twenty and I obtained my State Diploma (DE) as an oboe teacher. at the age of 23. At the age of 21, I was appointed oboe professor at the Sartrouville conservatory (78) where I have always had the chance and the pleasure of teaching oboe for more than seven consecutive years now. Since 2017, I have also taught at the conservatory of Vaires-sur-Marne (77), and I was also appointed professor of oboe at the Conservatoire d'Étampes in September 2020. I teach many students in private lessons (mainly at home, in Paris) with whom I have been working for several years now.
Trusted teacher: Holder of a contact sport bpjeps I put at your disposal my know-how in BOXING, FITNESS, MUSCLE REINFORCEMENT What are the beneficial effects of physical activity? They are physiological and psychological, when the activity is regular. -Decreases blood sugar levels -Decreases blood pressure -Decreases blood cholesterol levels -Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease -Prevent stress -Strengthens heart, muscles and bones -Improves blood circulation and Muscle tone. -Maintains body flexibility. BOXING: To refine your silhouette On the physical level: Continuously jumping on the tiptoes backwards, forwards, on the sides will strengthen the calves, but also the thighs and the glutes. As a result, we will sculpt the silhouette and refine it. We will develop athletic qualities: speed, endurance and resistance. After a few weeks of training, we will be much more enduring. MUSCLE STRENGTHENING: To gain tone On the physical level: Make your muscles more toned, stronger. Rebalances Muscle Structure Repeating the right movements strengthens the stabilizing muscles which are responsible for keeping the body in good posture. FITNESS: For a better quality of life On the physical level: Fight against physical fatigue Improve sleep. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Fight against cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory disorders. Good hormonal functioning The psychological benefits of sport Gain self-confidence Evacuation of stress and aggression. Development of concentration. TYPICAL SESSION: It is thus composed. General warm-up (cardiovascular) Muscle warm-up Joint warm-up Specific warm-up (according to the topic of the course) Body of session (specific work according to the objective including also cardiovascular work) return to calm (stretching and breathing)
Boxing · Kickboxing (kick boxing) · Muay thai (muaythai)
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Certified English, French, Russian tutor in Paris and ONLINE (Paris)
I have been working with Andrey for about 2 months now, and I have to say he has been instrumental in my language learning journey. I have been working with him in different time zones across the world, and he has always been game to make something work -either taking appointments in the early afternoon, or the evenings. His understanding of French grammar and pronunciation, as well as his second to none note-taking skills, have allowed me to work on the parts of the French language that I struggle with most. He does all this while maintaining a relaxed and comfortable environment, where I feel ok to take things slower when I need to and transition back to English when necessary. It is honestly a pleasure to work with someone who understands how to teach the language to a native English speaker and has the materials to offer during the learning journey as well. No comment he gives, goes without thought, and I am thrilled to be working with someone who cares as much as I do about me becoming more comfortable with French.
Review by ROBBY
Private violin lessons, Music Theory, Technical and Musical Skills (Clichy)
Ester was so thorough and patient for my first violin lesson ever! She showed me how to hold and care for the violin and the bow, taught me physical exercises to become accustomed to the movements required for playing, and started me on some basic playing drills. Highly recommend.
Review by HILARY
French Tutoring: how to speak real French and get to the next level ! (Paris)
Lovely person! Patient and real. Looking forward having more lessons together.
Review by ANDREAS