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Matteo - Brussels$44
Trusted teacher: Do you want to know the register of your voice? Can you sing the higher notes without hurting your voice? Learn how to do pass marks? Getting to have a powerful but also agile voice? I am a songwriter, pop and jazz singer and singing teacher with 20 years of experience in music. I offer singing lessons at all levels. My classes are addressed to the development of body, muscle and vocal awareness which helps to perceive and consider our body as a musical instrument. My teaching method is the result of the synthesis of my experience as a singer and the many and diverse courses of study followed. The lesson is structured in two parts: the first half devoted to vocal technique, the second half to the musical repertoire and the learning of musical language (jazz or pop or other genre). The vocal technique that I propose is a basic technique for all types of modern singing: from postural education to the care of breathing, from the use of the abdominal muscles, to the emission of air up to the cavities of resonance. We will work on the sound, on the extension of the voice, on the high and low notes, on the passage of register, on the control, on the power and the agility. From a repertoire point of view, the course will be modeled on the needs or interests of the student, with an eye to the right attitude to hold while you sing and you are on a stage. I can prepare the student for the entrance exam to the conservatory and any form of audition. If the student wishes, I can give him notions of harmony and reading music. EDUCATION I studied song in Italy with Bruno De Franceschi (conductor and composer of contemporary classical music and musical theatre). I studied vocal technique with the lyric singer David Sotgiu (pupil of Luciano Pavarotti), with the lyric singer Maria Grazia Pittavini (teacher at the Perugia Conservatory) and with Cinzia Spata (one of the most important Italian jazz vocal coaches). I studied jazz singing at the Conservatory of Perugia with Marta Raviglia and Elisabetta Antonini and privately with Cinzia Spata (among the most important Italian jazz singing teachers) I studied lyrical singing with Maria Grazia Pittavini. I studied pop and jazz piano with Manuel Magrini (one of the most talented young Italian jazz pianists), I studied jazz piano with Alessandro Bravo, jazz piano master at the Perugia Conservatory. I followed masterclasses and trainings relating to the world of singing and voice held by: Maria Pia De Vito (singer), Alejandro Saorin Martinez (voice craft / Estill method), Albert Hera (singer, vocal coach, circle song) , Erika Biavati (singer), Eleonora Bruni (singer), Catharina Kroeger (lyric singer), Amanda Tiffin (South African jazz singer), JD Walter (American jazz singer), Matteo Belli (actor and one of the most important Italian experts in voice research), Franco Fussi (one of the most important phoniatrists in Italy), Roberta Mazzocchi (speech therapist), one-year training in rhytmics and musical pedagogy at Institut Dalcroze in Brussels, three-month training in Gordon method for children between 0 and 6 years old. EXPERIENCE / QUALIFICATIONS I have 20 years of experience in music with around 200 concerts between festivals, theaters, clubs and premises, an album of songs, an EP, singles, collaborations with the world of theater, organization of musical events . I lead musical projects in the field of jazz and pop. The passion for singing and song has inevitably brought me closer to the world of education in which I work.
Singing · Voice (music) · Jazz music
Trusted teacher: FRENCH: I have been in music since I was 5 years old, I decided to make it my job and so I studied at the Brussels Conservatory (Master level). I specialize in jazz but my favorite field remains Groove music. I also went through a lot of styles (rock, funk, pop, reggae,...) during my years of learning the bass. To get an idea of my playing style, my main influence in Jazz bass is Dario Deidda. I'm very inspired by "underground" bands from Brussels like Stuff, ECHT, Tukan, Jean-Paul Groove, Ciao Kennedy,... Abroad I could mention Athletic Progression, KUF, Takuya Kuroda, Vels trio, Vulfpeck (and dozens of others!) Without forgetting the classics like Parliament, Earth Wind and fire, PUSH, Jamiroquai,... I don't have a particular method. Unless my student requests it, my lessons are done by feeling according to his desires and his objectives. We can very well just learn pieces and at the same time deepen the technique and the knowledge of the music if requested. The goal is to have fun. ENGLISH: I started music when I was 5 and later decided to make it my job. I studied in Brussel's jazz Conservatory (Master). I'm specialized in Jazz but my roots are in Groove music. I also learned to play different styles (rock, funk, pop, reggae,...) To have an idea about my way of playing, my main influence about bass on Jazz is Dario Deidda. I'm inspired by Brussel's "underground" scene with bands like Stuff, ECHT, Tukan, Jean-Paul Groove, Ciao Kennedy,... Worldwide I dig into bands like Athletic Progression, KUF, Takuya Kuroda, Vels trio, Vulfpeck (and many many more). And don't forget the classics like Parliament, Earth wind and fire, PUSH, Jamiroquai,... I don't use a specific method to teach. Unless my students ask for it, my lessons are focused on his expectations/objectives. We can simply learn how to play a tune and at the same time dig into the technique and music knowledge if it's what you want. The main goal is to have FUN.
Jazz music · Bass guitar
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Jazz and Pop Singing Lessons - Pop and Jazz Singing Lessons - Lezioni di Canto Pop e Jazz (Brussels)
Francesca is a committed, generous teacher, and her classes are the perfect mix between structure and creativity! I've made huge progress and gained self-confidence since the first lesson, thanks to regular, targeted exercises to train my voice and improve my breathing. Francesca understands well the issues and potential strengths of my voice, and adapts the class accordingly. Really happy so far, so I can only recommend :)
Review by LAURA
Electric bass lessons - Pedagogy adapted to all levels (Schaarbeek)
As someone with very little theoretical background, I find that Jean does his best to explain things in a simple and clear matter. He is patient and calm, will adapt the lessons to your level and needs, accompany the lessons with exercises and material that you can use to practice at home, .. Overall a very good experience so far.
Review by NEWT
Italian and Italian culture courses, also business, at all levels. (Forest)
Matteo is a great teacher! His methods and approach are highly efficient to say the least. Most importantly, he makes you feel at ease throughout the different sessions. I would recommend him without hesitation for anyone seeking to learn (or deepen knowledge in) Italian language and culture overall.
Review by HAMZA