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Celia - Rotterdam$49
Trusted teacher: Piano performance & Music therapy Hello! My name is Celia. I’m from Spain and I’m currently studying Music Therapy at the Rotterdam conservatory. I recently become a Music Therapy intern at Florence, The Hague. I obtained my bachelor diploma in piano performance in 2016. I have performed concerts as a soloist, in duet with other pianists and in bigger ensembles/orchestras. Since I moved to the Netherlands, I’m also part of a music trio where we perform pop, jazz, arrangements and compositions from our singer. All these experiences together give me for sure a big capacity of working repertoire and understand the different needs of my students as a teacher! 🙂 As I’m in education as a therapist, I also use all my knowledge in combination with Music Therapy skills with all my students and especially with people who demand a different experience during a music lesson. Music Therapy techniques allow you to play music without any knowledge of theory, so it’s very useful when in the middle of the lesson you need a break or when you just need to connect with yourself, for example. Music Therapy triggers your curiosity 😉 Learn & explore During more than 10 years of experience as a teacher, I have worked all kind of people: children, adults, people with disabilities, families… I’m quite flexible and able to adapt my way of teaching to the circumstances! I like to work individually and in groups. Each way has its own advantages! In my lessons I use all methods I could experiment myself among my piano career; I’m also always open for new knowledge, repertoire and ways of working what my students may propose me. It’s fascinating how I never stop learning new repertoire and music styles thanks to my students! I try to offer music in a different way for every student according to their needs, with creativity and a relaxed ambience where the student can learn and explore. Each person has his/her own rhythm… which in my opinion is very important to respect. I also work with music theory, explaining concepts to my students from the pieces we play. I find this way is effective, instructive and much more motivating 🙂 In my lessons, we can work on classical, jazz, pop, arrangements, 4-hands piano music, improvisation and much more! Happiness Music needs a bit of commitment. It’s like a plant: a bit of water every day is much better than a lot of water just one day per week! However, every plant is different, and in the end, the important thing is that you feel happy and motivated during your learning process. This is also important for me, so for sure I always try my best to help my students in that aspect. The enjoyment of music (and everything) makes you learn much faster, don’t you think? Feel free to ask any kind of question! :)
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Trusted teacher: Short Musical Biography Born and raised in Iran, Khorshid grew up in an artistic family. When she was seven years old she started her musical journey playing setar with her father. After entering the Conservatory of  Tehran she chose Tar. Tanbour was another dimension in her exploration. For her playing, all these instruments happened so naturally. She was just sixteen when she started her professional activities playing with Shams ensemble. During those years she played all around Iran and other countries such as France, Italy, Austria, Morocco, Sweden, Netherlands. She has been teaching from the age of seventeen. After she got her Bachelor from the Conservatory of Tehran, her curiosity led her to Netherlands and got her Master degree at the World Music Department of Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam Codarts. During her study at Codarts she learned playing Baglama in Turkish department. When I teach, apart from teaching the technique of the instrument is so important to me, I also help them to understand and have more awareness about music and be able to perform all their musical ideas in a successful way. I analyze the student in order to choose which is the best approach in order to motivate him or her.   Tar To become a professional Tar player is important for me to have a good technique. I teach all different schools of  Tar players by giving repertories and etudes. I also teach about Dastgahi music and in advance level how to improvise based on Dastgahi and Modal music.  Setar As this instrument is so delicate is important for me to be aware about every notes you play and in order to reach this point you learn from me proper technique. I teach you Dastgahi music by playing Radif Dastgahi. In advance level we also play together more to learn improvisation. Tanbour As a performer of Tanbour, Sonority is so important to touch the ear. I teach you unique techniques of  tanbour with my own method. By playing different compositions and etudes you learn Makams of Tanbour. In the advance level I mostly concentrate on improvisation. Baglama I teach you the basic techniques of this instrument and we play together different repertories of regions in Turkey consist of Anatolian music and Ottoman Music.
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Guitar lessons (Modern and Classical) for beginners (Rotterdam)
Rafaelos is a wonderful down to earth teacher. Every lesson has been a blast and he's amazing at helping me develop my musicality. I feel comfortable even when making mistakes due to his relaxing vibe and ability to teach in a way that takes into account my current shortcomings. Thanks for being so patient with me Rafaelos!
Review by JEFFREY
Professional Piano teacher for children, students, adults (Rotterdam)
We had a very positive experience with Eglè. We have only had one lesson with her but my son really enjoyed it, she made him feel very comfortable and he came away with a few things to practice after 45mins. Egle arrived to our house right on time and was very enthusiastic about piano.
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Maria explains everything well and with attention to detail! She brings a very positive energy to someone that just starts with the violin!
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