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35 jazz music teachers in Rotterdam

Trusted teacher: Hello! My name is Karolina and I am a professional singer, as well as an upcoming music therapist. I studied Jazz Music at Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen and at the moment I am completing my Master studies in Music Therapy at the ArtEZ Conservatorium in Enschede, The Netherlands. I also hold a degree of the Orff Approach (Orff Schulwerk), a developmental approach used in music education, which combines music, movement, and speech and it is a great approach for children 4-8 years old. I specialize in jazz and Brazilian repertoire, but I also teach Greek folk singing. The lessons are designed according to the needs of each student. Some of the focusing areas are listed below: 1. Vocal Technique: We focus on vocal technique elements such as breath control, vocal range, the use of all registers, and timbres of your voice. The goal is to sing effortlessly. With the vocal technique, you will get the chance to explore your voice and build confidence in your voice. 2. Repertoire: Together we can build your repertoire step by step and focus on the phrasing of each style. You will choose the repertoire you like and you can always ask for advice in case you want to explore new musical styles. A great time of enjoyment during classes where you will be singing your heart out! 3. Improvisation: Vocal improvisation is a great way to explore the voice and also express your feelings. It will also boost your creativity and musicality. Specific exercises can also guide you through this process step by step and in that way we will explore vocal improvisation. FOR CHILDREN (4-8 years old): I am specialized in music education for children 4-8 years old. Using the Orff Approach children will have a great creative time for themselves where they learn music by using their whole body. Experiencing and learning music through playing! Suggested Duration for Lessons for Children: 30-45min depending on the age. I am looking forward to starting an inspiring musical journey with you! Karolina
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Trusted teacher: “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein Do you want to improve your vocal techniques and learn how to sing better? Or do you want to know more about music and learn how to create music and collaborate with others? My name is Mandy and I'm a vocalist, composer, arranger and bandleader born in Guangdong, China and currently based out of Rotterdam, the Netherland. I teach vocal technique, vocal improvisation, Pop, rock and jazz singing, music theory and composition lessons. Besides being passionate, motivating and inspiring in teaching music, I also focus on creating crossover music between the east and the west. * SINGING LESSONS: (Pop/Jazz/Folk singing, Vocal techniques and vocal improvisation) In our lessons, we will work together on: 
- Proper posture of the body and improving your breathing and developing the resonance of your voice to create a better timber, while at the same time pay attention to intonation and articulation. - One of the main focuses of the lessons is to expand your repertoire, musicality, knowledge about different genres (jazz/pop/rock/folk), rhythms, improvisation and jazz scatting. - Through the guidance for proper pronunciation and expression of the lyrics, we will reveal and work together on different aspects of your theatrical character. - We will work on preparing for a show/audition, proper use of a microphone, stage performance techniques and several vocal recording techniques including home studio recordings. - For your motivation and development, we will use feedback from other musicians/peers/artists. If you are interested in singing and creating music, come and meet me sometime in my studio or online for your first lesson! Let's enjoy singing/music together! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! * ABOUT ME: In 2011, I obtained my bachelor's degree from Xinghai Conservatory of Music with an Excellent Graduates Award in Vocal performance of Pop music. In 2020, I successfully obtained my Master of Music degree in Jazz Voice from Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. I performed throughout China and worked with a diverse range of artists in jazz, pop, Latin and world music from across the globe. I performed in Guangdong Spring Festival Evening Show, Xinghai Concert Hall International Jazz Music Festival, Beishan Jazz Festival, and North Sea Round Town, etc. I've been in constant pursuit of improvement and perfection, and have participated in masterclasses and workshops with many notable musicians, such as Michael Leagues (Snarky Puppy), Joshua Redman, Richard Bona and Becca Stevens, etc. My love of traditional Chinese music and poetry, influences of western jazz, Latin and pop music would be heard in my transnational, trans-cultural music project. * Reviews from my students: "I was a student of the jazz music lesson of Mandy in Guangzhou. I appreciate her enlightenment of jazz to me. Mandy was very responsible in class, she would begin with some warming–up vocal exercises with us, with explanations about how to do them correctly, and explain the different characteristics of jazz music in detail, such as rhythms, forms, harmony etc. She also paid great attention to examples and communication. After class, Mandy also gave us some useful exercises and taught us to use different devices and APP for practising so that we could better master singing skills. In Mandy, I can see her great passion for music. Besides jazz, Mandy has always been dedicated to combining Eastern and Western cultures. She is a good teacher with passion and heart." - Ally "Mandy practising teacher and a nice person. I've known her for several years. She had taught me a lot with vocal technique and Jazz knowledge. She's very patient and kind when she's teaching students. No matter if we did well or not, she would go through with us over and over again. Meanwhile, Mandy is also a very talented singer and musician. She did a lot of perfect stage performances. She is one of the best singers in China. Although she has already gotten a lot of achievements, she still keeps enterprising and self-disciplined and never stops learning and improving herself." - Baixue "Mandy is a teacher who is particularly good at guiding students. She teaches students following their aptitude and seizes the characteristics of each student. I always feel relaxed and happy in her lessons. Also, I understood all she taught me in the lessons. I highly recommend her!!!" - Grecia "Mandy is a very passionate and patient teacher. I have learned a lot from her singing & music theory lessons. When I encountered problems, she was always willing to help me and patiently answer my questions. She also uses different methods and provides more references to me to think better and learn and comprehend vocal music in the long term. I am very grateful to Ms Chen because I have been greatly motivated to feel the charm of vocal music after having lessons with her, which inspires me to learn and practice more vocal music." - Zoe
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Singing for beginners and advanced ones (jazz, soul, r&b, pop) (Rotterdam)
So far, I had three lessons with Austeja. And my experience is great, more than I could have ever expected. Austeja is very knowledgeable about music and knows how to coach singing adepts in their singing aspirations. She is very supportive, explaining step by step the ways to achieve the target, to find a right tone, to expand your talents. She helped me feel confident about singing and with every lesson, I feel more enthusiastic and more passionate about singing.
Guitar and music theory classes. Online lessons also (Amsterdam)
Pedro is really experienced and flexible teacher with a big repertoir and a variety of music styles. We focused on jazz guitar and learned standard compositions. Pedro was able to find good examples and songs for what I needed to learn and adjusted them for our lessons. It certainly boosted my jazz guitar skills and getting started with improvising.
Review by JORDAN
Learning Technique,Theory, Harmony, Rhythm, Music Reading, All Styles, Fretboard Note Names and many other cool stuff. (Rotterdam)
Good lessons, explains complex concepts well, and gives clear goals. A lot of knowledge of different music styles too, so lot of possibilities to learn if you like different music styles.
Review by VANSHAYA