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51 private teachers in Aulnay

Trusted teacher: Young student in License 3 in computer science at the Faculty of Créteil, I propose to give courses in computer office automation, namely Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, and Computer Communication with software Adobe and Microsoft. Office Automation: As for desktop computing, the student will have the basics of applications, if necessary, then it will evolve from an intermediate level to an advanced level with a mastery of office tools for professional use. - With Microsoft Word, the student will be able to layout a document containing images, shapes, tables and graphs; Manage advanced formatting and be able to connect the Word document to a database to manage mailings. - With Microsoft Excel, the student will be able to manipulate the basic functions, namely digital operations, format tables, insert graphics and connect tables, etc. The idea of this course is to change the student from a beginner level to an intermediate level. - With Microsoft Power Point, the student will be able to prepare successful good presentations in design and special effects, use multimedia content in presentations. If the student is strong enough, he will be introduced to the use of the formidable tool, in terms of creation of interactive animation, which is Adobe Flash, to make outstanding presentations. Communication Computer Graphics: For graphic design classes, students will have a good introduction to Adobe Photoshop Tools, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Expression Design, which is relatively similar to Adobe Illustrator, but much easier than Adobe Illustrator. - With Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Expression Design, students will learn how to use the various tools for creating shapes and objects, learn how to trace and vector images, how to use different color profiles and different special effects, etc. This course is designed to bring a student from a beginner level to an intermediate level (or rather advanced, but not very thorough) - With Adobe Photoshop, the student will learn to use the tools for retouching images and creations, understand the concept of layers and understand how to manage color profiles in the different objects in the workspace. This course is really designed for beginners.
Computer graphics · Computer science
Trusted teacher: Good morning ! Let's get acquainted! My name is Alexander. I am a teacher of foreign languages, especially English, Russian and Spanish. I have been teaching for 10 years now and during this time I have developed my own teaching methodology based on the techniques of foreign language schools. I have found that many people are not properly taught and are offered confusing methods with convoluted names just to make a sale, but with no substance behind them. This led me to develop my own style of teaching which was formed through trial and error, but it was well worth it as I now have a solid approach to education. I use textbooks for native speakers because it helps to deepen the language faster. My lessons also involve reading classic literature from the British, Spanish and Russian times of prosperity, when their books sold in large numbers and became world classics. With children, we prefer to read comics, manga and fairy tales. In addition, we create our own books and study vocabulary and grammar through them, with adults as well as with children. We spend a lot of time watching movies, cartoons, anime, listening to famous compositions of music performers who entered the music classics of the countries mentioned before, writing our own songs which we then study . Also, during our lessons, we create computer games in Unreal Engine 5 or Unity to learn languages for computing and learn creative skills to create worlds. We also incorporate other modern technologies, including virtual reality glasses, where immersion in the language environment happens quickly, using various language learning apps to learn new vocabulary words, correct pronunciation , artificial intelligence as an aid and interlocutor, an unlimited encyclopedia of knowledge, electronic books to facilitate reading and translation. I will prepare you to take the international exams for all these languages, including DELE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. At the end of the course you will be able to: Fluent in english Take English to the next level Dramatically improve your English pronunciation Easily construct grammatically correct sentences in English Learn tons of English words and phrases on many different topics Feel confident speaking English Easily understand native English speakers The same for Russian and Spanish: At the end of the course you will be able to: Fluent in Russian/Spanish Level up in Russian/Spanish Dramatically improve your Russian/Spanish pronunciation Easily construct grammatically correct sentences in Russian/Spanish Learn tons of Russian/Spanish words and phrases on many different topics Feel confident speaking Russian/Spanish Easily understand native Russian/Spanish speakers
English · Russian · Spanish
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Introduction to C Programming or Matlab or Scilab. (Cergy)
I have learned a lot from Imama. He is good at teaching Matlab and control systems. I wish I had known him in the first of my semester finish. he would help me a lot
Review by JZR
Mathematics, physics and chemistry - High school - how to go about it. (Noisy-le-Sec)
the first lesson with Adel went well. A good dive into school program. Thanks, Adel
Review by EUGENE